Fashion Merchandising Degrees

Has a career in fashion merchandising been calling your name? If you are inspired by the innovative designs of textiles and fabrics of talented new designers and wish to become a part of this fast-paced industry, then fashion merchandising may be right up your alley. Hob knob with the elite of the industry and set your sights to the stars. From down in the trenches work, to climbing the corporate ladder, the fashion merchandising world offers competitive salaries and unlimited potential to advance in your career.


Like most other industries, fashion has blossomed on the wings of technology. Advancement in software and graphic design has elevated the fashion merchandising industry to a comprehensive new level. Degrees are offered in Associate, Bachelor, and Masters by most online art and design schools, each with their own specialized requirements.

Online Associate Fashion Merchandising Degrees

With the Associate degree, expect to cover classes in set and exhibition, textile and fabric grading, 3D design dimensions, and merchandise display. With the Associate degree, you can look forward to a career with possibility for advancement in areas such as retail display for department stores, as a visual merchandiser, or even a product buyer. By obtaining your Associate degree in fashion merchandising, you can begin your career in the design and retail industry and choose to further your education at the same time.

Online Bachelors Fashion Merchandising Degrees

Equipped with a Bachelor degree in fashion merchandising, students can expect to be fully prepared to enter the field with both feet on the floor. During your four year program you will be studying the prerequisites of general education. Once these courses are completed, be prepared to move onto degree-specific classes such as graphic design, business and accounting, buying trends and history of fashion, the variety of cultures and how fashion affects the cultures, as well as advanced set and exhibit design. Other classes students will take under this Bachelor program include but are not limited to: business communications, advertising and marketing, business management, design production, photography, and fashion retail management. These courses will equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to begin their careers. Careers available with a Bachelor in fashion merchandising will include working for major fashion houses, advertising for individual designers, department store management, senior merchandise buyer, and more.

Online Masters Fashion Merchandising Degrees

If you opt to further your education in the fashion merchandising world and pursue a Masters degree, you can expect to take classes in retail merchandising operations, advanced classes on statistics and consumers of fashion, fashion trends and designs, as well as fashion analysis. The fashion world is one that can change as swiftly as the wind. Experts in trends, demand, and profitability are needed to keep businesses afloat. With your Masters degree in fashion merchandising, you will be provided with the necessary tools to be a competitive contender in the merchandising industry. Glamorous and fast-paced, this can be a highly stressful career but also one with lucrative rewards.


The lowest range of pay in the fashion merchandising industry is reported at $21,000. The average fashion merchandising annual income is reported at $118,350. The average American income comes in right at $30,000. Your potential income will be subject to the type of specialty of fashion design you choose to enter and the degree you opt to complete. Combing your degree with hands-on experience will give you an edge in this rapidly evolving and competitive industry. By gaining experience in department stores and retail centers, you will have the knowledge and the experience necessary to begin moving up the ladder in management. With your degree tucked under your belt, you will have unlimited choices available to you in the fashion merchandising industry. Employers look for people with a formal education, good leadership skills, and an eye for design in the fashion world.


The schools below are all branches of the same Institute that offer online degrees in fashion merchandising.

AS in Retail Management AS in Retail Management
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BA/Service Management
Mass-market Retail Enterprise Management
BS in Retail Management
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Browse through the listed schools and obtain a feel for the coursework required by each individual degree program. Some schools will additionally offer a Diploma in fashion merchandising. The Diploma is a certificate which is similar to a high school post-graduate degree. Diploma programs are typically offered to students who have been out of high school for a minimum of two years and who are employed in the field of fashion or are wishing to begin a new career. With the Diploma, Associate, Bachelor, and Master programs available you will find your options to be varied. By opting to pursue your degree online, you can study at the comfort of your own pace and avoid the hassle of long classroom periods and commuting to and from school.

Online degrees in fashion merchandising also allow you to continue to maintain your current job while you further your education. Whether you choose an accelerated degree to begin the fast track to an exciting new career as a merchandise buyer for a major department store chain or whether you wish to take a few credit hours a semester, your choices will be unlimited. From beginning as a display designer for boutiques, working for a fashion magazine, or marketing for a powerful fashion house, the fashion merchandising career of your dreams awaits you upon completion of your degree.