Missing the Water Cooler: A Recent Grad’s Guide to Navigating Telecommuting

Telecommuting can build and develop practical, in-demand skills, help you save money, and let you find the best of both worlds.

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Forecasting Higher Education

Discover the technologies that the New Media Consortium are saying will impact higher education in the coming years.

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The New Essay

With the evolution of technology in education, assignments are changing, too, even bringing about a new type of essay.

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Returning Troops & the Transition Back to School

Many returning veterans will likely go back to school; how do they make the transition and get the most from the experience?

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Caffeinated Nation

People in the US regardless of where it is: Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, consume a lot of caffeine—80% of us have some sort of caffeinated beverage every day. Everybody has their own caffeine-loaded drink of choice, from double lattes to ice-cold cola to strong-brewed green tea. More and more, however, […]

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The Falsified Data Crisis & the Application Process

To draw in the best students, many colleges have started falsifying data to make their schools look more appealing.

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How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Classroom

3D printing is not just for making fun desk knick-knacks. Soon, it may bring about a massive change in how students learn in the classroom.

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Innovative Methods Revolutionizing College Tuition

Recent initiatives and innovative techniques by higher education institutions might just change the face of college tuition.

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Innovators Wanted: A Hard Look at the Self-Designed Degree

Self-designed degrees are offered at dozens of colleges across the country, allowing students to combine disciplines, but they’re not for everybody.

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10 Career Resources All Online Students Deserve

Most schools recognize this disparity and are working to give online students access to the very same resources, adjusted to meet their virtual situations.

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