Real Estate Degrees

Real estate brokers and real estate agents work with customers who want to buy a house, a building, or any other type of property. This can involve consulting with the customer to determine their wants and needs, going over their finances to see what they can afford, searching for homes, buildings, or pieces of property that they might be interested in, showing those properties to the customers, and helping them with all of the paperwork involved with the purchase. If this sounds like a career that you might be interested in, you may want to consider enrolling in an online real estate degree program. Earning an online degree in real estate will teach you about buildings and property, finance, and how to effectively communicate with customers.

Classes and Assignments of a Real Estate Major

Real estate brokers and agents have to know about economics, property value, the laws and regulations that apply to their field. There are multiple aspects to real estate, so many programs have at least one course for each. Some of the courses that you may have to take include real estate principles, real estate appraisal, commercial real estate, real estate law, and real estate finance. Some of your assignments may include creating finance reports, appraising real houses (or houses based on information provided by your professor), or completing simulations that require you to demonstrate your knowledge of a specific area of real estate.

Degree Levels for Real Estate Majors

  • Associate. Online associate real estate degrees will cover multiple aspects of real estate at the introductory level, with courses such as fundamentals of real estate, financial management, and national and state taxation. This degree may qualify you for an entry-level position with a real estate agency or brokerage firm.
  • Bachelor’s. Online bachelors real estate degrees will get into slightly more detailed and advanced courses, such as real estate development, real estate appraisal, and real estate investment. This degree may qualify you for a broker or sales position with a real estate brokerage firm or agency.
  • Master’s. Online masters real estate degrees will cover highly advanced topics with courses such as market analysis and feasibility studies, investment property analysis, commercial real estate valuation, and urban land economics. Many individuals use the knowledge they gain from a master’s degree program to start their own real estate agency or brokerage firm.

A Future as a Real Estate Major

Real estate brokers and agents are required by every state to obtain licensure by completing a certain number of hours of formal training and have a certain amount of experience — which can be reduced or waived depending on your degree, in many cases — and pass a written exam. The majority of real estate majors work as brokers, who generally own or manage an agency or brokerage firm, or sales agents, real estate sales, or general management positions.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is predicting an employment increase of 14% through the year 2018, which is slightly better than average when compared to other occupations. The BLS also shows that real estate brokers earn an average of $76,060 a year, and real estate sales agents earn an average of $52,490 a year. Keep in mind, though, that these amounts can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the types of properties you are selling, your commission rate, and where you are in the country.