Top 100 classroom blogs


2, 4, 6, 8, Meet Me at the Garden Gate — Mrs. McMahon has been teaching Kindergarten for nearly 15 years, and uses her blog to document the daily activities and projects in her classroom. Recommended posts: "A fun little site…” and "The Annual Kindergarten Poppy Count….

Heidisongs Resource — "My students only participate 'remotely,' since they are the subjects of the blog! But they do know about it,” explains Heidi Butkus. (Heidi teaches a kindergarten class in La Verne, California and has been blogging since 2008). "Sometimes I tell them I want to take their picture so that I can put it on my website, but that's about it. I do get permission from their parents to put their pictures or video clips on my website.” Recommended posts: "What’s Working: Week Seven” and "Get Ready For The Holidays! — Week 14.”

Kinder Clips — This classroom blog is full of educational resources such as reading materials, video games, as well as math exercises for kindergarteners and/or kindergarten teachers. Recommended posts: "Counting Backwards!” and "Z,Z,Zebras!

Lil' Country Kindergarten — "Lil' Country Kindergarten is a website devoted to early childhood educators,” writes Marlana Howerton, a Kindergarten teacher who also works as a contributing writer for the Mailbox magazine. "This site was developed to assist teachers in finding resources quickly and inexpensively.” Some of the many categories on this blog include "Kindergarten Handbook,” "Teacher Resources,” and "Word Wall Activities.”  Recommended posts: "Oceans in December” and "Printable Reading Chart.”

Mrs. Pearce's "I Can, You Can, Toucan” Classroom —  Although her students do not participate in the blogging process because of their age, "they do inspire every single post!” writes Jan Pearce. Mrs. Pearce's kindergarten class is from Crawfordville, Florida, and she has been blogging  for the past four months. Recommended posts: "I is for Ice Cream” and "T is for…….a Terrific Time with our Teddies!

Mrs. Poulin's Blog — Gail Poulin is a kindergarten teacher who lives in Southampton, Massachusetts, and has been blogging in her classroom for three years. "In the spring, I will introduce the students to,” she stated. "They will write a few very simple posts. The blogs will only be shared with the parents in the class. My purpose is to apply the writing skills they have been working on in class, to use a keyboard to write their text, to open their writing up to a review by 'friendly' readers, and to write for a new purpose.”  Recommended posts: "Our Own Hero – Lance Corporal Brett Bergeron!” and "New VoiceThread Project!

Under the Apple Tree —  Janet Dickens has been blogging for the past five years, and although her students don't participate in the blogging process because of their age, their daily activities are documented on the blog so their parents can check out their progress. Recommended posts: "Nov. Book It Club” and "The Pumpkin Patch.”


Mr. C's Class Blog — Some of the many resources on this classroom blog include math help websites, Flickr photo albums, surveys, Storyboards, and much more. Recommended posts: "Separating Salt and Water” and "Fifth Grade Cell Models.”

Mrs. Chiavarini's Class Blog — This 5th grade teacher from Dover, Massachusetts posts study guides for her students as well as her curriculum and classroom/homework expectations. Recommended posts: "You are the Historian” and "5th Grade Word Parade- Mrs. Chiavarini’s Class.”

C-O Connections "The students now participate fully in the blogging process from posting, commenting, and adding media,” explains Pam Cranford, a 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teacher in White Oak, Texas. "The first year we designed t-shirts and wore them every Thursday as it was declared as Blogging Thursday. The one thing that helped to motivate the students to blog in the beginning was the Blog Challenge sponsored by Sue Wyatt and Sue Waters….After returning from TCEA in February, 2009, we started the first classroom blog on our campus. Now only two years later, every classroom has followed our lead.” Recommended posts: "Blog Challenge#7” and "Sssssss….Snakes!

Mrs. Daugherty's Fifth-Grade Class Blog — Mrs. Daughtery's class is from Alpharetta, Georgia, and she has been blogging in her classroom for the past three years. "My students answer the blog weekly and they participate in blogging challenges, she explains. "I teach them to post on other student’s blogs and they have to comment on each other’s blogs.” Recommended posts: "Digital Footprint” and "Student Blogging Challenge #2!

Denton Dynamos Discussions — Formerly known as Collaborative Chat, this blog was nominated for the Edublog "Best Class Blog” award in 2009.  Lisa Parisi, a 5th grade teacher from Herricks, New York, has been blogging in her classroom since April 2007 and also writes her own educational blog, Lisa's Lingo. Recommended posts: "Demonstrate Your Knowledge” and "Why is Reading Important?

