Top 100 health and fitness blogs

Now that you have some good ideas about how to incorporate fitness into your new healthy lifestyle, here are some health bloggers that will offer you all types of delicious recipes, tips for attaining health and fitness, and inspiration to maintain your new healthy lifestyle wherever you are.

Crazy, Sexy Life

Kris Carr is an author, wellness coach, and motivational speaker, who directed and starred in Crazy, Sexy Cancer, a documentary for TLC. Through her film, her books, and her blog, she aims to "teach you how to live like you mean it!” In addition to recipes for tasty and nutritious vegan dishes and smoothies, you'll find a lot of advice about reducing stress, changing your attitudes towards health, overcoming bad habits, and finding joy and inspiration in your everyday life. Recommendations are often made for outside resources such as books, DVDs, food products and more.

The Fitnessista

The Fitnessista (Gina) is a personal trainer and spin and zumba instructor. Her blog shares not only her own daily diet (with recipes and tips), but also exercise ideas, video workouts, product reviews, and much, much more. Resources include extensive recipes (her breakfast cookie is one delicious staple), a "fitnessista workout,” workout playlists, product recommendations, and more. There are also frequent giveaways. Gina's fun style and fresh ideas are sure to help you break out of a fitness/diet rut or to embark on a healthy new plan this year!

Choosing Raw

Choosing Raw offers those interested in healthy eating a compassionate and thoughtful point of view on how to make positive changes. Gena is a certified clinical nutritionist who eats a vegan and mostly raw diet. "I want Choosing Raw to be an open, honest, and welcoming forum for people of all backgrounds to discuss vegan nutrition, body image, and health. Whether you’re seriously considering a plant-based diet, or you’re simply curious about the lifestyle, I hope I can provide answers and inspiration.” In addition to providing numerous healthful recipes, her blog also answers many questions about healthy and/or raw eating and offers insightful discussions about healthy eating, body image, and fitness. This is a great blog for anyone interested in health and wellness — whether you are interested in a vegan or raw diet or not.

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

"Her blog is a lively mix of recipes and life experiences…[She] is clearly a woman who loves the path she's on, and she writes with intelligence, passion, and humor,” says The Seattle Times. Shauna's blog offers a heart-felt look into gluten-free living and reconnecting with a love of food. She offers recommendations, video tutorials and lots of tasty gluten-free recipes. She has even published a gluten-free cookbook, which was recognized by The New York Times.

The Clean Eating Mama

The Clean Eating Mama (a.k.a. Tasha) has learned to eat healthy, whole foods in her efforts to lose weight and to find a healthy balance. Posts frequently focus on healthy recipes and other food inspiration — such as how to make great oats, the benefits of apple cider vinegar, pantry staples, and more. If you're just starting out, Tasha's blog is a great place to start as there are frequent discussions about nutrition and great meal ideas.

NYCollege Eats

Who says you can't eat healthy as a busy, college student? Ada shows how she manages to eat healthy despite her busy schedule, and how she squeezes in workouts. You'll also learn about living in New York, along the way! A great blog for college students looking for a day-by-day example of healthy living.

Pure 2 Raw

Twins Lori and Michelle operate a raw, gluten-free bakery in Raleigh, North Carolina, and their blog shares many of their delicious recipes. But you'll find a lot more than just cookies and cakes; there are recipes for smoothies, main dishes, snacks, appetizers, and much more. The twins also share their own personal journey with health through their blog, and their posts include a lot of helpful advice and great ideas of how to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle.

30 Bucks a Week

Tina and Phil set out to prove that you can eat both healthy and cheap. Their blog documents their efforts to spend only $30 a week on groceries for both of them — living in Brooklyn, NY! Restaurants and alcohol are not counted toward the $30 a week. "Dinner parties can get tricky, etc. etc., but the point is really for us to make our best effort to transition to spending less money and more time and attention on our food (while reducing waste). If we end up spend $32 for a week’s food every once in a while, so be it.” The diet is vegetarian, with allowances for eggs and dairy. The couple share recipes and a list of their favorite cookbooks.

