Highest Paying Jobs For A Bachelor’s Degree

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There are many things to consider when figuring out what to study: what your ideal work environment would be like, the sort of hours you want to work, whether the typical career trajectory in your chosen field will match your family plans, and so forth.  However, some people have exactly one criterion: how much do I get paid.  For these folks, and the curious among us, we present the best paid jobs in the country which one can accomplish with only a bachelor’s degree, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

General Trends

The best paying jobs generally:

  • Require specialized training in addition to one’s degree, such as in commercial aviation, which as a practical matter virtually requires one to have spent several years in the Air Force.
  • Involve moving into management, which implies more experience and seniority than most entry level positions have available.
  • Have controlled access into the field, such as actuaries, who have to pass a series of increasingly difficult exams to move up the ranks.
  • Involve working for for-profit businesses in a capacity which directly impacts their bottom line, as opposed to working in non-for-profits, academia, government, or in cost-centers within businesses such as customer service or HR.


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