Top 10 gifted education blogs

The need for gifted teachers is all over the U.S and other countries as well. Read on to find some of the best gifted education blogs out there.

1. High Ability

The Ohio Association of Gifted Children manages this blog, which offers ideas and information for teachers and guardians of gifted and high ability children. There are also sections that discuss advocacy for gifted children, testing, and social networking. Recent posts discuss current events, possible curriculum revisions, pedagogy and grading.

2. Ingeniosus

Ingeniosus, in Oregon is a company that offers consulting, seminars, and more for educators and organizations serving gifted students. This blog shares some of that expertise. Posts include discussions about best practices, social networking, professional development, and more. There are also links to numerous resources and tools, according to type and subject. This is a great resource-rich blog!

3. Teach a Gifted Kid

This teacher blog includes thoughtful discussions about gifted education and the needs of gifted children. Some notable recent posts include If We Identify Gifted, We Must Support Them, When Was the Last Time You Thought About Your Educational Philosophy?, and Notes fromt he TAGT Conference '09.

4. Gifted Exchange

This blog shares information about gifted education and current events, and aims to foster discussion that changes "American education for the better.” Discussions at times share opinion, pose questions, and offer ideas for educational practice. There are also links to useful resources.

5. Gifted Parenting Support

The author of this blog is a gifted-education consultant. Posts offer in-depth discussions about gifted education and advocacy, and how best to meet the needs of gifted children. Some notable recent posts include Thinking About Thinking, To Group or Not to Group…That is No Longer the Question!, and Returning Creativity and Innovation to America's Classrooms.

6. The Gifted Kids Network

There are lots of great resources on this site — including useful links, classes, tools for students and teachers, and more. There are also ideas for activities, links to lesson plans, and discussions about current events. Here's another great resource-rich blog!

7. Prufrock's Gifted Child Information Blog

This useful blog combines thoughtful discussions about gifted education with links to relevant news articles, teachers tools, and other resources. There are some great games, activities, and lessons for specific subjects, as well as general tools and resources for the gifted student or teachers in the gifted classroom.

8. Irish Gifted Education Blog

Though this blog is based in Ireland — and focuses a lot of discussion on the Irish education system — there is still a lot of great information here for all parents and teachers of gifted children, no matter where they live. Two mothers of gifted children write this blog. Some recent posts include discussions about parental roles, the outcomes of gifted children when they become adults, creativity, and using social media.

9. A Gifted Journey

Kathee Jones, a Colorado mother of three gifted children, shares her experiences and thoughts about gifted education. Some notable recent posts include Where There's Smoke… and Apoxyomenos and the Lesson of Biomineralization.

10. Gifted Phoenix's Blog

Gifted Phoenix is consultant based in the United Kingdom. "This blog is based on the following three principles: Gifted and talented education is a global issue, gifted and talented educators can learn much from other countries, and other countries can learn from the UK’s experience in gifted and talented education.” Posts often analyze educational issues according to country, and discuss the ways that they are related internationally.