The Technological Side of Online Degrees

The key behind the success of online learning is flexibility. Gone are the days of commuting long distances to sit in a classroom just to learn. Computers have eliminated the need for fixed schedules and made formal education available for busy professionals and parents. Now, mobile technologies like smartphones, tablets, and wireless internet are taking […]

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Job Hunting in the Era of Big Data

Big data has had a significant impact on everything from college course offerings to the nation’s job market.

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Not so Fast, E-Textbooks: The Battle Between Digital and Print

The relationship between the field of education and our world’s growing technological connection, regardless of where you live: Vermont, Utah, South Dakota, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, is extremely tight-knit: Students and educators everywhere turn more and more to technological advances in order to supplement and enhance educational methods. In recent years, the prevalence of […]

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Math Majors Hold the Key to Tomorrow’s Most Valuable Jobs

The payoff’s huge for those brave enough to rise to the challenge of a math major: higher salaries, job satisfaction, and a variety of career opportunities.

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The New Presentations

Powerpoint may get the job done, but there is a whole new generation of presentation tools that help you connect with even more people.

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How to Donate to Your College Even When You’re Poor

How do you give back to your university when you’re poor? Turns out there are a lot of ways.

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The After-50 Guide to Continuing Education

It has never been more important for middle-aged and senior Americans to engage in professional development and continuing education.

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A Practical Guide to Scholarships

We’ve broken down the basics of scholarships for you. Where to find them, how to apply for them and why you (or your student) will definitely want to bother.

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Status Not Protected: Colleges and Student’s Electronic Privacy

As many students are finding out, the web offers as many challenges to their free speech and electronic privacy in college as it does opportunities to connect.

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Finishing What You Start: How to Navigate the World of College Transfer Credits

Transferring colleges can be a great decision for some students; just make sure you know how to transfer in an efficient and organized way.

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