The Top 25 e-Learning Blogs

1. Free Technology for Teachers – This site provides countless tools and tips for teachers who want to integrate technology into their classrooms. Blogger Richard Byrne has won more than one Edublog Award, such as “Best Individual Blog” and “Best Resource Sharing Blog” two years in a row.

2.  E-Learning Queen –  Voted as one of the “Top 50 Education Innovators,” and one of OEDb’s Top 100 Education Blogs, this blog updates readers on the latest in technology and provides interviews with different authors.

3.  Box of Tricks –  This blog provides educational resources, and discusses the latest in technology news. The blog has been nominated for several awards, including “Best Teacher Blog” and “Best Educational Tech and Support Blog” for the 2009 Edublog Awards.

4.  NCS-Tech – Designed for K-8 classroom teachers and/or students, this fun and colorful site provides resources for teachers who want to obtain more lesson ideas for their classrooms.

5.  The Rapid E-Learning Blog – This site provides great tips for educators who want to learn more about e-Learning courses. Various resources and tips for using audio, graphic design, and videos are included in the postings.

6.  iLearn TechnologyElementary school teacher Kelly Tenkley won the “Best Educational Tech and Support Blog” award for the 2009 Edublog Awards, and provides various tips for teachers on how to use technology in their classrooms.

7.  Take an e-Learning Break –  This blog provides book and product recommendations, Flash, Adobe and Apple tutorials, as well as videos and tips on the latest in E-Learning.

8.  Edgalaxy –  Nominated as “Best New Blog” and “Best Resource Sharing” Blog for the 2009 Edublog Awards, writer Kevin Cummings takes his readers on a technological journey with the latest gadgets, tools, and toys.

9.  e-Clippings – If you need to take a break from all the educational mumbo-jumbo, then check out this interactive and humorous blog. The author-turned-blogger Mark Oehlert focuses on a wide range of controversial issues, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, electronic textbooks, and even politics.

10.  eLearning Technology –  Former teacher Tony Karrer knows firsthand the technological opportunities that are available for teachers and students. His blog was nominated as “The Best e-Learning/Corporate Blog” for the 2008 Edublog Awards, and provides numerous links on educational strategies.

11.  E-Learning Acupuncture –  Blogger Eric A. Tremblay provides fun and interactive posts which focus on educational technology, and cover a wide range of topics, from video games to careers, or even Wikipedia.

12.  Weblogg-ed – This informative blog provides various articles which focuses on the latest in K-12 student learning, weblogs, wikis, audiocasts, and much more.

13.  Online Learning Update –  With an abundance of informative articles, this blog has been publishing daily posts since 2001. The site is geared towards the more intellectual reader, specifically college and university students or professors.

14.  Gate’s Computer Tips –  This fun and interactive blog provides various tutorials, videos, and articles on the latest in technology. The site also won the “The Best Resource Sharing Blog” award for the 2007 Edublog Awards.

15.  Kirsten Winkler – Winner of the “Best New Blog” category for the 2009 Edublog Awards, Winkler provides her readers with the latest trends in technology.

16.  Dangerously Irrelevant – Author Scott McLeod’s blog has a specific focus on technology leadership issues as well as changing developments in teaching and school districts.

17.  EmergingEdTech – This engaging blog is full of resources reflecting the latest in online and e-Learning news.

18.  E-Learning Journeys – Nominated for the 2009 Edublog Awards as “The Best Educational Use of Social Networking Service” award, this blog educates readers on the latest in technology and social media.

19.  Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development – Brent Schlenker uses his blog as an interactive tool to educate his readers on the latest in technology. He includes discussions about Twitter, Youtube, and literature, and occasionally adds entertaining Youtube videos into his blog posts.

20.  George Siemens’ elearnspace – Siemens has been blogging on this site since 2002, and provides small yet informative snippits on the latest in technology news.

21.  Social Media in Learning – Blogger Jane Hart provides daily tips, articles, videos, and tutorials on how to use technology in a workplace.

22.  Kapp Notes – Readers are educated with step-by-step tutorials and resources on how to use various technological tools such as PowerPoint or 3D interfaces.

23.  Clive on Learning – This blog is full of detailed blog posts on the latest in technology and e-Learning. Writer Clive Shepherd provides his readers with informative information and includes important statistics in his posts.

24.  Experiencing E-Learning –  Focusing on how the use of technology can be an educational tool, blogger Christy Tucker provides weekly links of technology-related articles.

25.  Open Thinking – Although updates are scarce, this blog provides tips and resources for those wanting to learn more about education and technology

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    This engaging blog is full of resources reflecting the latest in online and e-Learning news.

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