The Hungry Yogini

Courtney is a certified yoga teacher and finance student who plans to attend culinary school in New York after she graduates. Her diet focuses on natural and organic ingredients, limits packaged and processed foods,and using seasonal ingredients. But, she cautions, "while health is my ultimate goal, I also aim to 'let loose' and enjoy myself! I LOVE chocolate and sweets and indulge in moderation, the key to having it all! Food shouldn’t be a means of punishment or restriction, but a way to explore yourself and your creativity. Who says health food can’t taste good!?” She has not posted much recently, but there is still plenty of good information on the blog, including recipes, advice on yoga practice and reflections on healthy living.

Go Raw, Have Fun

Thought about going raw? Or trying a detox diet? This blog will help you get started with the diet that Demi Moore and many other celebrities have used to get healthy. There are lists of books and resources, and the posts cover all aspects of the raw lifestyle, from how to detox, to choosing produce, to creating your own milks. If you're just getting started, you can browse the posts by category to get caught up on the basics.

Her Fitness Blog

Rose began her fitness journey after her doctor told her that she needed to lose weight to address high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Through her blog, she shares her own workouts and inspirations, as well as offers tips, product reviews, healthy recipes, and more.


Packed full of recipes and resources about the raw food lifestyle, this blog has everything you need to get started with this new diet and makeover your health. Posts discuss the benefits of a raw food diet and the best ways to organize and plan to incorporate it seamlessly into your life. Recipes are categorizes according to type, making it easy to find specific meal ideas. Other resources include classes and workshops and an online store.

Hungry, Hungry Hippie

Elise — who is "94.6% vegan (just a rough guess)” — chronicles her journey with health and her day-to-day eats on this blog. Like many other health bloggers, Elise made changes to her diet after struggling with digestive issues, and she found that a whole-food, mostly plant-based diet improved her overall health and vitality. Her blog shares her own daily menu (which offers a good glimpse into what healthy, mostly vegan eating looks like for a busy professional), as well as recipes and tutorials. Some how-to's include making seitan, pressing tofu, and making spaghetti squash.

Fannetastic Food

Fannetastic Anne is studying to become a registered dietician, and her blog shares her nutritional knowledge, health tips, exercise suggestions, and more. You can browse the blog for recipes, training plans (including for running and for strength training), health tips, and more.

Kristen's Raw

This comprehensive blog endorses a living foods diet as a way to promote health and longer life. Kristen shares her personal experiences, as well as recipes, tutorials, products reviews and more. There are also videos for some of her recipes/tutorials, so you can be sure that you're doing it right. For whatever is not answered or provided on the blog, Kristen also has a store and numerous recipe books (available in electronic format).

Ginger is the New Pink

Lauren is a "20 something Vegan Foodie with Crohn's Disease,” and her blog documents her efforts to heal with vegan and raw foods. Her posts share daily snacks and meals (with wonderful color photos…), showcasing dozens of ideas for a healthy menu. And for all those who think that healthy eating is too difficult, or there isn't enough time to cook healthy meals: Lauren maintained her healthy diet throughout her pregnancy (her baby is just about a month old now) and through the holidays. You are sure to find inspiration here!

Running Raw

Want to try out a vegan or raw diet, but don't feel like it will leave you with enough energy to workout? Tim Van Orden sets out to prove that you can thrive on a raw foods diet, even as an athlete, and that you can "Change your diet. Change your life. Change the planet.” This thorough blog includes a lot of helpful information about nutrition (check out recent post Leafy Greens and Heart Disease), training (check out Winter Running Tips to Keep You Safe, Warm and Happy), and overall wellness (read Physical Activity and Brain Health). You won't find a daily food journal or a lot of recipes, but there is a wealth of information here to help you understand how to incorporate a healthier diet and activity into your life.