East Dragon Den — This site received two nominations as "Best New Blog” and "Best Class Blog” for the 2009 Edublog Awards. Two separate classrooms at an elementary school Littleton, Colorado use this blog, and the students are encouraged to participate in the blogging process. Recommended posts: "Science: Animal Adaptations” and "Essay Intro.”

The Electronic Pencil — This classroom blog is a "sixth grade writing workshop weblog” so students in Kevin Hodgson's (AKA "Mr. H's”) class  can share their projects and writing assignments. There are also numerous categories on the site such as "Art Tools,” "Crazy Dictionary,” and "Current Events/News.” Recommended posts: "A Search Story for your Adventure Story” and "Vehicles of the Future Voicethread, Period One.”

The GATErs' Blog —  "I teach the Gifted and Talented students in 4th-6th grade (about 100 students),” writes Stephanie Ibrahim, from Southern California. "I pull each grade for 1 hour a week. The blog is a major means of communication between the students, their regular teacher, administration and parents.” Recommended posts: "Defining Global Warming Terms” and "Time to Email your EPal!!

Mrs. Harju’s Classroom Blog — "Our classroom blog is a peek into our classroom for parents, grandparents, friends, and other teachers and classrooms around the world,” writes Patti Harju. (Patti teaches a 2nd grade class in East Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been blogging since March of 2007). "The students are very willing and excited participants in the blogging process. Blog posts are written in a variety of ways. Some posts are teacher written, highlighting an event or project in the classroom. Some posts are a class collaboration. For student written blog posts, the students work in small groups, and together they decide what to write. They write in a special notebook with a cool marker, and this is then typed on the class blog. In the beginning, I do the typing, and as the students are more capable, they do the typing. Images and videos are included when possible or appropriate…In addition to the class blog, the students have their own individual blogs. Here the students write blog posts, add illustrations, comment on classmates' blogs, and receive comments on their own blog.” (To check out their classroom wiki click here). Recommended posts: "Learning About South America” and "Poland Skype Chat.”

Ms. Kreul's Class Blog — Ms. Kreul teaches a grade 4 class in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, and has been blogging in her classroom since 2004. "Students contribute to the blog with a variety of entries including book reviews, articles about their classes, podcasts (poetry, music, book reviews), poetry, reports, photos, and various types of entries connected to telecollaborative projects they participate in,” she writes. Recommended posts: "Richards School Song” and "The Little Prince Wallwisher.”

Miss Lee's 4th Grade Blog — This 4th grade class is from Arlington Heights, Illinois, and their teacher (Anny Lee) has been blogging in her classroom for the past three years. "My students each have their own blogs,” she explains. "They post their work and write reflections on their learning.” Recommended posts: "Directions for Making Keynote Presentations into Quicktime Movies” and "Favorite Toy Election Results.”

Mrs. Levy's First Grade Class — Susan Levy, a 1st grade teacher in Calabasas, California, has been blogging for nearly two years and encourages her students to write posts and comments on her classroom blog. Additionally, Mrs. Levy posts videos, photo slideshows, and voice threads and the blog serves as a penpal communication board between her class and their high school penpals. Recommended posts: "Mondrian” and "Quality Comments.”

Patterson's Pack — "I am a first grade teacher in Virginia with a love for technology,” explains Mrs. Patterson on her site.  "We have also started a WIKI PAGE…Each kid has their own page that they can publish on, do homework on, and communicate with each other.” Recommended posts: "Songs Make Learning Fun!” and "If You’re a Monster and You Know It! By Patterson’s Pack

Mr. Salsich's Class — "This is my second full year of blogging in the classroom,” explains Jonah Salsich, a 3rd grade teacher in Stonington, Connecticut. "The students help with post ideas, adding content through voicethread projects, and especially through comments.” Recommended posts: "Similes, Synonyms, and Snowballs” and "Describing Feelings.”

School is Cool — This blog is for a 3rd grade classroom in Cordova, Tennessee, and it was created so the students can share their daily learning activities and classroom projects with friends and family. Recommended posts: "Can Mr. White’s Magnets Solve My Problem?” and "Multiplication Madness!!!

Tech-Taters — "[The students] write nearly all of the posts, and read and respond to comments,” writes Katy Gartside, a 5th grade teacher from New York City who has been blogging in her classroom for the past two years. "Some of my students are working on getting their blogging license to get their own blog.” Recommended posts: "Short Story – Anya & Kalik” and "Author David Getz.”

