The Top 25 Librarian Blogs

1. Never Ending Search — Winner of the “Best Librarian Blog” category for the 2009 Edublog Awards, this blog-version of the School Library Journal updates librarians and book geeks with social networking tips and interesting literature-related videos. SLJ is internationally known as "the world's largest reviewer of books, multimedia, and technology” for youth.

2. Bright Ideas —  Runner-up for the “Best Librarian Blog” award, this blog is written by the School Library Association of Victoria, and educates readers on how to use technology in schools and libraries.  Also included on the site are various audio tools, and book reviews.

3. The Daring Librarian — This blog was the second runner-up as the “Best Librarian Blog” for the 2009 Edublog Awards. Posts are unique, colorful, and entertaining, and cover all aspects of librarian issues such as technology news and tips, Facebook, Twitter, and politics.

4. The Dewey Blog — Yes, there is even a blog dedicated to Dewey Decimal Classification systems. Readers get weekly updates on how to catalog certain book items on library shelves. You can’t get more librarian than this!

5. No Shelf Required — Blogger Sue Polanka from Ohio's Wright State University Libraries writes specifically on the use of e-books in libraries, and discusses various related issues such as licensing, and the latest business models.

6. Social Networking in Libraries — This blog is packed full of lists, videos, and technology facts comprised by librarian/network marketer AnnaLaura Brown. Some of the posts include "50 Ways Librarians Can Make A Living Without a Job,” and "A to Z of Libraries of the Future.”

7. Peter Scott's Library Blog —  Authors, books, international libraries, and technology news are only some of the post topics included on this blog. Author Peter Scott is not only the creator of the first electronic browser for Internet resources (HYTELNET), he is also a musician and Juno Award winner.

8. Resource Shelf — These daily posts are dedicated to the latest in librarian news, statistics, and topics concerning budgeting and staffing issues, and technology. The group of authors who write on this blog also produce a weekly newsletter.

9. What I Learned Today —  Coined as one of the Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers for 2007, author/writer/library association member Nicole C. Engard educates readers on librarian issues, and provides weekly updates on the latest in news and technology.

10. The Travelin' Librarian — Although this blog focuses on various issues and topics concerning the future of libraries, such as copyright laws and technology, author Michael Sauers, who is the Technology Innovation Librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission, still manages to make his posts personal and entertaining by including comics, pictures, and videos.

11. The Law Librarian Blog — This blog is written by a group of authors who are employed in a variety of librarian fields. Posts are based more on statistical facts and polls, with a specific focus on law.

12. The Association for Library Service to Children Blog — Humorous, entertaining, and also informative, posts on the blog are dedicated to the latest in library news, lectures, and programs. The ALSC serves as a network of more than 4,200 librarians, children’s literature experts, publishers, and faculty members.

13. Library Link of the Day — The main page may not look like much, but each day the author posts one link to a book or library news article in a simple, yet unique format. Blogger John Hubbard is a Senior Academic Librarian at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

14. Library Garden — This blog is a great discussion medium for those who feel flustered about the future of libraries. Topics can be political, (such as the latest in budget cuts), and also cover the latest in technology issues concerning eBooks and iPads.

15. In the Library with the Leadpipe —  Full of interviews, statistics, and information, readers of this blog can get educated on various political and technological issues affecting the future of libraries. The blog is written by six different librarians as well as various guest authors.

16. A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette —  These posts range from how prepare for job interviews, comical tips on how to keep your library quiet, or how to entertain your students. (For instance, if students are drifting off during your library instruction class, the blogger suggests that you can always "lower the lights, turn up the heat, and consider getting a mentor to coach you through the intricacies of mass education.”

17. Tame the Web — This blog serves as an educational tool for librarians itching to learn more about the latest in librarian and technology news.  The posts are interactive, informative, and entertaining, and various pictures and videos are included in the content.

18.  Librarian By Day — Both informative and entertaining, this blog is authored by librarian/teacher/book nerd Bobbi L. Newman. Newman has presented at various local, national, and international library conferences concerning the use of digital services in libraries.

19. TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home — With a specific focus on technology and ebooks, this blog is a great site for those who want to learn more about technology, and how it is changing the future of libraries. The blog's history goes back all the way to 1992, and posts are written by a number of different authors.

20. The Blah, Blah, Blah Blog —  Posts on this blog tends to have more of a focus Florida libraries because it is written by the staff of the Northeast Florida Library Information Network. However, this blog is still a great resource for any American librarians who want to get the latest updates on workshops, seminars, and webinars.

21.  Closed Stacks — Posts on this blog are as entertaining as they are informative. Written by a group of bloggers who all work in the librarian field, posts tend to have more of a focus on the latest in technology and social media news, such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

22. Handheld Librarian — This blog educates readers on the latest in “handheld” computer news, as well as a number of different issues concerning the future of libraries. The several authors of this blog work in various library-related fields, so the post topics are diverse and can range from digital libraries and librarian tips, to iPads and iPhones.

23. The Shifted Librarian — This blog is full of interesting history facts, related librarian articles as well as some personal pictures.

24. Connie Crosby — Authored by a Canadian law librarian and “info diva,” posts range from social media topics, legal research, and technology issues. This blog won a Canadian Law Blog Award in 2008, and was also a finalist for the same award in 2007 and 2009.

25. David Lee King — With more of a personal edge, David Lee King’s blog focuses on the future of digital technology and libraries, as well as the latest news, statistics, and trends in social media and politics. King currently works as a Digital Branch and Services Manager at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, but he is also a musician and songwriter.