Julie's Raw Ambition

Julie Kalivretenos started a raw foods diet just over three years ago after looking for healthful diets to alleviate symptoms of her Crohn's disease. She started her blog as a way of "sharing healthful, beautiful cuisine, discussing wellness, and to celebrate healing – and the spirit of giving.” In addition to sharing recipes and guidance, her posts also explore health and overall wellness. For example, Why Your Diet is Not Enough is a thoughtful post on integrating health and wellness into your life — perfect for anyone starting that journey or trying to find purpose and motivation once again.

The Healthy Apron

Erin is a registered dietician, and her blog is loaded with helpful information about nutrition and healthy living. Her diet philosophy emphasizes eating whole foods, especially lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. She offers tips about healthy weight loss, nutritional information (such as good v. bad carbs, healthy fats, and pomegranate juice), making healthy choices through the holidays and a busy schedule, and much more. She even offers the "your best self one month makeover.”

Chocolate-Covered Katie

Who says eating healthy has to mean a boring diet? Or that it has to mean giving up the foods you love? Katie follows a diet that incorporates healthy eating and chocolate — and all other foods that she likes. Foods are often vegan and raw, and Katie shares pictures and recipes. Some of her most famous treats are her Fudge Babies — treats made from nuts and chocolate and a variety of other ingredients to make flavors such as chocolate-chip cookie dough, peanut butter cookie, and more.

Sound Eats

Sound Eats espouses "practicing the art of being in tune with one's health.” Lindsey currently follows a vegan diet and practices p90x and beach body workouts. Some popular posts regarding veganism include Out of Town Vegan Reflections, The Vegan Venture, and Non-Vegan Cravings. You'll also find lots of great recipes and reviews of various healthy food products.

Love Veggies and Yoga

Averie eats a plant-based diet that emphasizes raw vegan food, but she cautions, "I do not like dogmatic thinking, too many rules, or labels. I believe in making Food & Exercise Choices that facilitate an individual's Optimal Health & Well-Being! My food choices and what I feed myself and my family are just one aspect of my life.” Her blog talks about her personal life as a mother, a yoga teacher, and a part-time model, as well. Of course, there is a lot of information about health and diet, as well. You'll find tips and poses for yoga, sample gym workouts, recipes, and more.

Run, Eat, Repeat

Monica started this blog to "document my journey of weight loss, healthy eats, training for a marathon and travels.” She has been running for about 5 years, and she says, "I love running, but I also love eating, and unfortunately I eat more than I burn,” leading to ongoing weight struggles. She follows intuitive eating guidelines, and her blog shares her diet, recipes, tips on running, reflections on health, and much more.

Meals and Miles

Meghann began her blog after losing 20 pounds by making healthy diet changes and taking up running. Posts often share her daily diet, offer running tips, share recipes, offer advice on how to stick to healthy choices, reflect on health, and much more.

Iowa Girl Eats

Kirstin is a self-proclaimed junk-food junkie who strives for healthy eating and healthy living. "Obviously, junk food does not do a body good, so I try and live by the 80/20 rule: 80% clean and healthy eating, 20% sanity-keeping splurges. Some days it’s more like 60/40 – but hey, we do the best we can.” Find extensive recipe lists here (broken down by type such as dinner, summer dinner, lunch, etc.), workout tips and ideas, and more.

Oh, She Glows

Angela shares her struggles with disordered eating over many years — vacillating between restricting food intake and binging. According to Angela, the blog "documents how I got my glow back, after years of deprivation, and discovered that food and exercise could be fun! I hope that I can inspire you to find your inner and outer glow in the process.” There is a joy that infuses her posts, which present healthful recipes, race tips, and more. Angela also runs the "Glo Bakery,” where she sells organic, dairy-free, refined-sugar-free energy bars.

Veggie Girl

This blog presents "the adventures of a girl living with Crohn's disease and many food allergies, and her ability to live life to the fullest in spite of that.” Veggie Girl cautions, "I am constantly experimenting with my diet for health reasons. The blog URL does not define me. Period.” The blog focuses on her personal life, but there are plenty of posts about diet and health, with occasional recipes and tips for healthy living.

