Educational Administration Degrees

When people think of education, they often think of teachers and teaching assistants. However, there are a lot of individuals who work outside of classrooms to keep the school running smoothly and efficiently. These individuals are educational administrators, and they manage the school by enacting policies and procedures, and making sure they are carried out properly. They supervise staff and interact with parents on a daily basis, making communication a vital skill. They may also make budget decisions that affect the school on a grand scale.

If you enjoy learning about educational policy and if you hope to make a career out of participating in operating a school, then a degree in educational administration may be a good fit for you. Educational administrations must be organized and open to collaborative work. They often train employees as well; the positions therefore require patience and an understanding of adult learning.

Classes and Assignments of an Educational Administration Major

Whether an individual pursues online masters educational administration degrees or traditional degrees, the educational administrator major will prepare students to assume leadership positions within schools. Classes will teach students about contemporary issues in education, the political and economic issues that affect educational policy, leadership theory, and staff management. Projects will include research, papers, reading assignments, and solving example problems that may arise in management practice. Many projects have an internship component during which a student will observe and participate in field work related to educational administration.

Degree Levels for an Educational Administration Major

  • Associate. It is uncommon for colleges and universities to offer online associate educational administration degrees. However, students interested in pursuing that path through higher education can prepare themselves by pursuing an associate degree in a field related to education.
  • Bachelor’s. As most educational administrator positions require at least a master’s degree, it is uncommon for universities to offer online bachelors education administration degrees. However, students can choose to major in education, which will set a strong foundation for graduate-level study in the field.
  • Master’s. At the master’s degree level, students will learn about staff management, record keeping, budget maintenance, and the shaping of educational policy. Students will conduct research and write papers, and may also be required to engage in field work. At the master’s level, students may be required to write a theses over a topic related to education administration.
  • Doctoral. The doctoral level of educational administration prepares students for careers in academia. This degree delves deeper into the theories and practices behind educational administration. Students will be required to conduct research and report their findings in the form of a dissertation over an issue within the field of education administration.

A Future as an Education Administration Major

The best college degree for education administration will prepare students to be well-rounded and able to fit into a variety of administrative positions. Students who graduate with the most useful college degrees have the option of becoming principals, assistant principals, deans, directors, and development officers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for education administrators is excellent and the average salary for an educational administrator is generally high, though that varies based on the specific position, geographical location, employer, and experience.