Meet Your Major


Bachelor of Arts in Communication for Corporate Communications

Travis Coggin
Communications Manager

Travis Coggin earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with a concentration in corporate communications, from the University of Houston in 2007. After work with a consumer team at a public relations agency in Boston, he found his way back to UH, where he currently works at one of the university’s research centers as a communications manager establishing the reputation of the center on campus and throughout the international research community. Coggin had previously interned at UH as a student, too. He found the internship experience to be extremely valuable and returned to the university as soon as he had the opportunity.

Why did you choose to major in communications?

The corporate communications concentration was especially appealing due to its combined focus on public relations, organizational communication, and mass media. The most appealing factor was the range in opportunity. My goal was to become a jack-of-all-trades communications professional, and the broad access to the School of Communication course catalog allowed that opportunity.

What did you like, and dislike, about it?

My favorite advantage of the corporate communications major was the broad range of experience it afforded. As a professional, I always try to learn new skills that may be of value to my employer. The curriculum at UH helped instill that attitude. Looking back, I would prefer that more business-oriented courses had been required.

How has your communications major influenced your career?

I think my major has influenced the way I work with people, as well as my overall perspective. Lessons in interpersonal communication are valuable in learning to work with all types of people. The organizational elements also keep the big picture in focus.

What skills from your major do you still use?

I routinely use plenty of skills from my major. Key skills that immediately come to mind are writing and editing. Through the variety of communications courses available in the corporate communications concentration, I was able to enroll in classes such as broadcast writing and news writing. Those courses really come in handy when writing for internal publications, press releases, and web content.

What advice would you give to potential students, communications majors and otherwise?

Never underestimate the value of internship experience. Do everything you can to set yourself apart from your classmates through internships, charity work, or even social media.