Prior Fat Girl

Jen, Amanda, Elle, and Lindsay — all "prior fat girl”s — share their successes and failures in their journey to find health. You won't find a food journal here, or a lot of recipes or workout ideas. What you will find is an honest account of what it takes to get healthy, and maybe a bit of inspiration for how to incorporate these changes into your own life.

Say What You Need to Say

Lauren explains her blog this way: "You see, my whole philosophy is that a healthy lifestyle is ultimately found when one stops trying to be healthy and just lives healthy. Eventually, you will not feel as though it is a struggle to obtain but rather a way of life that you subconsciously live by.” In addition to her personal experiences, Lauren shares her regular meals (often with recipes) and advice for healthy living.

Tropical Eats

Shannon is a Florida native recently transplanted to New York City. She balances fitness with a moderate diet. "For the most part, I try to whip up something healthy, but fried chicken, cornbread, and sweet sizzlin’ barbecue sauce are more my thing.” Find inspiration from her blog on how to strike balance between health and eating what you love.

MegaNerd Runs

Remember: "Number crunching won't do anything for your abs…” Megan is an avid runner, and she shares her journey with training and racing, as well as her healthy eating habits. If you're interested in taking up running, or just want to find inspiration in a fellow runner, this is a great blog for you!

Tales of Expansion

At first glance, a blog titled "Tales of Expansion” with a promise for "finding a home for every last crumb” might not seem like a health blog. But as Sarah explains, the blog "chronicles my attempts to take part in my favorite activity (eating, of course) while minimizing food waste and maintaining some semblance of a waistline. Join me as I pursue a healthy, balanced lifestyle that just happens to include a minor obsession with finding a home for every last crumb.” You'll find lots of recipes and reviews, and a true appreciation for food.

Inside I'm Still Dancing

Ellie is a 20-something who has struggled with anorexia since she was 12. Her blog chronicles her attempts to develop a healthy relationship with food. Therefore, ” I don’t post a full day’s intake because I don’t see that as being helpful for me right now. I have often fallen into the trap of comparing my intake to others and feeling guilty because I don’t eat a clean/raw/vegan/organic diet.” Many posts share healthy meals (and their recipes), and there is much reflection about acquiring true health and wellness.

Runner's Kitchen

Megan is a 20-something living in New York City, and she documents her experiences with competitive running (she recently ran in the NYC Marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon) and fueling her activity with healthy eating. Her diet emphasizes eating whole fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. There are a lot of great posts about running, such as Overcomign Running Obstacles, The Long Run-Workout Combo, and Surviving Winter Running.

Healthy Tipping Point

Caitlin Boyle chronicles her food and fitness habits as she strives to find healthy balance. Caitlin once struggled with her weight, and she now is a dedicated runner, running everything from a 5k to a marathon. She is a vegetarian and shares many recipes, as well as fitness tips and other advice on healthful living. Her follows an approach that endorses total wellness, including a positive self image, and even helps run Operation Beautiful, which will be featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show in January.

Kath Eats Real Food

Kath is a 28-year-old registered dietician who started blogging in 2006 when she set out to lose 30 pounds. Her blog includes extensive recipes (with a whole section on "A Tribute to Oatmeal”), videos for creating key dishes, and an online store. Posts often share Kath's day-to-day activities and meals, and she offers advice and reflections on healthful living along the way.

Peas and Thank You

Sarah is a lawyer turned writer, a stay-at-home mom, and a vegan. Her posts share her experiences as a stay-at-home mother to her two girls, and she shares healthy recipes along the way. She will also be releasing a cookbook (and more) in the coming year.

The Healthy Everythingtarian

Everythingtarian Holly explains: "It’s just a mix of everything: lots of fruits and veggies, a pinch of yoga, a dash of running, whole yummy grains, LOTS of sleep, bucketloads of water, maybe some occasional trashy TV and most importantly, regular doses of dessert.” To find out how Holly has progressed on her journey, read her first post and How I Became an Everythingtarian. Read about her ongoing journey and pick up some health tips and ideas along the way, as well as some great recipes.

