Dietetics Degrees

Salaries For Degrees in Dietetics

Those who majored in Dietetics can work in a variety of jobs.  It is impossible to say what you personally will do with a degree in Dietetics, our survey panel picked the following jobs as likely options:

Students with a degree in Dietetics are considered well prepared for
becoming Dietitians and nutritionists.

The median salary for people with a degree in Dietetics is $44,455.32.  The lifetime value of this degree is approximately $1,094,353.00.

Salaries are highly dependent on individual negotiating skill, experience, your employer, region, and more besides.  The estimates we show on these pages are just that: estimates.  Your individual experience will likely vary.

Where does this come from?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a unit of the US government, classifies all workers into some 800-odd occupational categories.  We paid a army of freelancers to get their view on what type of degree a holder of each type of job would likely have majored in.  For pairs which had a high degree of consensus, we created a link between the degree and the job.

From this, we calculated the average salary for Dietetics degrees and converted it into a lifetime value.  We then compared it against other degrees at the same level of schooling (such as associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s), so that you can make informed educational and employment decisions.

What Can a Dietetics Student Expect to Learn?

A degree in Dietetics enables individuals to become a licensed and practicing professional in the field of diet and nutrition. Dietitians, also known to some as dieticians, are able to help plan proper meals or diet plans that can help clients to maintain or lose weight. Their goal is to help instill healthy eating habits as well as finding ways to meet nutritional needs.

Career options for a certified dietitian include working alongside a hospital or nursing home to provide nutritious and balanced meals for patients and staff. Some dietitians may find employment at spas, gyms or other facilities as a nutrition consultant for clients who wish to make positive changes to their diet. In some cases a dietitian may become private practice but many are known for working on either a freelance or consultant basis.

Other career options for dietitians include pediatric dietetics. This branch of study focuses on the nutrition and dietary habits of young children and adolescents. Health advice that is related to diet is also provided in this field of study. Often those who choose this focus work alongside doctors in private practice to provide service to those under the age of 18.

Career Options

Dietetics also has a business application as many companies may hire a licensed dietitian to plan or provide information for meals or other dietary programs within a company. The dietitian may also hire or train new members to a service team responsible for meeting these needs. Work within the food service industry may also fall into this category and can include work or research to ensure food meets specific guidelines.

Business dietitians are best known for appearances in media sources such as television or newscasts. These dietitians may write books or information related to diet and nutrition. Often used as sources for documentaries or other purposes, this aspect of dietetics can be a good career choice.

Fitness dietitians are most often found by referral from physician or through a fitness center. Often these dietitians will work with clients to produce meal plans and dietary changes to help them lose weight and create healthy eating habits. Dietitians also are able to work with those who have dietary restrictions due to allergies or eating preferences and create meal plans that can work on an individual basis.


The time necessary to become a dietitian depends on whether licensing is completed successfully or not. In some places it may not be necessary to become a registered dietitian but many places of employment require it prior to hiring.

In order to complete a course at an accredited school, aspiring dietitians must complete at least 450 hours in their field as well as pass a thorough exam. This is often in addition to taking educational courses in nutrition, health and diet. Often while obtaining this registration students will also gain valuable work experience either through volunteer work or by working in a related area.

Degree Options

The standard requirement for a dietitian are online bachelors dietetics degrees, as well as passing the certification exam. Online associate dietetics degrees are uncommon. Students may earn further education if desired but it is not often considered necessary. Experience may also be gained through internship at various approved locations while undergoing certification.

Some may earn online masters dietetics degrees in addition to a bachelor’s degree and certification. This is often considered by those who intend to hold higher positions that have education and knowledge requirements beyond standard positions. In the United States the requirements may be more steep as at least 1200 hours of practical application must be obtained prior to taking the final exam for certification.

Online Schools Offering Accredited Dietetics Degree Programs

University of Phoenix is known for offering a number of quality educational degrees, including a dietetics program. This program can help those seeking employment in this field to begin their education at home by attending courses online. Other online schools may offer courses directly related to the field of dietetics or other courses that can assist in meeting the requirements for post graduate studies.

University of Maryland also offers online courses for those wishing to become a registered dietitian. This distance learning facility enables students to meet some of the requirements for those interested in the field of nutrition and diet by attending online.

Students who attend courses online while obtaining a dietetics degree may still need to complete internships and meet hour requirements before becoming licensed, which can create an additional challenge. These requirements must be met outside of the online courses and students may or may not be given resources in which to find these through the school attended.

Top Colleges & Universities Offering Campus-based Dietetics Degrees

Ball State University is well known for its educational degrees and offers an outstanding selection of courses that can help students become a registered dietitian. This program prepares students for a number of positions within the dietetic field and includes related fields and applicable knowledge.

Additional schools to consider:

  • Purdue University
  • Youngstown State
  • Central Arizona College
  • Gaston College

Famous Dietetics Students Famous Dietician

A number of famous people have dabbled in the field of dietetics but many may not complete the necessary certification or educational requirements. Many of the more well known dietitians are media dietitians, meaning they are consulted for articles or newscasts prior to release for information. One of the most commonly heard names is Lucy Jones (pictured right, photo credit Whittington Hospital), who works for the Whittington NHS Trust in London.