Elementary Education Degrees

With the difficulty in finding jobs in today's market, many people are starting to explore other options. For some this means a career change, for others it may mean going back to school for further education. Since most people can't afford to go back to school full time without working, online degrees are becoming an increasingly popular and valid option to obtaining or furthering one’s education.

More and more people are turning to the field of education. Not only is teaching a stable job with great benefits such as insurance, time off, and retirement, but it is also a very rewarding career. The easiest way to enter the education field is through substitute teaching. However, the pay and benefits are significantly less than those of a full time teacher. A better way to get your foot in the door would be to pursue an elementary education degree online while substitute teaching. This will allow you to network with potential employers while ensuring that you are both marketable and qualified.

To be a public school teacher, you must be licensed. This usually requires that you first have a bachelor’s degree from completing an approved teacher education program. Private school vary in their requirements.

Mathematics, science, and bilingual educators are highly sought after especially in urban and rural school districts. Poorer schools in lower socio-economic areas are constantly searching for qualified teachers.

Benefits of online bachelors elementary education degrees:

  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Flexible scheduling

While online masters elementary education degrees are not necessary for licensure, they can improve job prospects. Online PhD elementary education degrees can help students qualify for postsecondary teaching positions as well.

Course Objectives:

With an elementary education degree, your online courses will focus on subjects such as: pedagogy, assessment, methodology, instruction, curriculum development, technology, and leadership as well as core subjects including mathematics, science, reading, language arts, and social studies.

As an elementary education degree student, you will focus on such skills as how to develop your students’ social, emotional and behavioral skills while expanding their knowledge and building their confidence. You will learn how to organize constructive and learning-centered classroom activities, effectively communicate with parents, develop core curriculum enhancements, monitor and evaluate student progress, and keep accurate records of student achievement.

Universities that Offer Elementary Education Degrees Online:

Grand Canyon University –Online- College of Education

B.S. Elementary Education

Liberty University

M.Ed English as a Second Language Education (K-12)
M.Ed English as a Second Language Specialist: Bilingual Education
M.Ed Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
M.Ed Education Leadership and Administration
M.Ed Elementary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
M.Ed Instructional Technology (K-12)

University of New England –Online

MS.Ed Curriculum and Instruction Strategies
MS.Ed Literacy (K-12)
MS.Ed Educational Leadership
MS.Ed Inclusion Education
MS.Ed Teaching Methodology
Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study Program in Education Leadership

University of Phoenix

AA Elementary Education
AA Paraprofessional Education
B.S. Education/Elementary Education
Certificate for California Teachers of English Learners
Certificate for Early Childhood Education Endorsement
M.A. Education/Administration and Supervision
M.A. Education/Curriculum and Instruction
M.A. Education/Curriculum and Instruction-Computer Education
M.A. Education/Curriculum and Instruction-English and Language Arts Education
M.A. Education/Curriculum and Instruction-English as a Second Language
M.A. Education/Curriculum and Instruction-Mathematics Education
M.A. Education/Early Childhood Education
M.A. Education/Special Education
Master of Health Administration/Health Care Education
Ph.D Higher Education Administration

University of Southern California – Rossier School of Education

M.A. Teaching and Teaching Credential Program
M.Ed School Counseling
M.Ed Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Ph.D Urban Education Policy
Ed.D Educational Leadership

Walden University

M.S. Education-Elementary Reading and Literacy (PK-6)
M.S. Education-Elementary Reading and Mathematics (K-6)
M.S. Education-Mathematics (K-5)

Western Governors University

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8)
B.A. Special Education (PK-12)
Endorsement Preparation Program in ELL (PK-12)
M.A. English Language Learning (PK-12)
M.A. Mathematics Education (K-6, 5-9, or 5-12)
M.A. Teaching (K-8)
M.Ed Learning and Technology
M.S. Special Education
Post-baccalaureate Teacher Prep Program (K-8)

How To Pay for Your Education:

Nearly every university is willing to work with you to help you accomplish your educational goals.

Talk to your university’s financial aide department to see which financial aide packages you qualify for. But don’t limit your efforts to your university. Search online and within your community in order to find businesses and organizations that give our scholarships. Apply for as many scholarships as you can and be sure to apply by the specified deadlines.

Job Opportunities:

You can work as a classroom teacher, teaching students a variety of subjects in a self-contained classroom or specializing in a specific subject area. You can teach teachers or serve as a counselor or administrator. Other positions such as librarian, reading specialist, instructional coordinator, curriculum developer, and mentor teacher are available. Once you start, there are many opportunities for professional development and advancement.


Teacher salaries vary according to the school district and your years of experience.

Teachers can always find ways to earn extra income through various means such as coaching sports, sponsoring extracurricular activities, teacher summer school classes, or acquiring additional certifications.

There’s No Time Like the Present:

Get your career on track now; don’t wait. Fit a quality education into your busy schedule by completing your elementary education degree online.