A Foodie Stays Fit

Teri teaches group fitness classes part time (spin and weight lifting), and her food philosophy follows the philosophy espoused in In Defense of Food. "On a daily basis, I eat a lot of produce, whole grains, yogurt, beans and legumes, and nut butters.” She eats a primarily vegetarian diet, but sometimes includes meat. Her blog includes a lot of healthy recipes, fitness challenges, workout play lists and much more.

Live Laugh Eat

This blog exhorts readers to "Live Every Moment. Laugh Every Day. Eat Good Food.” Allie explains that she turned to running in college after struggling with loneliness and depression, but also experienced periods of deprivation. Her blog documents her attempts to eat healthier, to exercise for fun and fitness, and to accept her body. Her blog offers a lot of guidance and inspiration to others looking to make the same journey, including advice on workout gear, recipes, and more.

Bran Appetit

Brandi struggled with her weight, but finally attained her goal after three bouts with Weight Watchers. Her journey towards health started after family members experienced health problems, and she realized that health meant more than just a goal weight. Now, she strives for balance and overall well-being. She says, "Nothing is off limits or ever will be.” Readers can find inspiration in her journey and try to incorporate some of her healthy habits. Her blog typically includes a recipe with each post, and she makes product recommendations.

Adventures in Clean Eating

Suzanne once struggled with her weight and now eats a "balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. I do count calories, because I’m still teaching myself to eat intuitively, however I don’t have a set-in-stone goal for each day.” Her blog offers a lot of practical advice for others trying to get fit and eat healthier. Posts include detailed workouts, recipes, "fit gifts,” a peek into marathon training and more.

Train Happy

This training blog follows Niki's routines for swimming, biking, and running to prepare for various triathlons and other races. Niki shares the details or her routines — such as her times, distances, and splits — and her experiences. Readers can pick up some tips or some inspiration for their own fitness goals.


Lara started Thinspired as a food journal to lose weight for her wedding in 2008, and she continues to blog to document her "struggles and success to maintain a healthy weight loss.” Her blog includes a lot of tutorials and recipes, as well as product recommendations and other thinspiration.

Carrots 'N' Cake

Tina's blog is part food journal, part workout journal, part health inspiration. She shares many of her daily eats, with a lot of recipes thrown in. She also shares a lot of her own workouts and her experiences with running and marathon training. Her diet philosophy is as follows: "I allow myself to indulge almost everyday, so my goal is always to find a healthy balance. By posting what I eat everyday, I hope others will gain some insight into how to incorporate good nutrition and the occasional splurge into their diets.”

Hangry Pants

Heather and Mark started Hangry Pants to record their progress during "Meatless Month” in 2008, and have continued to try other challenges, including Raw Month and Break the Habit Month. "Our goal is not to tell you what to do. Our goal is to share the good food and good times that keep us healthy and happy in hopes that you will want to find what you love and what will make you happy and healthy.” Their blog includes a lot of healthy recipes and videos, and shares their experiences with everyday healthful living.

Eat, Live, Run

Jenna is a runner and a pastry chef who loves food. She promises that her blog will include "recipes, musings, and culinary lore.” You'll find much more than salads and vegetables here, with many recipes for decadent desserts and other rich foods provided. However, many are made more healthy through ingredient substitution. But the focus of the blog is not health food, but rather in finding a healthy balance.

Greens and Jeans

Despite a lifelong exposure to healthy food and exercise, Madeline struggled with extra weight. Now that she has found a healthier balance, she blogs in order to hold herself accountable for maintaining healthy habits. Her blog shares her experiences — as well as a healthy love of fashion.

Heather's Dish

Heather explains, "what started as a way to pass the time has now turned into a venue to share my food, exercise, relational, and overall life choices with you on a daily basis!” Part of that mission is to talk about being joyful and being joyful in the kitchen.

