Top 15 college movies

10. Road Trip

Four friends set out on a trip across the country to intercept a video tape sent to the girlfriend of one of the friends, and the highjinks ensue. In the tradition of teenage male sex romps like American Pie. The cast includes some up-and-comers at the time who have gone on to some success: Breckin Meyer, Sean William Scott, Amy Smart, and Tom Green.

9. Back to School

Rodney Dangerfield plays a millionaire who decides to go back to school to offer a positive role model for his son. But his college experience includes tutors like Kurt Vonnegut, a luxury dorm, and servants at the ready.

8. Real Genius

This classic 80′s movie stars Val Kilmer as the leader of a group of misfit geniuses who create a high-powered laser. After the laser is stolen for military purposes, they team up to get the laser back and get their revenge. A great movie that follows in the tradition of giving the nerds their day.

7. Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon proves that genius can be hiding anywhere — even in the guise of a janitor working at one of the most prestigious schools in the country. The movie follows Will Hunting’s journey towards accepting his own genius and finding love against a backstory of childhood abuse. Damon and Bill Affleck wrote the screenplay for this movie, which won an Oscar.

6. Rudy

Here’s the classic story of the little man overcoming all odds to achieve success — this time literally. Rudy is too small by football player standards, but that doesn’t stop his dream of playing for Notre Dame. And with determination, he succeeds.

5. Old School

A group of middle-aged men hatch a plan to form a fraternity in order to save their house on a college campus. Starring comedy heavy hitters Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Jeremy Piven, and more. A hilarious movie that’s easily the Animal House for the Gen-X generation.

4. With Honors

A Harvard student makes a deal with a homeless man to recover the thesis that he lost in the sewer. Along the way, the two become friends, and the student (played by Brendan Frazier) learns a lot about life. There are echoes of Good Will Hunting (even though it came out earlier) in that the homeless man (played by Joe Pesci) turns out to be intelligent and well-read enough to take on the academic elite at Harvard. Watch out for the tear-jerk ending.

3. Legally Blonde

Here’s another story that shows that hard work and determination are all you need to succeed — and that you can’t let other people tell you who are or what you’re capable of doing. Elle Woods is a sorority sister majoring in fashion design, but she decides to go to Harvard Law School after her boyfriend breaks up with her to prove to him that she can be taken seriously. She ends up learning a lot about herself along the way.

2. Revenge of the Nerds

Tired of taking so much abuse from the college fraternities and sororities — including having their house burned down — a group of nerds decides to form their own fraternity and get even. This movie is a classic, and it tells a timeless tale of the little standing up for himself and getting revenge. An anthem for nerds everywhere!

1. Animal House

This is the college movie to set the tone for all other college movies. The dean hatches a plot against a ragtag fraternity, which ultimately backfires when the group of misfits gets their revenge and prevails. John Belushi stars in this classic raunch fest about college life.

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2 Comments on “Top 15 college movies”

  1. alexis Says:

    So many great college movies! Animal House definitely deserves the #1 spot

  2. Aelius Says:

    Legally Blonde? Really? That somehow ranks on your top 10/15 college movie list?
    I concur with animal House being the #1 spot, but some of your other choices just baffle me. Good will hunting?

    If you rank animal House as number one, then you should be looking at movies like Up The Creek, or Better Off Dead.

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