Top 15 music education blogs

1. Be a Techie:)

Carol Broos is a music teacher in Illinois, and she incorporates technology into her classroom. She says, “I view music as the driver, technology as the car, and performance as the race.” Some recent posts reviewed technology for composing and for staying organized. The site also includes links to relevant Web sites and resources.

2. Music Tech for Teachers

Here’s another blog that focuses on the use of technology in the music classroom. Every post shares information about useful tools or apps for either the music classroom, or for helping educators manage the classroom. Some recent reviews include an app for home study and an app for learning chords.

3. Music is Not for Insects

Ken Pendergrass presents many thought-provoking posts about the state of education and pedagogy. There are also posts that offer advice, tips, and resources for the classroom. You can even find some inspiration in the shared videos.

4. Evolving Music Education Blog

Dan Shure runs a piano lesson studio from his home, and his blog shares some teaching insights and ideas for teaching students how to play the piano. However, this blog is useful for teaching musical concepts that can apply to other instruments, as well, such as note reading. And some of the practices and philosophies shared here can be adapted for uses beyond the piano.

5. Urban Music Education

Sarah Johnston, an “avid advocate for music education in urban environments,” writes this blog, which offers podcasts, videos, worksheets and study guides, assessments, powerpoint presentations, and links to other teaching tools and technology resources.

6. Music Ed Lounge

This blog is focused on teachers of beginning and intermediate music students, and posts focus on both public school education and private lessons. The author, Steve Engel, shares some of his practices in the classroom, as well as his thoughts about teaching.

7. Teach2Connect

Sarah Barton Thomas teaches K-8 music in Maryland, and she uses her blog to offer insights and encourage discussion about teaching practices and philosophy. Posts are thought-provoking and cover topics such as learning networks, professional development, current events, and more. Thomas also shares some resources and links.

8. Grass Lake General Music

Carol Vrotny, a music teacher in Illinois, gives an insider look into her music classrooms and the practices she uses. Frequent video posts show the children in action during lessons and other activities. Educators can get great ideas for activities, and see firsthand how effective they are with the children.

9. Things to Come

This blog is written by Brandt Schneider, a high-school music director who recently received a grant to use iPads in the music department at his school. Recent posts discuss the use of the iPad in the classroom, including the various apps and its use in lessons. Other posts discuss other classroom activities and teaching theory.

10. Espie’s Music Education Blog

Learning about music also means learning about all the great musicians who came before and set precedent with their work. Espie Estrella offers information about a famous or notable musician each day, as well as a short tidbit about “this day in music history.”

11. Tech Tempo

Mrs. Muench combines her love of music with “all things tech related” on this blog. Her posts share reflections on teaching, as well as ideas for the music classroom. And, of course, she shares a lot of tech resources and information, including podcasting.

12. The Piano Pedagogy Page

Here you’ll find a lot of great resources to help teach students how to play the piano. There are teaching materials that include flash cards, scales, rhythm cards, and more. Posts also cover pedagogy, technique, readings, inspiration and more. Though the site is directed at teaching piano, there is plenty here that can be adapted for a general music classroom.

13. Fun Music Company

This resource-rich blog shares ideas, tips, and inspiration for the music classroom. There are videos, links, resources, and more. The ideas you find here can be easily adapted to use for any instrument or age level.

14. Aileen’s Music Education Blog

Aileen Brown, a music teacher in Ohio, writes this thorough, thought-provoking blog that explores music pedagogy and reflections on teaching. There are also posts that include ideas for the classroom, such as games and other activities and useful books.

15. meyersmusic: Ideas for the Music Classroom

The focus of this blog is “to share fun and creative activities, games, visuals, and manipulatives for use in an elementary music classroom.” There are a lot of great ideas here for inspiration!

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