What Happened Today? —  "This is my third year of blogging,” writes Kelly Alford, a 3rd grade elementary school teacher in Goodrich, Michigan. "It started out with the reading response blog that we have, then I started our class blog that you have seen, last year we blogged with other schools about the rainforest, and this year I started the student blog pages.” Recommended posts: "The Principal’s New Clothes: A Lesson in realtionships and Measurement” and "Science Alive.”

Wojtera's Words — Carolyn Wojtera teaches a group of 1st graders from Radford, Virginia, and encourages her students to participate on their classroom blog. "[It's] more teacher-generated at beginning of the year, more student-generated as year goes on,” she explains. Recommended posts: "Tally Tables and Graphs” and "Safety Day at School.”

Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog — If you are a teacher who is still learning how to blog in the classroom, then check out this popular, award-winning site site for guidance and inspiration. "I currently teach third grade, but have taught combination classes and fifth grade for many years,” writes Mrs. Yollis on her blog. "Working alongside parents to bring out the best in their children gives me great satisfaction.” Recommended posts: "Link to Recording of the UGP Presentation!” and "Where is Nonno? Cisternino, Puglia, Italy.”

Elementary/Primary — International

2010 AllStars — The 2010 AllStars are a classroom of 10, 11, and 12-year-olds from Sydney, Australia who use their blog to "share their learning with family [and] friends.” There are also numerous websites listed on the blog which include articles on Cyber safety, as well as a list of other Australian classroom blogs. Recommended posts: "Oil and Water Don’t Mix!” and "Harry Potter Portraits.”

2KJ @ Leopold Primary School! — "We have made this blog to share all of the fun and exciting things that happen in our grade,” writes Miss Kelly Jordan on her site. "A blog is like an online journal and we will be sharing our achievements, news, photos and special events through our blog.” Recommended posts: "The World Oceans” and "Skyping with the Techie Kids!

2KM @ Leopold Primary School! — Kathleen McGeady teaches at an elementary school in Victoria, Australia, and this past month her classroom participated in the Ugandan Project to help raise money for a Primary school in Uganda, Africa. Miss McGeady also writes her own blog: "Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom.” Recommended posts: "Skyping the Davey Kids and Their Chicks!” and "Mrs Murphy’s Visit to Uganda.”

The 3S Blog Dogs — "The students produce all of the content — writing, videos, web2 tools, artworks, etc.” explains Mitchell Squires, a 3rd grade teacher from Epping, Sydney, Australia who has been blogging since February 2010.  "Also, every student in my class has their own blog — seen in our blogroll.” Recommended posts: "BigHugeLabs” and "Joblers.”

40Q's Blog — "[My students] currently participate in shared writing of the posts, and sometimes write their own posts in Google docs which I copy to the blog,” writes Oliver Quinlan, a teacher in Birmingham, UK, who has been blogging since September 2009. "They all participate regularly through comments on the blog.” Recommended posts: "Modern Art to Music” and "Origami Projects.”

4CJ's Class Blog — This classroom blog is essentially a resource guide so students can learn more about educational subjects like science, history, art, geography, and much more. Recommended posts: "Our T-Shirt Powerpoints!” and "Spanish Zoo Animals.”

6SS@NIST — Some of the many categories on this classroom blog are "Word of the Day,” "Thought for the Day,” "Science News,” "Sports News,” and "Infographics.” Recommended posts: "Homework: The World When You Were a Zygote” and "How has Thailand changed?

Mr. Baldock's Class Blog — Scott Baldock has been blogging in his classroom since August 2010, and teaches a Year 3 class in Adelaide, South Australia. "It is a team effort, but I give the students most of the responsibility for contributing to the blog,” he explains. Recommended posts: "What does it take to become a Saint?” and "Homework Sheet: Week 3 Term 4.”

Class 5's Blog — From Nottinghamshire, England, this primary classroom blog updates students and their parents with various school activities and events. Recommended posts: "Time Activities” and "Fangs, Claws, Teeth!

Climb High! — Cathy Bulger,  a 3rd grade teacher from Comox, Canada has been blogging in her classroom for the past two years. Her students actively participate in the blogging process, and their blog is actually the "sister” site to Huzzah! Recommended posts: "Our Awesome Sailing Adventure” and "Our Mt. Everest Certificate

Creative Voice -"My students participate in the blogging process,” explains Joy Paton, a 2nd grade teacher from Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand who has been blogging for the past two years. "They create the content with me such as movies, podcasts, Voice Threads etc. They also make comments to other students in the class on their work as well as to other classes within our cluster.”  Recommended posts: "Something from Nothing” and "Photos from the Statistics lesson.”

