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Morgan Online: Abbreviations (PDF): An extensive resource providing all of the nationally-recognized abbreviations in the academic and business worlds.

All Words: All Words, an online multilingual dictionary, introduces the word, its origin, definition, synonyms, antonyms, and pronunciations.

Cliché Finder: An online searchable database that allows the Internet user to type in a general word in return for a list of cliché.

The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary: An audio-based dictionary that introduces the correct definition and pronunciation of more than 125,000 words in North American English.

Hutchinson Encyclopedia: A completely free encyclopedia that allows curious parties to search for a popular object, person, place, event, or idea.

National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition: An organization dedicated to collect, coordinate, and convey a wide range ESL research and resources available.

OELA: A national organization dedicated to help English learners and other immigrant students obtain a satisfiable display of English proficiency.

Asia Society: A web page providing support for teachers, students, and school leaders through a database collection of Asian and Asian-American resources for students in grades K-12.

Southeast Asia Community Resource Center: The Refugees’ Educator’s Network provides a series of books, magazines, videos, artifacts, and other learning materials for immigrants.

Writing Guides: Kentucky University provides academic writing guides for students, including ESL learners.

Dave’s ESL Cafe: An ESL-specific website offering resources and references to help prepare practice questions and testing.

Planet English: Information about a well-recognized English teaching software program specifically geared towards immigrant students.

Longman: A Dictionary of Contemporary English: A must-see dictionary resource for all ESL learners.

Working with ESL Students in the Composition Classroom (PDF): A comprehensive article guiding teachers on working with ESL students in the composition classroom.

University of Minnesota: Online Grammar Handbook: The University of Minnesota offers a comprehensive resource for ESL learners in order to perfect the English grammar.

English Works!: A tutorial program introducing various aspects of the English language, including reading, writing, literature, grammar, vocabulary, and other miscellaneous instructional information.

Best TESOL/ESL/TESL Resources: An extensive list of instructional material to help TESOL, ESL, and TESL students learn English.

ESL Standards and Further Reading (PDF): Information on the standards used in teaching ESL.

American Language and Culture Institute: An association dedicated to helping new ESL students become proficient in the English language.

AfroNet: AfroNet presents information on incorporating ebonics into everyday language, including writing curriculum.

ESL Net: ESL Net provides a collection of ESL schools and other resource materials.

Bilingual Families Web Page: A specific web page dedicated to helping bilingual families cope with their children’s transition into North American culture.

Yahoo! Babel Fish: Yahoo!’s translation program to help beginning, intermediate, and advanced ESL learners understand the expansive English language.

Test of English as a Foreign Language: The primary website to obtaining an adequate education in English as a secondary language.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services: Pertinent information on immigrants staying within the United States, including TESOL certification requisites.

Boston Library: ESL Reference Links: A compilation of ESL reference links for Boston residents.

Ohio Writing Consortium: ESL Reference List: A comprehensive list of ESL references.

Everything ESL: A resource center providing a vast array of ESL materials for teachers and students.

Tower of English: An ESL networking website for teachers and students who need the added support in their journey toward English proficiency.

National Association for Bilingual Education: A national association providing the classroom, workshops, and other instructional materials to develop English proficiency in immigrants coming to the United States.

Annotated Bibliography on Working in America (PDF): A comprehensive resource guide providing an example on how to correctly construct a bibliography for English class.

Writing Across the Curriculum: A compilation of handouts and other related links for ESL students.

Self-Study ESL Quizzes: A website providing a collection of self-student ESL quizzes.

Writing Syllabus: An instruction for building ESL essays.

Practice Your English: An ESL resource guide to help immigrant students practice their English.

How to Learn English Effectively: Antimoon presents a series of articles, resources, pronunciation charts, and other learning instruments for ESL students.

MLA Guide: The authoritative guide on constructing a reference page based on MLA style. A good resource for advanced ESL students in college.

APA Guide: The authoritative guide on constructing a reference page based on APA style. A good resource for advanced ESL students in a secondary institution.

Library of Congress: A government-based resource for finding literature, tutorial books, and other resource guides. The Library of Congress is the perfect resource for ESL students.

Internet Public Library: The Internet Public Library consists of a series of online publications that teach educate students on various subjects.

What is Plagiarism?: An anti-plagiarism guide warning all students against the act of plagiarizing content.

Online Education – ESL Reference Materials