Most In-Demand Careers for 2010

Maybe you’re like one of the millions who have found themselves unemployed and become part of the record jobless rate of the last few years. And like many of them, maybe you have considered going back to school to get additional training or to start over in a new career. Or maybe you are entering college for the first time, and you want to make a smart decision about your course of study for future marketability.

But how do you choose? Simply following your passion may not lead you to the best career to weather this economic crisis. How do you know that you are making a smart career choice that will provide some sort of lasting stability so that you can — hopefully — avoid becoming one of the many jobless should there be another economic downturn of this magnitude in the future.

Here are some of the 10 most in-demand jobs for the coming year, according to a compilation of sources:

1. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts
Salary Range: $18,610 — $96,860

It is a digital world, and computers are becoming more and more ubiquitous in all of our dealings. Analysts work to solve problems related to this technology.

2. Financial Analysts and Personal Financial Advisors
Average Salary: $66,590

Financial advisors help clients make investment choices by sharing their expert opinions on market trends, investment strategies and more. Financial analysts study a specific industry, region or product.

3. Physician Assistant
Salary Range: $16,460 — $74,390

Health care is expected to be in big demand in the coming years as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age and continues to place a demand on services. Physician assistants help with diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative care. They can work in specialties including pediatrics, family medicine and general internal medicine.

4. Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors
Average Salary: $39,670

Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors help people struggling with problems such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating disorders and more. Counselors can work in a private setting or in a community treatment center.

5. Medical Assistants
Salary Range: $16,460 — $74,390

Another health-care career. Medical assistants help with administrative and clinical tasks for physicians and specialty practitioners. They are like office managers for medical offices. But they can also assist with basic diagnostic tests and some simple procedures.

6. Accountant
Salary Range: $42,135 — $55,564

Work for personal clients or large companies to manage taxes and find savings. A very demanding job come April!

7. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians
Salary Range: $16,460 — $74,390

Those in the medical records and health information technician field are primarily responsible for the organization and evaluation of healthcare records.

8. Compliance Director
Salary Range: $66,955 — $104,232

There are a lot of regulations that companies must follow, especially in light of new Securities and Exchange rules. Compliance directors help companies stay in line with their investments and business dealings.

9. Computer Application Software Engineers
Salary Range: $18,610 — $96,860

Want to make the next Microsoft Word or Photoshop? Software engineers design and develop new software. You’ll need to have an aptitude for math, as programming is a primary responsibility.

10. Biomedical Engineer
Salary Range: $57,000 – $77,0000

Another field affected by the aging Boomer population, which will create more demand for medical devices and other health equipment. Biomedical engineers help design and create this equipment.

11. Physical Therapist Aides
Salary Range: $16,460 — $74,390

Physical therapist aides help those who have a disability or are limited in their mobility or some other function. They help improve mobility and relieve pain.

12. Environmental Engineers
Salary Range: $56,000 — $94,000

Environmental awareness has been on the rise in the last several years, with more focus being given to climate change and its affects. Environmental engineers help companies comply with environmental regulation and help develop methods to clean up environmental hazards such as the recent oil spill.

13. Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors
Salary Range: $7.09 — $26.22 hourly

If you’re a gym rat, you’re in luck. Fitness trainers and aerobic instructors will be in hot demand, and you can turn that hobby into a career. Lead individuals or groups towards achieving their fitness goals, either in a gym or a one-on-one setting.

14. Survey Researchers
Salary Range: $43,000 — $85,100

Market demands drive the economy, and survey researchers help study those demands. Those with an aptitude for science and math will far the best in this field.

15. Database Administrators
Salary Range: $16,460 — $74,390

Database administrators work with large collections of data to help extract and analyze information. They also help manage the system, including its performance, security and updates.

16. Retail Sales Representatives
Salary Range: $39,100 — $47,900

Store managers can expect to make the most, naturally. But even low-paying starter jobs can quickly lead to better-paying jobs with the expected demand.

17. Veterinary Technologists and Technicians
Salary Range: $16,170 — $33,750

Much like physician assistants, veterinary technologists and technicians provide support with medical tests and the treatment and diagnosis of disease. Only their patients are pets and other animals.

18. Credit Manager/Supervisor
Salary Range: $39,317 — $64,892

Help individual or corporate clients evaluate credit risk, manage cash flow, and settle delinquent accounts. With the current credit crisis, this one has immediate demand.

19. Dental Hygienists
Salary Range: $8.45 — $39.24 hourly

Dental hygienists are the first stop for any dental practice, and they are responsible for examining patients’ gums and teeth, cleaning teeth, taking x-rays, and educating patients.

20. Executive Assistant
Salary Range: $37,010 — $52,042

This is no simple secretary position. Executive assistants support multiple managers and take on a wide range of duties, from office management to arranging travel and special events.

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