English with Rosa — "I teach English as a foreign language to 12 groups of different ages: 4th — 5th and 6th grade of Infants (3 — 4 and 5 year-olds) and 6th grade of Primary (11 — 12 year-olds),” writes Rosa Fernández Sánchez, who teaches in A Coruña, (located in the northwest of Spain), and has been blogging for the past two years. "Only my 6th graders (11-12 year-olds) [participate in the blogging process]. They write comments, participate in quizzes, surveys, make suggestions…And this year we've created their own blog, where only they can write.” Recommended posts: "Saint Andrew's Day” and "European Day of Languages.”

Into the Wild —  Sabrina De Vita is an English teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and uses her classroom blog to document her animal/wildlife classroom project. Recommended posts: "Our Final Creations!” and "Animal Riddles.”

IST Grade 2 —  "I have been blogging for a few years. However, I started the IST Grade 2 grade team blog last year (2009-10 school year),” explains Mikey McKillip, ICT Coordinator/Technology Integration Coach for the International School of Tanganyika in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. "I use this blog as a model for our other grade teams and specialists at IST to see how a classroom/grade team blog can enhance communication and highlight student learning…Students work collaboratively to create posts. Students work with teachers to create content (words, pictures, audio/video, etc). Students often write about projects, explaining the process and reflecting on learning through posting and comments.” Recommended posts: "A Visit With Mr. Mikkel” and "Maasai Visit.”

Look What’s Happening in Room 102! — This class of 1st graders from Quebec, Canada started off their Kindergarten year speaking only French, but now use their blog to practice their English skills. Mary Ellen Lynch uses her blog to share with family, friends, and the world what they are doing in the classroom. "The children have an authentic audience to share their work with,” she explains. "They try harder knowing others will see what they are doing. We also learn from others across the globe by visiting other blogs, learning about resources, commenting and skyping. Blogging is so much fun.” Recommended posts: "Creature ABC Voice Thread” and "Our Hopes and Dreams.”

Middle Learning Unit BPS —  As stated on their website: "We are using this blog to document the lead up to moving in and informing the world about other exciting things we do at our school.” Recommended posts: "New Mystery Pic winner and Week 7 winner!” and "Minute To Win It Challenges!

Moturoa's Blog — This blog is for a class of Year 4 students in Nelson, New Zealand,  who also host their own podcast series as well. Recommended posts: "Fireworks Go Boom” and "Typing.”

Mrs. Nessman's Grade Ones —  "Our class consists of 23 enthusiastic and talented Grade 1 children,” writes Mrs. Nessman on her blog. "This blog was started to provide a showcase for student writing and art work and to provide school to home communication.” Recommended posts: "Helping your Child with Reading” and "The Alphabet Jive.”

Room 230's Blog — "Miss B.” teaches a grade 5 class in Bangkok, Thailand, and encourages her students to participate and comment on their classroom blog, as well as write for their own individual blogs. Recommended posts: "Ms.H to the Rescue!” and "Writing Workshop Strategy: Timeline It!”

The Smarties —  "I write the blog posts, but it's usually done (time permitting) as a shared writing activity at the end of the school day,” writes Lisa, a grade 2 teacher from Perth, Australia who has been blogging since February 2010. "We brainstorm the things we want to tell people about, then I type and the kids give me sentences or phrases or words to use. I always try to include photos that I, or the kids have taken in every post. I also include some of their writing and art. Each morning, we check the hits on our blog, then use calculators to work out how many we've had since the last day we were at school. It's very motivating for them and they get to do some real-life maths too.” Recommended posts: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and "Growing and Learning.”

Super 7 Clair — This classroom blog was first developed by the class teacher, but now students "took on ownership of their space.”  As written on their blog, the students use the site to share their "daily learning experiences,” as well as examples of their work in the classroom. Recommended posts: "So… It’s Almost the end of the Year…” and "The Collaboration Continues!

Miss T's Classroom —  "This blog is to share with parents a few things we do at school during the day,” explains Kathryn Trask on her classroom blog. (Miss T. teaches at an elementary school in New Zealand and has been blogging for the past two years). All of her students' maintain their own blogs which are linked to the main site, and are encouraged to participate in the Edublogs "Student Blogging Challenge.” Recommended posts: "Using Photographs from the Web” and "Setting Goals.”

Team16 —  "I have an Elementary class — 10,and 11 year olds,” writes Daniela Lawlor, who teaches in Adelaide, South Australia. "I write mainly for the year 5/6 students and parents in my class, but am pleased to see other visitors making their way to my blog…I started the blogging challenge last year, but have got my students involved with their own blogs this year, and they are enjoying the experience. I can see lots of further possibilities for next year.” Recommended posts: "Comparing Types of Graphs” and "Reading Assignment – Bringing it all together.”

