Top 20 art blogs for educators

1. The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet

Art educator Craig Roland writes this blog, which focuses on the question “How can we use the new tools and capabilities of the Web to enhance or even transform art education practices in schools?” There are thoughtful discussions about art education mixed in with practical tips and suggestions for activities and lessons. There is also an extensive list of Web tools and resources.

2. Carrot Revolution

The goal of this art education blog is to “fight the tyranny of the ordinary and to liberate from the status quo.” There are resources for art educators and students, and discussions cover animation, art history, digital art, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and video. There are thoughtful discussions about art education and how to incorporate technology, as well as some useful tips and tutorials.

3. Art is Messy

An art teacher in China offers ideas for art lesson plans, lists online art resources, shares student work, and discusses her personal experiences teaching art. Videos, painting, collages, illustration and more are covered on this resource-rich blog.

4. PHS Art

Carrieann Phagley is a Paris Cooperative High School Art Teacher, and she shares her experiences in the classroom through her blog. Posts include explanation of lesson plans and assignments, and usually include examples of student work. She also discusses her teaching philosophy, and shares her personal experiences as a teacher. There is a lot of content here to connect art teachers, no matter their discipline or teaching level.

5. Deep Space Sparkle

This blog promises “out of this world art lessons” — but you’ll have to judge for yourself. There are step-by-step guides with lots of colorful photos for each lesson posted. Archives include dozens of lessons that are categorized by grade, from K-6. There are also options to purchase special lesson plans, as well as tips for how to maintain your classroom. This is a great resource-rich site!

6. Art for Small Hands

Here’s another great blog with lots of project ideas targeted to children ages 3 to 13. The goal of the blog is to guide educators and parents “in how to instruct and develop, without overwhelming or dampening, the artist inside every child.” Each project or lesson includes step-by-step instructions, age level, concepts to be learned, helpful notes, and more.

7. Art Lessons for Kids

This helpful blog is full of ideas and inspiration for lesson plans and activities for kids. The author also talks about her experiences in the classroom and shares samples of student work. There are also lessons in Spanish and in slideshow format.

8. Mrs. Art Teacher

Younger children are the focus of this blog, which offers ideas and lesson plans for children in grades K-8. Posts include thoughtful discussions about experiences in the classroom, as well as information on how lesson plans and activities are being incorporated.

9. Teach Kids Art

Here’s another great blog with a lot of project ideas and lesson plans. According to the blog author: “My passion is for kids of all ages to enjoy art on a regular basis! I hope to encourage, empower and inspire teachers and parents to share the JOY of art with the kids in their lives!” Posts include the appropriate age or grade level and detailed information on how to complete the project or lesson.

10. Colfax Mingo Art

Mr. Volesky shares art projects and ideas for grades K-12 and includes examples of student work. Tips and ideas are conveniently categorized by grade level, and there are links to other art resources, art vocabulary, web tools, and more. Teachers are sure to find a wide variety of ideas on this blog!

11. Art Class Works

Art educator Lori Decoite created this blog as a means of providing useful resources and lesson plans for art teachers to help them “make art work” in the classroom. Her posts include her weekly lesson plans, classroom experiences, and lots of colorful photos showing student work and other samples.

12. There’s a Dragon in My Art Room

Phyl is a K-6 art teacher in upstate New York, and she uses her blog to share ideas for the classroom and to discuss best practices. In between the useful posts with ideas for projects and lesson plans (complete with photos and rationale behind them), there are thoughtful discussions about teaching philosophy and how best to connect with students.

13. Art with Mr. E

Mr. E shares some of his experiences in the classroom, including his projects and activities. Projects range in scope of complexity, and they are labeled according to grade level. This is another great blog with a lot of ideas to inspire fellow teachers and even parents.

14. Adventures of an Art Teacher

This blog includes “photos, artwork, student examples, reflections, ponderings, and random thoughts of a second-year art teacher.” The author shares her ideas, as well as also useful resources and personal experiences.

15. The Art Cart

The Art Cart is the product of the visual arts program at Torrey Pines Elementary School. Without an art classroom, this art teacher uses a cart that is pushed from room to room “to promote creative and inventive thinking.” The site shares project ideas for elementary school students, and showcases student work.

16. Art Projects for Kids

You can search this blog for ideas according to theme, such as fine art murals, great Americans, nature, mini mural sets, Christian themes, Americana murals, PDF coloring books, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. You can also search by grade level, artist influence, holiday, and more. There are lots of great ideas here!

17. That Artist Woman

The projects you’ll find here don’t have to be limited to the classroom; they would be just as useful as craft projects with any youth group or even at home. Project categories include seasonal, 3D sculptural, paint and paper, textiles, and mixed media.

18. Use Your Colored Pencils

Each of the projects you’ll find here include the inspiration for them, as well as links to other related projects. Elementary school children are the target audience for these projects, and each of the projects includes the appropriate grade level.

19. daisy yellow

The projects you’ll find here aren’t necessarily meant to be used in class, nor are they presented that way. But you’ll find plenty of inspiration in Tammy’s projects, which you can either replicate in class, or modify for your purposes. Many of the projects can be used for a range of age levels, depending on how you modify them. Therefore, teachers of all age levels should be able to find some inspiration here.

20. Mrs. Picasso’s Art Room

Mrs. Picasso offers useful project ideas by theme and by grade level, often showing how the same project can be made different across grade levels. She also shares useful resources and links where appropriate for projects. You’ll also find general art links and sites for inspiration.

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  1. Phyl Says:

    Wow. Thanks for including me on your list. I’m totally flattered, but I guess I’d better put my photo back on my blog, because then you’d have known I’m a she, not a he! (Phyl is short for Phyllis). Thanks so much!!

  2. Phyl Says:

    Just saw the comment I left, and I guess I didn’t make it clear, that amy blog that I’m referring to here is There’s a Dragon in my Art Room. Hope this makes sense!

  3. maria magher Says:

    Sorry about the mixup Phyl! I’ve updated my post…

  4. Lori Decoite Says:

    Maria- thanks so much for putting me into your top 20 list! I will Put a post up later today referring people to you blog.

  5. Lori Decoite Says:

    here you go Maria.. thanks again : )

  6. MaryLea (pink and green mama) Says:

    This is a great list — thanks so much for sharing!

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