Top 10 social studies/history blogs for teachers

1. HistoryTech

This blog is an offshoot of Social Studies Central, and it discusses social studies and history, ways to integrate technology and other topics of interest. Notable recent posts include Conflict History: Your One-Stop Shops for Battle Info, Tip of the Week: Lectures in 60 Seconds, and Open Content: Why are We Here?

2. History is Elementary

This blog is for "history teachers and anyone who enjoys reading about history and history education.” There are numerous useful links and resources for teachers, and posts are easily navigated by category. Some top-rated posts include Writing Across the Curriculum Using the American Revolution, Sex in the Classroom, and Razzle Dazzle and All That Jazz.

3. Social Studies and History Teacher's Blog

Superman, Frederick Douglass, and FDR all make an appearance on this blog, which uses video clips, cartoons, articles, and more to facilitate discussions about history. Posts are accompanied by additional resources relevant to the discussion, including articles and games for use in class. Other resources include discussion guides, powerpoint presentations, lesson plans, and more.

4. Teaching the Civil War with Technology

Lesson plans, videos, links and other resources can all be found on this blog to help teachers use technology to teach The Civil War. The blog is easily navigated by category, and there is an option for searching by keyword. Some popular posts include Hearing the Music of the Civil War, Civil War Infographics, and Health and Medicine During the Civil War

5. Speaking of History

Eric Langhorst, an eighth-grade history teacher, runs this blog, which offers discussions about history, technology, and education in general. There are podcasts, lesson plans, videos, links, resources, and more.

6. American Cultures 2.0

Art Titzel is an eighth-grade American Cultures teacher, and on his blog, he discusses "the nexus of technology and the teaching of American history at the Middle School level.” He discusses pedagogy and teaching trends, and shares resources and ideas. This is a good blog to start professional discussion among teachers.

7. The History Teacher's Attic

This blog covers "high and low tech in the social studies classroom.” Teachers can find resources, lesson plans, ideas, and more according to the categories "high tech,” "low tech,” "no tech” and more. Other topics of interest include American History, Digital Humanities, Education Technology, European History, Historical Technology, Maps and Geography, and more.

8. The History Channel This is Not…

Nate Kogan shares his thoughts on teaching history, research, and education. Notable recent posts include The "You Can Lead a Horse…” Idiom Applied to Social Media in the Classroom, Bringing a "Sacrificial Lamb” Into the Classroom, and SWBATs Finalized.

9. Viva la Historia

This blog is a class project for an eighth-grade American Cultures class. According to the blog, "The focus of the blog is to extend student thinking and writing beyond the classroom, and to share what we are doing in class with the world.”

10. World History Teachers Blog

A group of high-school world history teachers created this blog to share useful links, articles, educational blogs and more. There are also videos, reviews of products and services, thoughtful discussions, and more.