Physical Science Degrees

Physical science is a study of non-living systems and combines the principles of astronomy, physics, chemistry, and geology. If you’re interested in conducting research and experiments to learn more about energy, matter, chemicals, and physical reactions, all with the purpose of finding ways to improve people’s lives, you may want to consider earning a physical science degree online. Completing an online physical science degree program will equip you with extensive knowledge about the four principles of physical science and the skills needed to conduct research and experiments.

Classes and Assignments for Physical Science Majors

A physical science degree program will require you to take courses in all four of the principle areas of physical science: chemistry, physics, astronomy, and geology. Some of the courses you may have to take include general chemistry, environmental geology, thermodynamics, physics, and atmospheric science. Once you have a foundation of knowledge in these areas, you will progress into more advanced courses that focus on research, experimentation, and application of each. Much of your course work will usually involve researching certain topics and writing reports over them, as well as conducting experiments and writing reports about your findings.

Degree Levels for Physical Science Majors

  • Associate. Online associate physical science degrees will cover basic courses in chemistry, physics, geology, and astronomy, and include several mathematics courses, such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus. This degree may qualify you for a position as a science technician, and it can be used toward a higher-level degree.
  • Bachelor’s. Online bachelors physical science degrees will move past the basic courses in the main four principles of physical science with advanced and topic-specific courses, such as global climate change, electromagnetism, wave motion, and geology of the solar system. This degree may qualify you for entry-level research positions.
  • Master’s. Online masters physical science degrees will incorporate advanced courses, many of them expanding on areas you have already studied, such as electromagnetism III, modern physics II, and quantum physics II. This degree may qualify you for a research position with many organizations or government agencies.
  • Doctoral. A doctoral degree in physical science will expand on what you have learned by focusing primarily on research in each of the four principles of physical science, as well as physical science in general. A doctoral degree may qualify you for a position as a professor or researcher at a university.

A Future as a Physical Science Major

Physical science majors have many career options to choose from, including becoming a college professor, scientific researcher, geoscientist, chemist, physicist, astronomer, or physical science technician. The broad range of knowledge that physical science majors gain while earning their degrees makes them attractive to organizations, corporations, universities, and government agencies seeking individuals to conduct research and experiments, and develop new products or make discoveries that can benefit the company and humanity as a whole.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the average salary for a physical scientist is $95,780 a year. However, this amount will vary depending on several factors, such as your degree level, how much experience you have, the industry you are in, the position you have, and the organization you work for.

Students with a degree in Physical Science are considered well prepared for
becoming Geological and petroleum technicians.