Top 25 creative writing blogs for students

1. The Best Damn Creative-Writing Blog

It’s hard to argue with a name like that. You’ll find a diverse array of resources here on all aspects of writing, from the actual craft to marketing and publishing your work. There are a lot of articles about social networking and other new technology and how writers should (or shouldn’t) use these tools. There are interviews with published authors, information on grants, commentary on related news, suggested books, and much much more. This is a great resource for any writer!

2. Pimp My Novel

This blog’s author works in the sales department of a publishing house, and he offers feedback about what happens to novels after a book has been acquired. There are a lot of great tips here about how to succeed int he industry. There are discussions about voice, popular genres, deadlines, reputation, and more. This is a great insider’s look at the business side of writing!

3. Writer Unboxed

There are interviews with a wide variety of published authors here, as well as with professionals in the field such as literary agents. Discussions cover topics such as writing for adaptation, marketing your work, and other tips and tricks for improving your work.

4. Beyond the Margins

You’ll find a lot of great commentary and discussion here about all aspects of writing, including the “problem novel,” public relations, maneuvering radio interviews, finishing projects, and more. There are also a lot of resources and recommendations for products and books. You’ll even find some humor here to lighten the load when writing becomes too much.

5. Hunting the Muse

Aspiring writer Brady shares his thoughts on writing and the creative process on this blog. Recent discussions include the drive to create, how to best get to know your character, writer’s block, and description. The posts here are sure to get you thinking about your own writing process.

6. A Writer Afoot

Published writer Barbara Samuel O’Neal shares her experiences with writing — and some tips along the way. She shares writing prompts, advice, recommendations, and reviews. This is a great blog with a lot of insight into the workings of a published author.

7. Becoming a Writer — Seriously

This blog shares “tools and trade secrets for aspiring writers.” Among them, you’ll find recommendations for software, tools for handling documents, reviews, and more. This is a very practically minded, resource-rich site.

8. wordswimmer

Get a look into the mind of a writer and the writing process with this thoughtful, reflective blog. Most recent posts include Raising Expectations, Submerging Your Reader, and Before Jumping Into the Pool.

9. Writing Anything

This blog offers tips and inspiration for all writers. There are weekly writing prompts (Fiction Friday), regular self-editing tips, reviews on projects, discussion on techniques, motivating posts, and more.

10. Inky Girl

This blog offers “Daily diversions for writers” in the form of fun songs, videos, cartoons and more that writers will enjoy and appreciate. There are also occasional posts meant to motivate and inspire your writing.

11. Wow! Women on Writing

You’ll find daily tips and inspiration on this content- and resource-rich blog. There is also a quarterly writing contest, links to workshops and classes, a freelance job board, and links to other useful tools for writers.

12. Writer’s Write

This blog reviews and discusses trends and news that are pertinent to writers, including new books, film and television writing, media, and more. There are also links to jobs and classifieds, as well as other resources.

13. Writerly Life

This blog includes almost daily posts with writing tips, inspiration, reviews of books and writer resources, and more. The writer, a creative writing graduate student in New York, also shares her experiences and offers advice on getting published.

14. Write to Done

This blog offers a virtual writer’s toolbox of helpful tips and suggestions. Some recent posts include 5 Quick Start Tips to Help Improve Your Writing, What Batman Can Teach You About Proofreading, and Why You Should Shoot Adverbs on Sight.

15. The Urban Muse

Find lots of tips here for the business side of writing, including how to build an effective online portfolio, how to transform your blog into a book, managing queries, freelancing, and more.

16. Cute Writing

There is a lot of information on this blog about managing the technical side of writing, as well as online writing. There are reviews of software and other tools, advice for blog writing, and more.

17. Writing Forward

Grammar tips, writing advice, prompts, and more can all be found on this blog. There are a lot of writing exercises, and some are broken down according to genre or type. You can search the site or browse by category.

18. Creative Writing Contests

Find inspiration and motivation on this site, which frequently updates with creative writing contests. It also helps to pad that meager writer’s salary!

19. Ficticity

Ficticity is part blog, part collection of free online short stories from writer Tim Bennett, and part collection of writer’s tools, including a character name generator and a scenario generator. There are even book reviews.

20. Emerging Writers

This blog was established to develop a community of emerging writers, as well as readers of literary writing. There are discussions about new writing, as well as some shared pieces. This is a good blog to learn from other writers and what makes good writing.

21. Incurable Disease of Writing

In addition to the in-depth discussions about writing, there are also numerous resources on this blog. You’ll find writing prompts, interviews, reviews, inspiration and encouragement, information on publishing and marketing, information on screenwriting, and more.

22. Six Sentences

What can you say in six sentences? That is the challenge of this blog, which publishes submissions from writers of all types. Find your inspiration here, and see what you can do in six sentences.

23. Flogging the Quill

This is the blog of author Ray Rhamey, who wrote Flogging the Quill: Crafting a Novel that Sells. The blog regularly features the “Flogometer,” which asks readers to read the opening of a chapter or a book and then vote on whether they would want to turn the page and keep reading the book. There are great discussions here about what makes a compelling story and how to improve specific aspects of writing.

24. Time to Write

This blog shares tips, ideas, and inspiration for writers. There are great discussions her about finding your voice, taking risks in your writing, stretching your creativity, and more. There is even a 60-day Breakthrough Strategy program for struggling writers.

25. Daily Writing Tips

Get daily instruction on not only proper grammar and spelling, but also on proper language usage. The site provides nuanced discussions that go beyond definition to include connotation and intention of language. A great resource for all writers!

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9 Comments on “Top 25 creative writing blogs for students”

  1. Missy Says:

    I’m honored Incurable Disease of Writing is included among such wonderful writing resources. Thank you!

  2. Nichole Says:

    Thanks for including Beyond the Margins. When we started it 9 months ago, we had no idea it would take off so well. Readers should feel free to request article and essay topics and interviews. Good luck with your writing, all.

  3. Tony Cook Says:

    No mention of – an awful lot of students share their work with us!

  4. Mosacio Writing Says:

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  5. Judy Goldman Says:

    This is a great list — really glad to have it. I just started a writing blog (“Keep Writing”) and hope it’s not presumptuous of me to ask you to please check it out.

  6. Sarah Allen Says:

    I’ve just spent the last half an hour going through this list and adding the ones I haven’t already to my blog roll. Great stuff! Thank you so much for this, very much appreciated.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  7. dave tebbs Says:

    Hi – great stuff, thanks for the advice, I’m new to this and looking for some help. I’ve just started a blog

    it’s updated daily … thanks

  8. Miss GOP Says:

    Great list of resources–I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

    I’ve recently started my own blog that offers writing tips for students and other aspiring writers.


  9. Patricia Says:

    I like creative challenges as I only seem to work when I have a deadline. I’m part of a writing community and contest site and take part in the competitions as the prompts are challenging and stimulating – it’s so much easier to write if you have a title. It’s a great site if everyone wants to check it out – I put it above as my website but not sure if that shows so here it is again – Doing Halloween at the moment which is always fun!

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