It’s never too late: Get your GED with online study

More and more degrees are becoming available online, so it only makes sense that there are now more options for completing your GED through online study.

Of course, you only take the actual GED test at designated government centers on specified days. This is necessary to ensure the legitimacy of the test taker and the conditions under which the test was taken. However, there are a number of programs available online to prepare students to take the test. Providing this option online makes much sense as many students who do not complete their high-school diplomas leave school to attend to family matters or work, or they do not fare well in the traditional school setting, either because of learning differences or social anxieties. Getting the training online offers more flexibility to be able to manage study and family or work obligations, and to work in a more (theoretically) isolated space that offers more chance for reflection and self-regulation.

Many online GED prep courses cost a fee (anywhere from $19.95 to over $700), but there are a few free options. Most of them offer rolling, open admissions, meaning that students can enroll at anytime and can control the pace of study. Some require that students meet a certain age requirement (16 or 18 in most cases) or a certain level of education (starting at ninth grade, usually).

The GED tests general knowledge of five subject areas: Language Arts, Writing; Social Studies; Science; Language Arts, Reading; and Mathematics. The test is mostly multiple choice, but a few sections have essay questions. The test measures general knowledge, and does not require the memorization of vast detailed information. It also tests on information that can be acquired through life experiences, radio, television, books, newspapers, and more.

The individual tests can be taken separately or all at the same time, depending on the test center. The fee for the test also varies by center, but is typically vary low (less than $10). Other requirements vary by state and testing center and may include achieving a certain score on a basic skills test, enrolling in an orientation or seminar, or being of a certain age or education level.

Remember that many community colleges offer prep courses for free throughout the state in which you live. However, for online courses, here are some of the top options:

Excel High School
Students can choose to pursue an accredited online high-school diploma or a GED through Excel. The school is accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Group, and students can choose to attend courses for credit recovery, as well. The fee for the online GED or adult-high school diploma course is $299, and payment plans are available.

GED Academy
This program includes free teacher and tech support for as long as students need it, and there is no time limit for study. Students are given lifetime enrollment with the purchase of the course, which costs $299 (a monthly installment plan is available). Free updates and additional courses are also included with enrollment whenever the student needs them. Grants are available to pay up to one-third of the cost.

My GED offers a free practice test that is open to the public. Its preparatory Multimedia GED Certificate Course costs $29.95 and includes practice testing and success strategies.

GED for Free
This online preparation course is completely free, and it includes practice tests. The course is designed for students with a ninth-grade level of education or higher. The course is available for enrollment at any time and includes tips and strategies, with an emphasis on the math portion.

John Adams Virtual School
John Adams offers both an adult high-school diploma and a GED prep course. There is a traditional semester-length program or an accelerated 14-day program. The program cost is $299, and there are payment plans available. The program also offers a money-back guarantee.

Columbia North High School
Students have several options at Columbia North High School: a GED study course, an adult high-school diploma, and a free test-prep course. The GED study kit costs $99, and the adult high-school diploma program costs $219. The program is accredited by the Capitol Network for Distance Learning Programs. Graduation packages are available.

Adison High School
Adison offers an adult high-school diploma for $299. The program is accredited by the International Accreditation Committee of Online High School and offers a “genuine” high-school diploma. Financing and scholarship options are available.

Nation High School
Nation offers an accredited high-school diploma. The program is self-paced and is open to students 18 and older. Costs range from $239 to $799. Financing and scholarships are available.

Study Guide Zone
Students can find free resources here to study for the GED at their pace and in their own self-designed program. There are study guides, targeted subject help, general test information, practice questions, and information about college.

Test Prep
There are numerous self-assessment modules across the subject areas, with focused specialization within each area, such as basic algebra and advanced algebra, among other options, in math; commas and basic grammar in language; social studies; science; and more. The site also provides numerous online resources to improve weak areas to enhance your score.

Branson School Online
Administrators at Branson School Online (a Colorado K-12 online public school) created this program with students for whom attending a physical GED prep course was not possible. Students who are Colorado residents take official practice tests, then study through interactive lessons in the areas where they underperformed. Students in the program are checked out a computer to use during the program, are given an online teacher and mentor, and are given a voucher to take the test at a Colorado location. Enrollment is on a time line, and is limited to 100 students. Students who do not meet certain requirements may be charged a $325 tuition fee.

Free and Affordable Distance Education
This free collection of resources includes sample tests, practice modules, and sample questions. It also has listed resources for “affordable” GED prep courses and guidebooks.

GED OnlineClass
Missouri’s GED OnlineClass is a free program available only to Missouri residents. Students must take an on-site placement test before enrolling in the course, and must then re-test at another on-site location when the course is completed. Students are also required to maintain steady communication with their teachers.

Finally, once you are well-prepared and ready to take the course, check out the official site for GED test information to find rules, testing sites, and other information:

Official Site for the GED Test

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