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What did you do this past summer? Were you lucky enough to have loads of free time that you spent sleeping late and getting together with friends? If you had a part-time or a full-time job, or even attended a class over the break, you probably didn’t have a lot of time to yourself. If you need some tips on how to take the stress out of the school day and put you in touch with some resources that might be really helpful, try these:

Basic Necessities

Learning About STDs – This site contains some statistics about STDs among women and teens.

Kids and CaffeineSome kids swear that caffeine helps them stay awake for late-night studies, but it can have some unhealthy effects on young bodies.

Your backpack and Your BackDo you carry around in your backpack everything you own? Read the information found in this PDF file and then consider carrying a lighter load.

Get Some Sleep!Are you often tired during the day? Is your alarm clock’s snooze button your BFF? Then maybe you’ll find some valuable information about the value of sleep and what happens when you don’t get enough of it.

Peer PressureDo you know what it is? This site gives a look at peer pressure and why some kids are able to say NO to it, and other kids can’t.

What is cyberbullyingThis site gives an easy-to-understand explanation of what cyberbullying is has links to further information like prevention of this kind of bullying and how to recognize it.

Need Someone to Talk to? – This site offers all kinds of ways to receive support and FREE advice on whatever may be bothering you or stressing you out.

If you’ve lost a loved oneThis site may offer a connection to other teens experiencing what you’re going through, and they are more likely to understand your feelings better than your school friends might.

If you or a friend is depressedThis is a great site with text that explains what depression can feel like. It contains links to other sites for further help on what to do when you think you are or a friend of yours is suffering from depression.

Eating DisordersIf you or a friend of yours might have an eating disorder, this site gives advice on the best way to help yourself or someone else.

Study Skills

10 Great TipsIf you’re in high school, college, or at your first job, these are awesome tips for being and operating at your best.

A Better Way to StudyIf you’d like your grades to be better than they are, maybe the way you study needs to change. Read these tips and look at some of the other links, and you could find some more effective ways to study — and improve your grades.

Better Grades in 3 Easy StepsYou’ll find some pretty basic thoughts here that if you don’t keep at the top of mind, can negatively affect how much you absorb when you study.

Good HabitsDo you want to be successful with the things you do? Of course you do! Visit this site for some actions that once they become new habits, will position you for success.

Study EffectivelySince you have to study daily in high school, you may as well make the most of your time by finding the best way for YOU to study. Maybe you’ll even learn better in less time.

Homework Resources

Need Some Help?This site is a list of links to help in specific areas like English, Shakespeare, Math, and others.

Homework HelpHomework is a fact of life when in high school. To keep it from becoming a horrible black cloud that follows and hangs over you every day, tackle it! Try these tips.

Help with your HomeworkThis site will take you to all kinds of other sites that can help you do things like compose a bibliography, or give you facts about the Spanish-American war, and all kinds of stuff!

Time Management

Only so many hours in a dayYou’re just as busy as most high school kids are. When you have so many things to do and places to be, managing and maximizing your time is crucial for avoiding that “spinning your wheels” feeling. Give this a look.

Finding your concentration spanThese tips are really good for finding the best way YOU concentrate and learn.

Unlock the Door of Better Time ManagementThis site has some great ideas for taking better control of your life rather than letting the responsibilities of high school and of life control YOU.

Getting OrganizedOld habits are tough to break, but when it’s YOU who is getting in your way, then maybe something needs to be adjusted. Try some of the tips here for becoming more organized and staying in control of daily life and responsibilities.

Strategies for Managing Your TimeAt this site you’ll find some great ideas for making time for school, homework, studying, and socializing.

Be In Control of Your TimeThis site is a pretty straight-forward bullet list of things to do that will help you utilize your time the best you can to do your best in all aspects of your life – school, sports and extracurricular activities, and socializing!

Getting Accustomed to New School

The High School FreshmanHere you will find some very helpful advice for the student who is looking forward to the first day of high school.

The Stresses of Starting High SchoolThis site does a fairly good job at calming the jitters of transitioning from middle to high school.

Now, Off to CollegeThis PDF gives a great side-by side comparison of the various aspects of high school and college. 

Have You Considered Volunteering?Check out this site. If you’re going to be in a new school, consider volunteering locally and enjoying doing something helpful to others. It might give you some confidence, and might be a great topic of conversation for you and some of your new friends.

College Advice from College StudentsThis site compiles a number of comments from college students, all of whom are Native American. The advice is priceless.

Resources for Students with Disabilities

From School to WorkOn this PDF, read about the stories of several different kids, each with a challenge they have learned to overcome.

Computer Connection to the World“Kristin” is deaf and blind but she doesn’t seem to notice. Read about her summer at a science camp.

A Personal ChallengeThis site presents a story written by a man who was diagnosed in second grade with dyslexia. He tells of what he did to overcome his challenge and what were some specific difficulties he experienced throughout his life.

Learning with ATAT or Assistive Technology is explained here, along with lists and descriptions of some AT devices and how they help kids learn.

More on AT devicesThis PDF file explains more types of assistive technology devices and which ones are used in different situations.

Eric’s own storyThis is written by a young man named Eric who is deaf; he writes about his stresses of transitioning into high school.

Physically-challenged Students and CollegeThis is a PDF file that offers helpful guidance and tips on what to look for and ask about when choosing an appropriate college or university.