TEAM TOA — Shanghai American School, Pudong, Third Grade Blog — These 3rd grade students use their blog to exercise their English skills, while parents can visit the site to read up on various school activities and events. Recommended posts: "Goodbye Ugandan Global Project” and "Library Books.”

Mr —  Nathan Toft, a grade 5/6 teacher from Ottawa, Canada has been developing class websites and blogs for over five years, and encourages his students to contribute to their classroom blog. Recommended posts: "Grid Art” and "Computer Lab Today.”

Totally Totara —  "My students own the blogging process,” states Andrea Fale. (Andrea teaches a group of 7 and 8 year olds in New Zealand, and the name of their blog references a big Totara tree that overlooks their school). "I have a board with their names and two magnets rotate through the list and when the magnet is on your name, it is your turn to blog. They write original blogs on the computer. They do not copy and paste from previous writing. When they are finished writing, our trouble shooter helps them spell check and then upload any supporting picture — either one they drew or took with the camera. When they are ready to publish they tell me and save their blog. I do a final check and then the student publishes the blog. I am really the manager of the process but they're the owners — that's what makes it authentic and truly about kids and their learning.” Recommended posts: "10/10/10” and "The totara tree.”

Mrs. Watson's 2/3 Class — Melody Watson teaches a grade 2/3 class in Sointula, British Columbia, Canada, and has been blogging in her classroom since January 2010. All of her students participate in the blogging process and maintain their own blogs as well. Recommended posts: "Engineers in Training” and "Fire Safety.”

The Year 4 at Bearwood Blog — For this classroom blog, students regularly participate in the blogging process by publishing their own surveys and film production updates. Their teacher also posts various educational activities, exercises, and online games as well. Recommended posts: "BBC – KS2 Bitesize: Maths – Fractions – activity” and "Please help us by taking part in our surveys.”

Y4 Blog The World of Green Park's Y4 — Peter Rafferty teaches a class of 8 and 9 year olds in Maghull, UK (near Liverpool), and many of his students maintain their own blogs. He has been blogging in his classroom for the past six years. Recommended posts: "Habitats from the BBC” and "Judo.”


Billings Beta Tech Blog — Jac de Haan teaches a grade 6-8 Digital Arts technology class in Seattle, Washington and has been blogging in his classroom for the past four years. This site was the winner of the "Best Class Blog” award for the 2009 Edublog Awards, and all of the students contribute to the blog. Recommended posts: "Intro to Spreadsheets” and "The Hurt Square.”

Blogging 2 Learn — "Teacher Mom” uses her classroom blog to teach a 4th to 12th grade blogging class through a local homeschool co-op, and all of her students are required to maintain their own blogs. She is also the author of another educational blog, "Let's Play Math!” Recommended posts: "Adding Photos & Giving Credit” and "How To Add a Poll.”

The Brilliant Muskie — "Mr. J” teaches an 8th grade class in Arbor Vitae Woodruff, Wisconsin, and has been blogging for approximately four years. "I try to encourage my students to post on the blog,” he explains. "We are getting better at it every year.” Recommended posts: "How would you use one million dollars to change the world?” and "The 60’s.”

Ms. Burdette’s English Class — This blog is used to "communicate with students and parents” about the daily activities in Ms. Burdette's 8th grade English class. Numerous resources can also be found on this blog, such as information on bullying prvention, ancestor research, as well as both local and national news websites. Recommended posts: "Vocabulary List #1: “Raymond’s Run” and “The Dinner Party”” and "Reading Response #6 Follow-Up.”

THe CoNCH — As written on the site: "Our class blog provides a safe forum for students to practice digital citizenship while integrating content-based reading, writing, research, historical thinking, and 21st century skills.” Some of the many resources available on this blog include class presentations, handouts, videos, and other types of technology-related presentations. Recommended posts: "SoWing THe SeeDS oF DeMoCRaCY” and "RiGHTs & ResPoNsiBiLiTieS.”

The Greatest Middle School Social Studies Blog in the World — All of the students in this 8th grade classroom write individual posts for their classroom blog, and collaborate with other bloggers from all over the world. The class also interviews leaders from around the world about their opinions about education issues for their Podcast series, The Lunch Time Leaders Podcast, otherwise known as "Greatest Social Studies Podcast in the World!” Recommended posts: "September 6-9, 2010” and "November 8-12, 2010.”

