Photography Degrees

Studying photography with an online degree course can lead to some exciting career opportunities and the freedom of self employment. It offers everyone from the serious amateur to total beginners a chance to develop individual style and creativity while ensuring a good grounding in the basics technicalities are mastered.

Online associate photography degrees suit students who wish to study photography in depth within their limitations on time and travel, since it is the most flexible way to achieve a qualification recognized worldwide without leaving your home.

As digital cameras have now become widely accessible, with prices dropping due to new technology and manufacturing techniques, the knowledge required to achieve stunning images is open to all.

Matching Photography Courses with Students

If fine art photography is your interest, the course you take needs to offer useful modules in that subject, as well as all the basic tutorials on technical expertise. Find out how to ask the right questions, before signing up.

Industry Based Courses

Many schools are gearing students to enter some aspect of the photography business, whether it is advertising, fashion, architectural or illustrative work. A wide variety of skills are taught in these courses, such as computer editing and photo manipulation using the latest software. They offer a good all round education for those seeking future employment as photographers.

Fine Arts Based Courses

For students studying without a definite work-orientated goal, just a wish to improve techniques and style, or those who are aiming at a degree as a starting point for collecting their portfolios and taking further courses of study, these degrees offer a different slant on photography.

Dark Room Courses

If learning to use traditional dark room and employing chemicals and using film are a must, it is suggested you check the course carefully to ensure this subject is covered,

Reviews of the Best Online schools for Photography

Of the online courses offered, how many offer the kind of knowledge that leads to the possible of self employment, or a top position in the fashion industry? These and more questions will be answered in this section.


The Art Institute of Pitsburgh

A thoroughly modern approach to all types of photography studies and related subjects, frequently updated with subjects in demand by the fashion and arts companies who employ their graduates.

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Careers Advice for Photography Graduates

Since most amateur photographers spend a good deal of leisure time out shooting, it makes sense to get formally qualified and see what the possibilities are for a career in the subject A well regarded photography mentor recently commented that the top galleries in NYC scout for new artists by combing the best graduate schools in the country. This may not be your eventual goal, but it is nice to know the qualification gains respect and promotes you in a career where so many do not have this advantage. This guide will look at career choices for graduates and realistic wages to show you what is possible.

Types of Careers using Photography

  • Advertising Photographer: Work for advertising agencies and companies on location and in the studio on commercial projects.
  • Architectural Photography: Historical and architecturally interesting buildings use photo documentation for records.
  • Camera Store Assistant or Owner: Work in an environment where you meet photographers, help them choose gear and try out the newest models of cameras on the market.
  • Commercial Photographer: A self employed position or one within a company working on a wide variety of projects.
  • Digital Photography Specialist: Using the newest photography software, incorporate photographs into graphics displays, designs for websites and become an expert on the authenticity of images.
  • Documentary Photography: record the history of news events and work with writers and publications.
  • Film Location Scout: travel to new and interesting locations to find the perfect spot for upcoming movie features.
  • Fine Arts Photography: Display your work in galleries and make a name for yourself.
  • Forensic or Crime Scene Photographer: Work alongside local authorities to document evidence.
  • Freelance Studio Photographer: Run your own studio serving the local community.
  • Location Photographer: Photographic work which offers the most freedom for travel and outdoors work.
  • Industrial Photographer: photograph products, locations, buildings and processes for industrial companies.
  • Local Government Photographer: A wide range of work is covered by local government staff photographers who may work in or out of the office.
  • Medical Photographer: Document the progress of patients.
  • News Photographer: Exciting and varied work on the move.
  • Passport Photographer: A job requiring people skills, to produce the best results.
  • Photo Blogger: A combination of journalistic and photographic shills.
  • Photo Restore and Retouch Artist: restore precious memories to photographs which have been damaged or aged badly. Transform images using computer software.
  • Photographic Laboratory Technician: Learn the secrets of the darkroom to discover why film is still a treasured medium.
  • Photography Teacher: Teach the skills you have acquired to develop the style and ability of new photographers.
  • Portrait Photographer: Meet people from all walks of life, get to know them and produce images capturing the essence of their personalities.
  • Scientific Photographer: Produce photographs that are used for technical journals in a range of interesting work.
  • Sports Photographer: Shoot the stars at their best on track and field, cover local matches and press conferences.
  • Stock Photographer: Produce images needed for advertising, internet sites or to be embossed on products and sold as prints.
  • Top Fashion Photography: Explore the cutting edge of fashion.
  • Travel Photographer: An excellent chance to travel widely while taking photographs of exotic locations.
  • Wedding and Engagement Photographer: Work with wedding planners and families to produce a record of their special days.
  • Wildlife and Nature Photographer: Stalk and photograph animals, and areas of natural beauty. This may involve travel to locations both domestic and international.

Potential Earnings for Photographers

The average wage for those working in the photography business was over $35,000 in the year 2008, according to government records. Self employed and part-time photographers accounted for more than half of these statistics, so the wages for new photographers are typically slightly higher than those quoted, and for photographers working inside a company, from $55,000 to $85,000.

Self Employed Photographers

Income for the self employed depends on how well you market your services. Maintaining a well designed website is essential and well worth the small expense to have a professionally made one optimized for search engine promotion, via SEO expert advice. Membership of all the top social media sites and a Blog commenting on your latest projects and offering samples will get your name onto the widest possible market in a way no other advertising medium can. Skills that range from formal photography to editing and image manipulation will offer more services, in packages, for example. Finding and keeping up good business relationships with local traders who provide complimentary services such as wedding planners, caterers, entertainers and any who may wish to trade business cars with you will greatly increase your flow of work.

Careers Advancement for Photographers

Those working within a company may rise through the ranks to become heads of departments and enter managerial positions. They may also be available for teaching positions at local universities, sit on panels of judges for photography competitions, and serve as officers in professional associations. Senior photographers are much sought after as mentors for those just starting out. Many participate in schools, online or bricks and motor establishments, to share their experience and skills. There is no required retirement age, since photography is an art that may be practiced well at any age.