Teaching Degrees

One of the most important professions available to college graduates today, teaching is a rewarding career that is always in demand. Even in economic recessions, teachers at all levels are still needed, and because economic recessions mean a greater focus on education, teachers occasionally avoid the layoffs that professionals in other jobs may experience. But most people choose to enter the field of teaching because they want to make a difference and have a desire to impact the lives of students. From teaching in a traditional elementary school, middle school, or high school to teaching at the college level, or working in a specialized instruction area, an online teaching degree may help you achieve your dream of becoming a teacher by offering you not only the professional accreditation necessary, but also the skills and knowledge to help you excel in your field.

What will I learn with an online teaching degree?

Whether you choose to attend a traditional college or to get your degree online, the types of courses that you are required to take are similar. However, getting an online teaching degree can offer you more flexibility. Instead of sitting in physical classes, you'll get the information you need through your computer. This allows you to continue to work full time or raise a family.

The course material for an online teaching degree, however, does vary significantly based on what area of teaching you want to pursue. If you want to be an elementary teacher, for instance, you will be required to take classes that are different from the courses that high school math teachers or special education teachers complete. However, your classes at any level will consist of a combination of subject matter classes—or courses that help you understand what you want to teach—and teaching classes—or courses that teach you how to interact with students, develop curriculum, etc. Many education programs, however, require that you demonstrate proficiency in all academic areas; this is especially true for elementary education majors. Often, this means getting a "B” or above in core classes like writing, math, and science.

Another important aspect of your online teaching degree is the teacher's examination. In order to teach in a public school in the United States, most states require that you undergo certification. Generally, teacher certification includes undergoing a qualified teaching program, student teaching, and passing a teacher's examination. In 45 states and some other regions in the United States, the PRAXIS examination is given as the teacher's certification examination. Currently, there are three PRAXIS tests, but the number of tests that a potential teacher has to take is determined by the subject matter and grade level he or she wishes to teach. An online teaching degree not only gives you the tools you will need to become a qualified teacher, but also the information you'll have to have in order to pass the teacher's examination.

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Online Associate Teaching Degrees

Online teaching degrees at the associates level take less time to complete. If you desire a career as a teacher's aide or early childhood educator, such as a preschool teacher or childcare worker, an associates degree cold be all the education that you need. However, K-12 educators in public schools are required by most states to have completed at least a bachelor's degree. While associates degrees in K-12 education are available, they are often meant as preparatory classes for a bachelor's program. Online teaching degrees at the associates level may open up doors for individuals who want to work in a preschool, private school, child care center, or public school as a paraprofessional.

Online Bachelors Teaching Degrees

By pursuing an online teaching degree at the bachelor's level, you are preparing yourself for teacher certification in most states, as this degree is part of the certification process. You can earn a bachelor's degree in early childhood education, secondary education, special education, and a variety of related fields. Most school administrators, including principals, hold at least bachelor's degrees in education, according to Education Portal. Traditionally, individuals who want to become teachers have obtained bachelor's degrees and finished the certification process through student teaching and passing the teacher's examination. Bachelor's degrees also set the foundation for online masters teaching degrees.

Master's and PhD Online Teaching Degrees

Whether you're currently working as a teacher or education professional or you have a bachelor's degree in another field and want to move into the education arena, a higher-level degree in teaching offers many opportunities. Online teaching degrees at the Master's level are often necessary for individuals who want to become principals, school counselors, and other administrators. Master's degrees in specialized areas like special education, speech and language pathology, and curriculum development may also be quite useful for the teacher who wants to move to the highest ranks of educator. Often, teachers with a great deal of teaching experience choose to get their master's degrees in order to receive a pay raise or receive consideration for a promotion. On the other hand, professionals who would like to teach in the area that they are practicing—like lawyers, statisticians, and writers—may choose to opt for a master's degree rather than a second bachelor's.

Where can I look for online teaching degrees?

Today, there are many opportunities for individuals to earn their teaching degrees online. However, it is important that you choose an accredited online school to receive your degree. The following are a list of some online schools that offer accredited programs in teaching and education-related professions.

University of Phoenix
Not only is this school the largest online university, but it was also the first school to offer complete degrees over the web, according to the Guide to Online Schools. It offers associates, bachelor's, master's, and PhD programs in teaching and education-related fields. You can learn more about the University of Phoenix here.

Liberty University
A Christian faith-based online school, Liberty University's courses are accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Since 1985, the school has been offering distance education, and today's students can receive online teaching degrees from the associate's to the PhD level at Liberty. The school, located at 1971 University Boulevard in Lynchburg, Virginia can be reached online.

Purdue University Global
With locations across the country, Purdue University Global allows both online and on-campus study. Offering both associates and master's courses, Purdue University Global also has programs for individuals interested in receiving a master's degree in higher education studies. The career-focused program offers opportunities for individuals who are already teaching in the classroom and those who aspire to be through the master's programs. Associates degrees are offered for teacher's aide and early childhood education programs. Although the university has multiple physical locations, they can be reached at 866-971-TIME and clicking here.

From associates degrees to prepare you for an online teaching degree at the bachelor's level to a PhD in teaching or an education-related field, there are many options available for individuals interested in teaching and education. Luckily, many of these options are online, so you can get your degree around your other obligations. The most difficult part of obtaining a teaching degree online, however, is choosing the online teaching degree you want to pursue. With everything from K-12 degrees to specialized degrees in a subject area or aspect of education, you will want to choose a goal before picking a program!