Bitt of Raw

Bitt is a long-time vegetarian who has been on a raw-foods diet for the last two years or so in an attempt to alleviate symptoms of Celiac disease and to improve health. Her blog shares many delicious raw recipes, offers restaurant and product reviews, and poses interesting discussions about health and the ethical treatment of animals.

The Discerning Kitchen

Cami's blog is dedicated to "delicious food that happens to be free of major allergens.” On the cut list: corn, soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten. Cami is also vegan. But don't expect boring fare: Some recent recipes include marshmallow frosting, pancakes, graham crackers and a caesar salad with spicy mustard dressing. Posts also discuss healthful living and veganism (including fashion and other products that may contain animal byproducts).

Sketch-free Vegan Eating

Jennifer and Jaclyn are twin sisters who became passionate about healthy eating after trying a raw food cleanse and realizing how good their bodies could feel by eating healthy foods. Now they share vegan, gluten-free (and sometimes raw) recipes on their blog. Posts consist almost entirely of recipes, with each labeled according to whether it is vegan or gluten free. Delicious holiday fare such as raw cashew cheese, gingerbread walnut muffins, and raw apple pie pudding are some of the recent features.

The Daily Dietribe

This blog is about a "gluten-free love affair.” Iris tried out a gluten-free diet to alleviate IBS symptoms and immediately noticed an improvement in her mood. She then started the blog, in which she "write(s) about my gluten-free journey, and about the ups and downs of living this new lifestyle. But I also write about food as a recovering binge eater, as a weight loss consultant, and as a registered dietitian to be.” There are a lot of great recipes, some inspiration, and some frank discussions about healthy eating and relationships with food.

Gluten-Free Goddess

This comprehensive blog is a great resource for anyone interested in a gluten-free diet. There are, of course, a variety of healthy (gluten-free) recipes, as well as a lot of helpful information about a gluten-free diet (including how to incorporate the diet into your lifestyle, what ingredients to watch out for, substitutions to make, cooking tips and more). There are also links to numerous gluten-free resources.

Hyper-Nerdy Veganism

"Vulgar Wheat” shares what it's like to be a vegan student at "not the most vegan-friendly college” — a college that seems "to think I want to eat naught but peanut butter and hummus.” This food diary of a college student will offer inspiration on how to eat healthy vegan fare on even the most limited resources.

Restricted Gourmet

The promise of this blog is simple: "Really good food without the ingredients you can't eat.” Foods on the blog are free of refined sugars, refined grains, artificial or processed foods, corn, and soy. Other foods that are often omitted include nightshades, gluten, legumes, dairy, and other common allergens. The blog is a straight-forward collection of recipes, with notes often included for variations and troubleshooting.

Spotted Devil Cat and His Vegan Assistant

Bethany is a "vegan that loves to try new recipes,” and her blog shares many of her daily eats in addition to some recipes along the way. Spotted Devil Cat, a.k.a. Tubs, is one of Bethany's many cats.

Vegan Epicurean

In addition to the daily eats of the Vegan Epicurean, you'll find a lot of great information about nutrition and healthful living, wonderful recipes, and lots of "happy thoughts.” Most posts include a health-related discussion or helpful nutritional information, in addition to a recipe. Find healthful inspiration, thoughtful discussion, and tasty treats here!

Nutritarian Recipes

Cindy shares the recipes she is learning to create as part of the "nutritarian” lifestyle — espoused by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, the author of Eat to Live. In addition to the recipes that Cindy finds or creates, her posts share her experiences with adapting the nutritarian lifestyle and offer thoughtful discussions about health.

Food for 7 Stages of Life

Healthy Indian fare is often featured on this recipe-packed blog, though you'll find inspiration in all kinds of cuisine here. Though healthy and nutritious food is favored here, the emphasis is on the taste and quality. Recipes include a lot of high-quality photographs, and there are often tips for how to make traditional favorites more healthy or for making complicated dishes at home.

