The Falsified Data Crisis & the Application Process

To draw in the best students, many colleges have started falsifying data to make their schools look more appealing.

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How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Classroom

3D printing is not just for making fun desk knick-knacks. Soon, it may bring about a massive change in how students learn in the classroom.

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Studying Abroad in America

Most U.S. students think about Spain, Italy, or Australia when they think about studying abroad, but for non-U.S. students, America itself is a popular abroad option. Learn more about the international students getting their higher education in America.

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5 College Newspapers Giving up on Print

The trend of switching from print to digital formats has made its way to some college newspapers.

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Online Education: Non-Profits Fight Back?

For-profit universities used to dominate the online education realm, but now non-profits are fighting back with competitive distance offerings. Learn more about what non-profits have to offer and how online students are picking their schools.

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Mobile Lives of College Students

iPhones and the latest Android devices are becoming as commonplace as laptops and textbooks for college students. Learn how smartphones are being used by today’s learners.

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Where’s Siri in the Classroom?

We’re looking into where Siri has appeared in the classroom and why the smooth-talking lady has had a rough go.

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16 Desk Meditations That Will Change Your Life

Sitting all day leads to mental and physical health issues, but trying some desk meditations might help chip away at them over time.

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50 Best Pinterest Boards for Student Vegetarians

Pinterest helps vegetarians and vegans find recipes and tips to maintain their lifestyle no matter where they are.

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College Certificate On Your iPad

Discover how technology is making higher education more accessible than ever for baby boomers looking to increase their skill sets.

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