Top 10 graduate student blogs

1. AMS Graduate Student Blog

This blog from the American Mathematical Society is written by and for math grad students. Contributors attend schools all over the country, and posts discuss the ins and outs of grad-school life, including fellowship applications, scholarship, school selection, and more.

2. PhD Studies in Human Rights

A group of students contribute to this blog about studying human rights. There are in-depth discussions about new research and publications, developments in the field, and more.

3. JD Law Students Blog

Students at Vermont Law School maintain this blog about their experiences in pursuing their law degrees. The students are in different phases of completing their degrees, so there are insights about all stages and aspects of the experience.

4. July Dream

This business major just graduated and is now learning to navigate the corporate world. There is plenty to guide and inspire in previous posts, and newer posts will give grad students a hint of what to expect post-graduation.

5. Restless Med Student

Learn all about the ups and downs of medical school through the personal experiences of this UCLA med student. Follow along with the rotations, internships, and personal reflections to learn what medical school is really like.

6. My PhD Blog

Malene Charlotte Larsen is a PhD candidate in communications at Aalborg University in Denmark. Her work looks at social networking and Internet communications, and she share her experiences as a student and with her research.

7. New Kid on the Hallway

A former medieval historian leaves academia to go to law school, and she shares her experiences on this blog. Her posts explore not just law school life, but also maintaining balance in her personal life, which includes her husband.

8. PhD Blog (dot) Net

Author Andy Coverdale is a PhD student living in the UK and studying student learning, higher education, and “the social web.” His blog talks about his experiences as a student and details his research efforts.

9. Defying Gravity

This blog is written by a fourth-year medical student. Posts explore the daily life and responsibilities of a med student, as well as the triumphs and frustrations.

10. Ms-PhD

This blog talks about the process of applying to grad school, from letters of recommendation to statement of purpose to test scores. There is a lot of practical advice here!

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  1. OnTheRoadToSuccess Says:

    Thanks for putting this together. I must add that I religiously follow the PhD Studies in Human Rights blog. I’m glad it made it to this list.

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