Meet Your Major


Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies

Robin Gross
Project Coordinator

Robin Gross’ passion for law led her to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. She has worked in the telecommunications field for more than nine years, in which she has held positions such as project manager, field supervisor, project coordinator, and field technician. A recent accident has caused her to change the direction of her career from wireless field engineer back to law and she is looking forward to pursuing her Juris Doctor. According to Gross, her educational background has broadened her career path.

Why did you choose to major in legal studies?

I chose legal studies because I have a passion for law, this field is always reinventing itself and evolving, one of my goals in life is changing the law to fit the needs of our future. Today, there are still stereotypes and presumed behavior patterns. If I had the chance to fix just one injustice, then I would know I have bettered and created an awareness to benefit those who are stereotyped.

What did you like/ dislike about majoring in legal studies?

Things I disliked while studying legal studies are minor. I think the way to sum that up is due process, to make these changes time is against you. I liked that you are always learning and thinking about how and what thought process will help make the conclusion.

How has your major impacted your career or influenced your career path?

My career path has broadened. I realized that I cannot just be the paralegal, I need to be the attorney.

What knowledge/skills did you obtain from majoring in legal studies that you still put to use in your current position?

The teachings and skill set I learned effects my daily routine, especially in my work environment. I was a wireless field engineer, which kept me on the road around 10 months a year. Recently, I was in a horrific car accident where my vehicle was T-barred and flipped three times, costing my career in that field. This accident made me come to the conclusion that I needed to go back to school steering into earning my J.D.

What advice would you give to students thinking about majoring in legal studies?

The benefits I have been granted in studying legal studies are unlimited to any door I choose to step into and effect any and all positions I have worked in. Policies and procedures are what make a corporation survive. They are the backbone which governs how and why things have to be done in a certain order. When policies are not practiced, the company will spiral out of control.

The future stands before us. When a student makes the decision to study law, they gain an insight to the bearings of how our justice system evolves and the questions and answers are not set in stone. When they start to turn these stones over, they create to form more questions than answers, which challenges them to learn and understand that law is grey and can be changed to better our society.