C'est La Vegan

Recipes take the focus on this photo-filled blog, which features all kinds of healthy, vegan fare. Browse recipes by breakfast, lunch, dinner, or — of course — dessert, or try out some tasty appetizers or snacks. Videos are also available to show you the step-by-step of making vegan mayonnaise or tempeh bacon, among other things. Not too handy in the kitchen? There is an online store and bake shop where you can order some vegan treats.

Seitan is My Motor

We do love some good word play! Find lots of healthy vegan fare here to fuel your motor and your taste buds. There are a lot of delicious recipes, a lot of beautiful pictures, some reviews, and even some giveaways.

Eating Bender

Jenn — a.k.a "Bender,” a family nickname — created this blog "out of a passion for food, nutrition and wellness.” Her blogs shares a mixture of her daily meals (though not every day), recipes, green smoothie creations, reviews, interesting links, and discussions about health. Jenn aims to offer tips and advice on how to maintain health and wellness even with a busy schedule.

Eating Bird Food

Eating Bird Food reminds you that "healthy foods are actually quite tasty.” Read about the blog author's daily eats for guidance on daily nutrition and meal ideas. Many recipes are available if you'd like to try something you see that looks good. And you can even hire the blog's author for health counseling.

Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat

You can find inspiration here to makeover your fitness routine and your diet. There are workout ideas for cardio conditioning, strength training, core exercises, and total-body training (and even some playlists to keep you energized while you workout). There are also healthy recipes, products reviews and recommendations, and other health information.

A Fit and Spicy Life

Melissa doesn't limit her diet, and instead focuses on eating what she wants when she wants it — but strives for balance and practices regular exercise. Posts offer occasional workout routines and tips, as well as healthy meal ideas and recipes. There is even a "Travel Thursday” feature that discusses some of the sights — and foods — of locations around the world.

Finding Happiness and Health

Shelley is a freshman in college who is recovering from an eating disorder. Her blog documents what she eats throughout the day (though she does not update daily) and her attempts to build health and happiness. She often poses questions about health-related issues, and she openly discusses her struggles with disordered eating and body image. Anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder or with trying to find a healthier balance will find inspiration and support here.

The Fit Collegiate

Anna aims to show college students everywhere that "it is possible to enjoy a wild and crazy college experience without compromising your health.” She sets out to show students how to make healthy choices in the campus dining hall, how to work exercise into a busy schedule and how to plan nutritious meals without the use of supplements. Find inspiration and guidance here for achieving health and balance even with a busy schedule and limited resources.

Gluten-Free Easily

Shirley Braden leads a support group for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, and her blog aims to offer information and support to others who suffer from the same. She argues that eating whole, natural foods instead of focusing on processed foods makes eating gluten-free easy and inexpensive. Her blog is full of resources, including recipes, product recommendations, support group information, and more.

Happy Herbivore

Lindsay creates vegan food that is either low fat or has no fat. The focus is on whole, unprocessed foods without refined sugars and flours. Lindsay is a chef at a luxury resort, and her recipes have appeared in several publications. You can sample some of these recipes from her blog, read about vegan health and nutrition, and even sign up for some more intense courses on nutrition. Lindsay will also have a cookbook on sale in January.

Healthy and Fun

Tyler — a.k.a. "blogger boy” — became fit and lost 138 pounds. Now he's a fitness instructor and strives to maintain his healthy lifestyle. He started his blog as a way to keep himself on track. You won't find recipes or meal plans on his blog, but you can read along and find inspiration in his experiences to help keep yourself on track, as well, or to start your own journey with health.

Heather Eats Almond Butter

Heather started her journey with health and weight loss after graduating college. She started by making small changes in her diet and adding in exercise. Though she has tried different types of diets and exercise over the years, her main diet consists of "vegetables, fruit in moderation, some grains, meats, and of course almond butter!” Heather had a baby in November, and her recent posts discuss nutritional changes as a result of caring for baby, as well as trying to get back on track with fitness.

