Philosophy Degrees

In our fast-paced society, it is hard to balance school in the midst of work and family commitments. More traditional and returning students are leaning towards earning their degrees online. While many generally think of online degrees as less prestigious as attending a physical university, web-based colleges offer many of the same courses and degrees at much more forgiving prices. Even the physical universities are beginning to understand the importance of accommodation and making it possible for their students to take their entire course load over the internet.

While it is common to find online degrees that cater to the math and science oriented mind, even philosophy courses are emerging on the scene. Here are a many of the frequently asked questions regarding online bachelors philosophy degrees and masters philosophy degrees.

What Kind of People Work for a Philosophy Degree?

Above all, philosophy majors must have a love for learning with an inquisitive nature. Unlike many math and science programs that focus on learning, understanding, and applying concrete facts, philosophy focuses on persuasion and critical thinking. Many also have a concern for human welfare and the well-being of the world with a pragmatic attitude.

What Do Philosophy Majors Do After Graduation?

This is a very ambiguous degree. Gone are the days of philosophers such as Socrates, but the need for their insight and knowledge still lives on. Many students who wish to live as a philosopher will turn to academics and become a professor of philosophy. Others will use their creative philosophical mind to make a living as a writer without a focus on philosophical topics. However, most will work corporate jobs such as in business management, law, and public service. The “think outside the box” mentality that goes hand in hand with philosophy graduates is extremely appealing to a company who wishes to make innovate moves ahead of their competition.

Will I Get the Desired Results from an Online Program?

If you are serious about continuing your education, you will learn everything you hoped for and more. However, if your goal in taking an online program is to “slack” by avoiding the classroom, you will be disappointed. While the online programs are designed to accommodate other commitments and lessen the burden of commuting, they take an increased level of dedication and self-reliance. If you complete your assignments, attend the online lectures, and take advantage of the help that is offered, you will walk away with an accredited degree and broadened horizons. You have the option of pursuing undergraduate degrees, like online associate philosophy degrees, and graduate degrees.

What is the Average Salary with a Philosophy Degree?

Because of the broad spectrum of jobs that can be obtained with a philosophy degree, this question is difficult to answer definitively. Those who enter the academic realm earn a median of $59,000 with the potential increase to over $90,000. The corporate sector often begins at $35,000 and increases with promotions. As with any career, the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. However, simply having a degree, no matter what its focus, will give you an edge up on the competition.

Where Can I Enroll in an Online Philosophy Program?

Grand Canyon University is an institution that offers online programs identical to the format of their traditional programs. The benefit to this unique combination is that you can perform all your studies from the privacy of your own home, but you also have the option to supplement your research and education with the advantage of the physical building. With over 200 locations across the country, chances are there is one you can reach. Their philosophy program extends to the doctoral level and is filled with professors and teaching aides that make the experience educationally satisfying and personally fulfilling.

Another approach is to find an online program that caters specifically to those in pursuit of a philosophy degree. The Pathways School of Philosophy provides distant learning from the International Society of Philosophers. ( While this school has the potential to provide more extensive materials and research, the fact that it is exclusive to philosophy and therefore less known make put you at a disadvantage when applying for a job with its degree. Just as you would visit and research a university before attending, research many and all prospective online schools.

Am I Limited to an Associate’s Degree in Philosophy if I Choose the Online Approach?

Absolutely not. Many online schools will offer at least degrees at the bachelor level, but more are offering master’s programs and doctorate programs. Finding an accredited online school or courses offered online from a traditional school will increase your potential for learning.

What is Taught in the Philosophy Program?

Philosophy is the oldest form of study and one of the first majors offered at major, long-standing universities. Most programs will begin with an introduction to the ancient philosophers and their teachings. From there on you will learn far eastern, German, and many other major philosophical movements. In addition, philosophical theories regarding metaphysics, ethics, existentialism, and more will be studied in depth. If you choose to continue your education past the bachelor’s degree, many graduate degree programs will focus on a specialized field such as medical ethics, political philosophy, or modern social philosophy.

How Long Does the Philosophy Program Take to Complete?

The length of time you spend on your education depends on what level you are trying to reach. An Associate of Arts program in philosophy will take two years. A bachelor’s degree will take 4 years to finish. You will need to spend two additional years in the program if you wish to obtain a master’s degree and three to five years after that if you enter into a doctoral program.

However, with the benefit of earning your degree online, these timeframes become foggy. If you chose to take few classes at a time, it may take longer, but in most cases, many general classes unrelated to philosophy can be avoided. This can turn a four year bachelor’s degree into a three year program if you take on a full load.

As stated earlier, we live in a fast-paced world. This makes it even more necessary to have a competitive edge that allows you to stand above the rest. Simply having that piece of paper will do, but a degree in philosophy further accentuates your strong mind and will to achieve.