Fashion Design Degrees

Salaries For Degrees in Fashion Design

People with a degree in Fashion Design can work in a variety of occupations.  It is impossible to say what you personally will do with a degree in Fashion Design, our survey panel picked the following occupations as likely options:

Students with a degree in Fashion Design are considered well prepared for
becoming Fashion designers.

The median salary for people with online bachelors fashion design degrees is $72,212.90.  The lifetime value of this degree is approximately $1,477,370.00.

Salaries are highly dependent on how skilled one is at negotiation, years of related experience, policies at your employer, location, and more.  The estimates we show on these pages are just that: estimates.  Your individual experience will likely vary.

Where does this come from?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a unit of the US government, classifies all workers into some 800-odd occupational categories.  We paid a army of freelancers to get their opinion on what type of degree a holder of each type of job would likely have majored in.  For pairs which had a high degree of consensus, we created a link between the degree and the job.

From this, we calculated the average salary for Fashion Design degrees and converted it into a lifetime value.  We then compared it against other degrees at the same level of schooling (such as online associate fashion design degrees or online masters fashion design degrees), so that you can make informed educational and employment decisions.

What Can a Fashion Design Student Expect to Learn?

The world of fashion design includes a vast array of occupations within the fashion industry. From designing the newest and hottest fashion trends, to marketing, to handling the business aspects of fashion, the world of style offers a plethora of excitement, the chance to supplement earning abilities and the opportunity to be involved in one of the most stimulating and influential occupations in the world. Whether interests lie in designing the latest fashions for Paris, London and Milan runways, or writing up the latest marketing idea to help promote and sell specific designs and fashions, obtaining a degree in fashion design can help boost career abilities, as well as using design as a stepping stone for other amazing careers in the fashion enterprise.

An associates or bachelors degree in Fashion Design consists of a variety of courses. To obtain a degree in fashion design, a student will work through specific design courses meant to embellish fashion skills and improve the overall comprehension and insight into the fashion industry. Courses offered at some of the top fashion schools can include:

  • Consumer trends and behavior
  • Hand drawing
  • Computer-aided design, otherwise known as CAD
  • Fashion and textile vocabulary and terminology
  • Pattern drafting and manufacturing
  • Aspects of sewing and tailoring clothing
  • Fashion history, trends in art and fashion
  • Harmonizing colors
  • Proportions
  • Moods and fabrics,
  • Understanding consumer styles
  • Comprehending consumer market segments
  • Marketing and merchandise techniques
  • The fundamentals of fashion business
  • Implementing teamwork and collaboration into fashion design
  • Marketing, social, economic and environmental effects on the global fashion business
  • Grasping store retail
  • Fashion editing
  • Introduction into fashion sale

Degrees in the fashion design industry can include aspects of marketing, even if design is the ultimate goal. Being able to successfully market fashion, whether it is dealing with shoes, clothing, or accessories, it is a vital component to being a successful fashion designer.

In most cases, fashion schools offer specialized courses in design and art technology, retail management and design technology.

Fashion design offers an education that unites technical and creative aspects of the industry, allowing students to be fully prepared for the unique challenges and rewards associated with fashion design.

Some fashion schools even offer students the amazing advantage of internship opportunities with well recognized and influential retail enterprises, and design firms. This enables students to get a head start on forming a solid fashion portfolio, which showcases specific individual fashion abilities and strengths.

Online Schools Offering Accredited Fashion Design Degree Programs

Fashion design has always been thought of as a hands-on industry, but with the development and progression of technology, many fashion colleges and universities have taken their programs to the World Wide Web, offering students from all walks of life, locations and time zones the ability to obtain their fashion design degree online. There are a vast amount of schools available. Some of the best include:

  • The International Art Institute of Design and Technology – Offers comprehensive training programs in fashion within merchandising programs and design courses developing the knowledge on how to sketch fashions, work with international companies, the long, rich history of fashion and a variety of technology and software applications that enhance fashion. Even from an online classroom, students offer hands-on abilities to absorb fashion real-world skills. The International Art Institute of Design and Technology also offers specialized internship programs for students.
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburg Online Division – The Art Institute of Pittsburg is one of the leaders in online creative arts. This online school is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The online creative arts program offer students the chance to obtain their degree in fashion design at their own convenience and prepares them for entrance into the fashion industry. Students are invited to participate in a portfolio review where they are able to show their work and designs to prestigious and well-known fashion industry representatives.
  • The Academy of Art Institute – The AAI is known as one of the top online schools for fashion. Students are provided with a global vision about the world of fashion combine with modern technology is order to present one of the most comprehensive fashion curriculums currently offered. Coursework includes information on textiles, design, merchandising, manufacturing, marketing, and computer design to name a few.

Top Colleges & Universities Offering Campus-based Fashion Design Degrees

In addition to the fine online schools known for promoting and educating students on fashion design, there are a vast amount of traditional campuses across the nation that offer an all-inclusive, competitive edge for students in the world of fashion. Some of these schools provide internships, present students with contacts all over the fashion world, help create and enhance fashion portfolios, and provide an first-rate education for individuals interested in fashion design. The tops fashion schools in the world include:

  • The Fashion Institute of Technology – Located in one of the centers of the fashion world, New York City, the FIT boasts major fashion connections that many other colleges cannot offer. They provide students with the cutting edge technology required to boost abilities, while presenting a unique spin on textiles, design and marketing. Some of the fashion industries elite has graduated from this school, including Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Rucci and Francisco Costa. This design school pushes students into the forefront of fashion design.
  • The London College of Fashion – This school, located in another fashion hub of the world, offers courses unlike any other fashion design school. Spread out over six different London sites, the unique programs offered included: cosmetic fashion, fashion journalism, beauty therapy, fashion business, fashion curation and criticism, footwear and accessories, make-up and image styling, in addition to courses on fashion design. While significantly more costly than many other design schools, students are offered some of the best connections, internships and education offered in the fashion industry.
  • Parsons The New School for Design – Located in New York City, this school is known for its famous graduates and comprehensive and competitive education. Known as a fashion powerhouse, courses are offered by true fashion professionals, including critiques by Donna Karan, in addition to forming alliances and partnerships with fashion icons and businesses, offering students some of the best connections available. Tuition is steep but for students truly interested in pushing the fashion envelope and finding their niche in the high class world of style, this college offers the best of the best. Some famous graduates include: Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Alexander Wang, Flora Gill and Jason Wu.
  • Central St. Martins – Ranked as the number one fashion school in the world, this college trains the best of the best. Tuition is affordable, and location is in London, one of the best fashion locations in the world. The teaching staff consists of some of the most legandary designers in the world, and all of the school’s runway shows are archived and showcased on

Famous People in Fashion DesignRalph Lauren

Fashion design has provided the world with some of the most beautiful, eclectic designs in clothing, footwear, and accessories. Famous individuals include Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren (pictured right), Stella McCartney, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang,

Fashion captivates everyone and being a part of one of the most revolutionary, inspiring and inventive occupations promises excitement and occupational stability for anyone who dares to dream bold and big.