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Master of Science in Political Science

Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Philosophy
John Jarowski
Marketing specialist

John Jarowski earned a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2004 and a master’s degree in political science in 2008, both from Suffolk University. Today, Jarowski works contractually as a marketing specialist for Slade Product Development, which offers a host of services to inventors to help bring their products to market. Jarowski has taught courses in political science at Suffolk University as an adjunct professor and started two companies. One of those companies was Crystal Global Information Technology (CGIT), which assisted medical device companies grow their business in China. Jarowski served as marketing director of this company, was published in national and international journals (see example here), and spoke at conferences on the topic of doing business in China. Jarowski’s professional goals are to further develop in the field of marketing and eventually use those skills to start a non-profit organization that raises awareness about human rights and international law.

Why did you decide to major in political science?

I chose political science as a major because of my interest in political events, particularly in understanding how political change occurs at the grassroots level. However, as my study of the subject evolved, so did other interests. American foreign policy became a key focus of mine as an undergraduate and graduate student, as did the study of political philosophy, human rights, and constitutional law.

Tell me a little about your master’s program in political science. What was your specialization, and how did your graduate study build on your undergraduate study?

My master’s degree is in what is called “Professional Politics,” which involves a serious study of legislation, lobbying, campaigns and elections, and the ethics surrounding each. As electives, I ended up mixing a study of domestic with foreign policy, which built upon my broad-based approach during my undergraduate years. What I loved about my master’s program was that it allowed for me to work as an intern at the American Islamic Congress. While at AIC, I was able to blend my understanding of American foreign policy and international issues with the basic functions of a campaign manager. One of the main tasks I performed as an intern was the creation of a survey of American students’ views on Islam.

What was the most rewarding part of majoring in political science?

The most rewarding part of studying the subject was to gain a true understanding of how political and economic institutions work and interact with each other.

What was the most challenging part of majoring in political science?

I suppose the most challenging part had nothing to do with the content I was studying, but more to do with school generally, which is balancing the course work as you also work and maintain a social life.

What are some ways you apply what you learned in political science to your current line of work?

I use the skills from my degrees all the time. I am currently involved in helping a start-up company. This will be the second time I have been involved in such a venture. I am doing this work contractually and am looking for a full-time job, but in this job I specialize in marketing. I liken marketing to campaigning because ultimately the task of each is to convince an audience to help you achieve a set of goals. If I were a campaign manager (which my master’s gives me training to be), I would be trying to convince voters to support the politician I am hired to assist. This would come in the form of producing campaign literature, preparing public events, blogging, conducting surveys, etc. I conduct all these same tasks in marketing, except I am helping to sell a service rather than convince the public to vote for someone.

Do you have any advice for students who are considering majoring in political science?

Be practical and find your niche. There is so much you can study, and if you’re like me, you want to study it all. However, if you focus on one or two things and learn them really well, it can guide you on a great path, whether it is to a career or studying the subject at the graduate level. Another word of advice is to ALWAYS seek the advice of your professors. They are there for more than just teaching a subject. I have developed great friendships with my professors, and it has worked to my benefit multiple times.