Top 15 blogs for science in the classroom

1. Marcia’s Science Teaching Ideas
Through her blog and her Web site, Marcia Krech, a retired high-school science teacher, shares ideas, lesson plans, resources and more for science teachers of all types. There are activities by subject, such as astronomy, geology, meteorology and more. There are also activities by type, including games, procedures, and more. This is a great, resource-rich site for teachers!

2. The Art of Teaching Science
Jack Hassard, a professor of science education at Georgia State University, and Michael Dias, an associate professor and coordinator of biology education at Kennesaw State University, co-authored the book The Art of Teaching Science, and they manage this blog. On the blog, there are discussions about science education, news, trends, and more. There are links to resources and discussions about teaching ideas.

3. Discovering Biology in a Digital World
A self-proclaimed digital biologist and teacher runs this blog, which discusses biologic research that uses technology. Posts include fun activities that use computational biology, examples of everyday use of digital biology, reviews and more. The author also shares her experiences and insights. There are also links to fun activities and resources.

4. My Science Lessons
Here you’ll find a collection of ideas, activities, and lessons for grades 5 through 8. The ideas are meant for interactive science notebooks. Some activities include making topographic maps with PlayDoh, taking core samples, and identifying rocks.

5. Science Notebooking
This blog helps elementary school science teachers and educators interested in adding notebooking to their science curriculum. The author shares ideas for projects, lesson plans, resources, videos, and more.

6. Steve Spangler Blog
Steve Spangler was once an elementary science teacher who has now become famous for appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the Food Network, the History Challen, Discovery, and his own weekly segments on a Denver television station. He is also the founder of Steve Spangler Science, which specializes in educational toys and kits and science training services for teachers. His site includes fun hands-on experiments for kids, including exploding soap bubbles and releasing the genie in the bottle.

7. Science Punk
Frank Swaim presents science news and information in a way that is understandable to a lay audience. He also sets out to debunk “dodgy claims and pseudoscience.” This is a great site for generating discussion in the classroom, or for providing supporting readings or starting points for projects and research.

8. Not Exactly Rocket Science
Ed Yong, a British science writer, has created another blog that helps explain scientific concepts to a lay audience. Here is another great site for generating discussions in and out of the classroom, and for providing students another perspective on what can at times be difficult concepts.

9. Science Teacher
High-school teacher Doyle shares his opinions and reflections on educational practices in the science classroom, and on other news and trends of interest to the community.

10. Mr. Science Show
“Where science meets pop culture” is the tagline of this blog, which explains the science behind everyday events such as a rainbow, sports at high altitudes, and the domestication of dogs. There are a lot of graphics and videos to help illustrate the explanations, and the irreverent tone on the blog will help students connect with the material.

11. Tell Me Why
In the same vein as “Why Does Popcorn Pop?” this blog aims to provide answers to everyday curiosities by providing the science behind them. Kids of all ages will enjoy this site, which can be used in the classroom to encourage critical thinking and curiosity.

12. Physically Incorrect
The blog offers math and science brain teasers, puzzles, and riddles according to difficulty (usually high school or college level). There is a lot of great material here for in-class activities or for homework assignments — or maybe just for when you’re feeling up for a challenge!

13. SciScoop Science
This blog serves as a discussion forum for news about science and technology. It aims to be a “science community blog,” and there is a rich collection of authors and viewpoints on a wide range of topics. This is a great site for generating discussions or assignments.

14. TCPS Science
Teachers can find information here about curriculum for elementary and middle-school science, as well as ideas for activities, resources, and more.

15. Adventures in Science
This blog aims to promote science education and to make it more engaging through the use of technology. There are resources for teachers and parents alike, as well as suggestions and ideas to help make science more fun for kids. A great resource-rich site!

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