HisTeched: Musings in US History and Education — Chris Miraglia works as the 8th grade US History/Department Chair at an Intermediate School in Santa Ana, California, and has been blogging in his classroom for the past four years. "[My students] respond to questions, post podcasts, and at times create their own blogs,” he explains. Recommended posts: "Podcasting” and "The Three Branches and the Bill of Rights.”

Leawood Middle School blogs — This website is created by students in a 6th grade social studies class, and the posts promote "digital conversation” so students can discuss historical facts and events, or anything "social studies related.” Recommended posts: "Class meeting on Egyptian research” and "Mesopotamia Custom Google Engine Search.”

Let Each Achieve Daily — "I teach 2nd grade during the day, but this blog is for our 6th-8th grade after school program, Project L.E.A.D.,” explains Jennifer Brandon, who teaches in Ripley, Tennessee. "I teach technology and use the blog to focus the lesson for the day or week. [The students] participate by commenting, submitting video and pictures, and making suggestions.” Recommended posts: "Sweet Search” and "LEAD Recommends. . .”

Mr. Miller's Classroom Blog — Mr. Miller teaches a 6th grade class in King City, California, and has been blogging in his classroom for the past two years. "We have a class blog and my students each write for either a group blog (with 3-4 other students) or have individual blogs,” he explains. Recommended posts: "Ancient Babylon and Google Earth” and "VoiceThread Practice.”

Miss Nichols' Class Communicates — Miss Nichols, a 6th grade teacher in Lawndale, California, writes that her blog's purpose is to "serve as an extension of our classroom,” and it is also used as "a way to invite more communication between home and school.” Recommended posts: "Making Mummies in the Classroom” and "Would You Like to Be a Scholastic Kid Reporter?

SMS 21st Century Skills Mrs. Berg and Vieths — "Our students do participate in the blogging process; sometimes adding comments to our main page and other times posting to their personal blogs,” writes Sharleen Berg, an 8th grade teacher in Owatonna, Minnesota. (Sharleen and Brandi Vieths has been blogging in their classroom since September 2010). Recommended posts: "Political Ads” and "Election Day.”

Techy Tuesday — "My blog gives the students technology tasks to complete that tie into what we are doing in class for the week,” writes Christina Spiezio, a teacher from Edison, New Jersey. "Students can, however, post comments with questions or concerns!” Recommended posts: "Task 3: Google Readers Set-Up” and "Task 9: Online Portfolios.”

Through Our Window…Room 101 —  "My students each have their own personal blog where they publish works completed in school as well as blogging about their passions,” explains Chuck Poole, a 6th grade English teacher in Edison, New Jersey. "Each blog is linked from our class blog under the "Student Blogs” section. Students comment with their "Blogger Bunches” each week so that their writing become relevant and real. Each student in turn has individuals that read their posts each day. All of my bloggers have subscribed to the class blogs using Google Reader so they are updated anytime a fellow students posts a new blog post.” Recommended posts: "Five Things to Include in a Short Story” and "Blogger Bunches.”

Write Out Loud — "I have been blogging in the classroom over three years now!” writes Amy Cobb a 7th grade English teacher from Saint Petersburg, Florida. "My students post blog prompts, respond to prompts, and converse with each other.” Recommended posts: "It’s How You Play The Game ~ The Hunger Games” and "The Hunger Games.”

Junior/Middle — International

41 Weeks with 5/6C"To begin with we worked on a class blog together,” writes Amy Cliff, a primary school teacher from Soldiers Point, Australia who has been blogging since March 2010. "After about ten weeks students then started using their own individual blogs linked to our class blog.” Recommended posts: "37: Poll Time” and "28: ThinkFest Begins.”

Bailey Road Team 17 — Shaun Wood teaches a Year 6 class in Mt. Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand and has been blogging in his classroom for the past two years.  "I started the year using modeling and shared writing on our class blog. Now most posts are written by the students.” This classroom blog was also recently nominated for the 2010 Edublog's "Best Class Blog” award. Recommended posts: "Trash 2 Fashion Challenge” and "Sign Language.”

Creative Readers, Writers and Thinkers — "“I have been blogging for three years and I believe that it enhances my students' learning process as they post comments and reflections. In this way, they are developing communication skills beyond the classroom walls,”  writes Alejandra Quaglia. (Alejandra currently works as a 6th grade Language Arts teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and works as an assistant teacher for a 4th grade class as well). "All the post are based on what is being done in class or what is happening to them at school. By blogging my students are linking writing, reading, connecting information and learning together.” Recommended posts: "Practise for your Touch typing Competition” and "Heroes Project- Compulsory post for this week.”

