Recreational Therapy Degrees

Salaries For Degrees in Recreational Therapy

Graduates in Recreational Therapy can be employed in a variety of occupations. It is impossible to say what you personally will do with a degree in Recreational Therapy, our survey panel picked the following occupations as likely options:

Students with a degree in Recreational Therapy are considered well prepared for becoming recreational therapists.

The median salary for people with online associate recreational therapy degrees is $33,402.89. The lifetime value of this degree is approximately $849,765.00.

Salaries are highly dependent on individual negotiating skill, experience, your employer, area, and a host of other factors. The estimates we show on these pages are just that: estimates. Your individual experience will likely vary.

Where does this come from?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a unit of the US government, classifies all workers into some 800-odd occupational categories. We paid a team of freelancers to solicit their view on what type of degree a holder of each type of job would likely have majored in. For pairs which had a high degree of consensus, we created a link between the degree and the job.

From this, we calculated the average salary for recreational therapy degrees and converted it into a lifetime value. We then compared it against other degrees at the same level of schooling (such as online bachelors recreational therapy degrees or online masters recreational therapy degrees), so that you can make informed educational and employment decisions.

What Does a Recreational Therapist Do?

In today’s competitive job market, many people are either seeking new careers or are wondering where to start their career path. If you’re one of them, consider the rich opportunities offered to a Certified Recreational Therapist. With a degree in Recreational Therapy, you can have a fulfilling career helping other people overcome their emotional, physical, and psychological disabilities and become self-reliant. You will also have the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in a career field that continues to grow. Plus, you’ll have an extremely competitive salary as well.

Underwater Treadmill.

As a Recreational Therapist, you will be responsible for creating treatment plans, documenting progress that your clients make, and participate in a variety of activities. You should be a compassionate person and want to help people who are sick or disabled. A sense of humor and ability to be creative will help you immensely. With a solid education, you can quickly gain employment in this interesting career.

What do Recreational Therapy Students Learn?

To be an effective therapist, students spend a lot of time taking courses in psychology. In fact, a minor in Psychology is considered essential if you are serious about seeking employment. Another effective minor is Gerontology, since the population is getting older and rely on recreational therapists to help them cope with the challenges of aging. Other minors to consider are Social Work, Business, Art, and Drama. The more knowledge you have under your belt, the more employers are likely to notice your value to them.

Students need to become familiar with the workings of the human body and are required to take courses in biology, anatomy, and physiology. Once you’ve completed the required Recreational Therapy courses, you should strive for at least 600 hours of internship with an approved agency. As an intern, you will be supervised by a certified therapist to ensure you are following proper procedures.

Your education will prepare you for certification through the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC). The NTRC was created in 1981 and is an independent non-profit organization. Over 12,000 certified recreational therapy personnel are represented by the group and are employed in a diverse assortment of healthcare and human service settings. If you are serious about a career, it is a good idea to visit their website to get an understanding of the requirements necessary for certification.

Schools Offering Online Recreational Therapy Degree Programs

You can study for a career right from the comfort of your own home by enrolling in an online program. Online colleges include Berkeley College, University of Illinois at Chicago, Medical Careers Institute, and Saint Joseph’s University. Other colleges offering online courses are American Sentinel University, Santa Barbara Business College, and Miller-Motte College. With so many people looking to further their careers while not wanting to disrupt their families, online schools are becoming increasingly popular.

Campus-based Recreational Therapy Certificates & Coursework

If you prefer the focused atmosphere offered by an offline college, there are a number of places that offer complete programs. Popular schools offering the education you need include Brigham Young University, State University of New York, and University of Tennessee. You could also opt to attend California State University, Kent State University, Illinois State University, or Indiana University. Since recreational therapy naturally involves physical exercise, you might want to visit a college to obtain the necessary hands on skills you’ll need.

Professional Background Information

Once you begin your career as a recreational therapist, you should consider joining an organization such as the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA). The group supports important legislation such as the “Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act”. Many people fondly remember the actor who portrayed Superman and then went on to becoming a super man in real life after he became paralyzed. Thanks to Christopher Reeve’s commitment to improving the quality of life, recreational therapists have more opportunities to provide individuals opportunities to participate in enjoyable activities and have meaningful social relations.

As a recreational therapist, you would also be able to help individuals battling with Parkinson’s Disease. Celebrities we have heard about within the last years include Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox. Music and art therapy have both been found to be effective methods of combating Parkinson’s Disease.

Some people are born with a debilitating disease. Other people, such as Michael J. Fox, succumb to a disease in the prime of their life. Still others like Christopher Reeve have an accident that impairs their abilities to do every day activities. These people as well as people who have just been through the ravages of time need recreational therapists to help them overcome their challenges. With the proper education, you could become that person and have a fulfilling, stable career.

Students with a degree in Recreational Therapy are considered well prepared for
becoming Recreational therapists.