Huzzah! — Jan Smith, a 6th grade teacher in Comox Valley, Canada, describes her blog as an "invitation” to see what her class is up to in terms of school activities, educational exercises, and much more. All of her students write for their own blogs, and they regularly participate in the Student Blogging Challenges, (supported by Edublogs). Recommended posts: "We Did Good” and "Zoom Out.”

Kids in the Mid — From Hobart, Tasmania, students in this grade 6/7  classroom use this blog to upload their own group projects and activities.  Some of the many resourceful categories on this blog include a list of links for educational websites such as "History/Geography,” "Literacy,” "Typing,” "Music,” and much more. Recommended posts: "Being responsible” and "Searching for your ancestors.”

Melville Room 8 — This popular blog documents the daily activities of a Year 7 class in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand. Myles Webb has been blogging in his current classroom for the past two years, but only "administers” the site because he encourages his students to create the work that is published on the blog. Recommended posts: "Melville Intermediate — Traditional Maori Instruments” and "Melville Intermediate — Hotiki Waiata.”

Read.Write. Share! — Joseph Teague is a Language Arts teacher in Doha, Qatar, and uses his site to provide tips and advice for his students who are maintaining their own individual blogs. Recommended posts: "Our Someday/One Day List” and "Need some help with your book post?

The Ripple Effect "Each year we start with the blogging process as a class and then they earn an individual blog they post to throughout the year. It becomes their e-portfolio,” explains Jaki Braidwood, a grade 6/7 teacher at an elementary school in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Canada. Recommended posts: "The Girl Effect” and "To Explore or Not to Explore? That is the Question.”

Room 13 — Year 6/7s sharing their learning — Pam Thompson works as a a Year 6/7 teacher in Adelaide, Australia, and has been blogging in her classroom for the past three years. "My students and I participate in blogging,” she explains. "We start with a class blog, and students write guest posts, and then they work their way towards a blog of their own. All students in my class now have their own blogs.” Recommended posts: "Storybird” and "3D Word Cube.”

High school/Secondary

An American Studies — Spiro Bolos and his co-teacher John S. O'Connor teach an 11th grade American Studies class  in Winnetka, Illinois, and have been blogging for this class over the past three years continuously, (but also previously blogged for an Integrated Psychology/Sociology class). Each of the students in the class write for their own blog, which Spiro describes as a "key requirement” for the course. Recommended posts: "Into the Wild (short essay prompt)” and "Shirt.”

Blog, blog blog blog, blog some more — Ms. Burton writes on her classroom blog that she uses this site "as a place where students, parents, and others can find useful information about things relating to our class.” She also posts daily assignments and weekly riddles, as well as posts on social issues and current news/events, and encourages her students to write for their own blogs as well. Recommended posts: "Create a story” and "Post your choice.”

Ms. Bush's Blogging Bunch —  Torrie Bush teaches a grade 9 and 12 class at a secondary school in Lathrup Village, Michigan, (just outside of Detroit), and has been blogging in her classroom since 2006. "My students are an integral part of the blogging process!” she writes. "I come up with the topics but they are at the heart of the discussion. We give each other ideas and feedback. It's a great process but I couldn't do it alone.” Recommend posts: "Macbeth Act 1 Homework Blog” and "What lies ahead for Oedipus?

Mr. Byrne Teaches — Mr. Byrne uses his classroom blog to post updates for his students regarding homework assignments and deadlines. His site could also serve as a great resource for students and teachers who are interested in American history. Recommended posts: "Expansion of the United States” and "Notes for all US History Students.”

Daraja Academy — The students at Dajara Academy come from  drought-stricken areas in Northern Kenya as well as the areas outside of the Nairobi City Center (Kenya). Some of the posts touch on the life of a Daraja student, volunteering, and how to donate to the Daraja Academy. Recommended posts: "A Day in the Life of A Daraja Girl” and "Daraja partners with Outside the Lens to help girls practice self-expression through art.”

Extreme Biology — Ms. Baker uses her classroom blog to document anything "biology-related” for her students and peers. Some of the many categories include "Class Connection,”  "Field Trips,” "Themes in Biology,” "Science Online” and much more. Recommended posts: "Invertebrate Poll” and "Cladogram Lab.”

The Frog Blog — "The Frog Blog is a website created by Humphrey Jones and Jeremy Stone, science teachers of St. Columba's College, Dublin, Ireland,” the authors write. "It aims to provide an online tool for the promotion of science within our school, and across the country.” Recommended posts: "What Are Stem Cells?” and "Science Quotes — Charles Darwin.”

Griffin Science — Students in "Mr. H's” classroom can use this blog to check their grades, and read up on their latest homework assignments and class notes. Mr. H also hosts his own podcast series, "the GriffinScience Podcast,” to help students review before their quizzes, tests, and exams. Recommended posts: "Homework 10: Acids, Bases and Solutions” and "Tues Nov 16, 2010: Thermal Energy and Specific Heat.”

Head Outta the Book — Deborah L. Harris teaches at a high school in New York, and all 120 of her students maintain their own blogs. Deborah has been blogging in her classroom for the past year, and some of the many categories on her blog include "A Midsummer Night's Dream,” "Great Expectation,” and "Hamlet.” Recommended posts: "H2 Lord of the Flies Thesis Directions/Information and "Notebook Collection.”

LMS Tech — Mrs. Ilgunas teaches a Technology Exploratory class, and uses the posts on her blog to update her students on their assignments. Some of the many categories on this classroom blog include "Engineers – Ideas,” "Research Links,” "iMovie instructions,” and much more. Recommended posts: "Congratulations on your Fireworks Tests!” and "Your Blog Post.”

The Mac Lab — Students in class can check out this blog to read up on grading policies and expectations, homework assignments, projects, progress reports, grades, and much more. Recommended posts: "Setting It Aside (Week 12)” and "Sense of Adventure (Week 5).”

Mr. Mansour’s Classroom Blog — "This blog is an extension of my classroom,” writes Mr. Mansour on his site. "Currently I’m using it to communicate with my students, their parents, and anyone else who cares to check in on the happenings in my class. Throughout the year, I’ll be posting student work, cool websites, profiles, and hopefully some interactive elements.” Recommended posts: "8th Solar Cars Question” and "Vertical vs. Horizontal Axis.”

Nicely's Blog Page — The posts on this U.S. History classroom blog cover everything from the Gold Rush and Christopher Columbus, to the death penalty and President Obama. Recommended posts: "Revolutionary Images – in Modern Times” and "What would a Euro Explorer Tweet about the New World? MicroBlog!”

Physical Education Loreto — The goal of this blog is to illustrate the activities of a Physical Education class at an all girl's Secondary school in Ireland.  Recommended posts: "Health Week 2010 ” and what does it mean to be Healthy??

SCC English — The English Department at St. Columba's College in Dublin, Ireland encourage students to post their own poetr, essay, book recommendations, and much more. They also host their own podcast series as well, for which they discuss patterns in poetry, or famous poets like W.B. Yeats. Recommended posts: "TY Extended Essay: Tóibín, Keegan, O'Neill” and "Patterns of Poetry 10: repetition.”

Social Voice —  This unique classroom blog is a "social-centric blog” written by a group of students from Phoenix, Arizona. "Our goal is to express our social voice through exploring issues, engaging in the community and expressing what we have learned to the world,” writes their teacher, (Mr. Spencer), on the website. Recommended posts: "Straw Challenge” and "World War II Propaganda.”


EDM 310 Class Blog — Dr. John H. Strange, a professor at the University of South Alabama, uses his classroom blog to keep students up to date with exams and assignments, or to answer any questions that were brought up in class. Recommended posts: "Additional Assignment #2” and "Testing Your Blog and Spam.”

Fashion School Daily — From the Academy of Art University, the posts on this blog consist of student profiles, portfolios, internship and recruiting opportunities, as well as the latest news in the fashion industry. Recommended posts: "Behind the Scenes of our New York Show in Less than 2 Minutes” and "Intern Update: Claudia Paolinelli.”

San Diego City College Acting for Radio/Voiceover Class Blog — "I started it as a way to make sure that homework assignments were delivered and extra reading, listening and watching material could be updated,” writes Connie Terwilliger, an educator at the San Diego City College Acting for Radio/Voiceover. "It is just one more tool to help communicate with students. I used to try to do some of this on my regular site, but a blog is so much better because I can access it from anywhere – even in class. I know the students have appreciated being able to know where to go to get their assignments if they missed class or weren’t paying attention during class. (Hard to know when that happens).”  Recommended posts: "See Mike Record, See Mike Edit” and "Audio Book Samples.”

Tamaki College Television — Students studying at Tamaki College can check out this blog to stay up to date on various campus events and activities. Recommended posts: "Prizegiving 2010 — Year 13 Graduation Song” and "TC Level 3 Media Studies — La Nuit Du Chasseur Trailer.”