Chick and Fit

Find plenty of tips and advice here about how to incorporate fitness into your regular routine and to improve your overall health and wellness, including reducing stress and maintaining emotional health. Learn about ways to improve sleep, how to avoid sports injury, the best cleansing diets to try, and much more.

Krista's Kravings

Krista explains: "In reading Krista's Kravings you will be joining me on my ride to balance healthy eats, exercise, family time as well as lots of fun food and food related finds!” She shares her daily eats, recipes, product reviews and more.

Making Good Choices

Nicole started her blog to keep track of recipes and health tips, but through it, she has reconnected with her passion for living a healthy life. She shares workout ideas, meals and recipes, and restaurant recommendations. Her diet philosophy focuses on balance, but she cautions that there "are exceptions to every rule!” If you like the ideas and philosophy you find on her blog, you can hire Nicole as your own health coach.

Peanut Butter Fingers

Julie is a writer and editor with an interest in healthy living. "This blog follows my life and my eats as I work full-time, navigate life as a newlywed and enjoy each day!” Unlike many other bloggers, Julie also keeps a daily log of her exercise, not just her meals. So you can find lots of ideas and inspiration not only in her recipes but also in how she stays fit.

Your Trainer Paige

Paige explains: "Here you’ll find a healthy living blog depicting my daily eats, recipes, fitness, distractions, challenges, triumphs, and running — around Normal.” Paige is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. In addition to meals and recipes, you will also find a lot of information about fitness, including race recaps and a daily workout log.

Graze With Me

Jessie started her blog to celebrate her passion for fresh and healthy foods. In the beginning, she chronicled her diet and fitness routines to prepare for her upcoming wedding. Now she shares some of her meals, some of her favorite recipes, product and restaurant reviews, and other items of interest (health-related or otherwise).

Healthy Diva Eats

The Diva has gone from eating a childhood diet of pasta and bread to a model's diet of salad and protein bars to what is now a healthy, balanced diet, including lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats. Her blog shares tips, meal ideas, recommended products and more through her daily experiences.

Super Sana

Through her blog, Sana documents her attempts to living a healthy life as a college student recovering from a sports-related spine fracture. Her diet is "90 percent meat-free,” and she shares many healthy vegetarian meals ideas and recipes. She also shows that it is possible to make (or buy) healthy and delicious food even as a busy college student!

Roni's Weigh

Roni started her blog to chronicle her journey with weight loss — and she went on to lose 70 pounds. Now she blogs about healthy living, offering tips and inspiration for others. She offers an "Ask Roni” section in which she answers reader questions about health and weight loss. All of her recipes and other meal ideas are listed on a separate site that she maintains: Green Lite Bites.

Yoga is Yummy

Find yummy recipes and yummy photos and, of course, yummy yoga poses here. Healthy recipes and sample yoga workouts (videos) are offered to help you find ideas and inspiration for healthy living.

Give Me the Almond Butter

Michelle sets out to show that college students can avoid the typical diet and maintain a healthy balance throughout their dorm days. In addition to sharing her own experiences with healthy eating, she offers a series of informative and helpful articles including tips for saving money on shopping and cooking delicious and healthy foods in the dorm.

Sweet Cheeks

Kristi vowed to give up her unhealthy habits, and now she strives to find a balance between eating healthy and treating her sweet tooth. She describes herself as a "flexitarian” and eats a mostly meat-free diet, and her exercise includes running and yoga. Find some inspiration for your own meals and for living a healthier lifestyle.

Un Vie Saine

Gabriela is a French major at New York University, and her blog "documents my best attempts to lead une vie saine — a healthy life.” She eats a mostly vegan diet and loves to run. She shares her daily meals, including some recipes along the way, and discusses topics related to health and nutrition.


Like many other fitness bloggers, Bobbi struggled with her weight and unhealthy eating habits before adapting a more nutritious way of eating and other healthy habits. She shares healthy meals, recipes, a "living room boot camp,” running tips, and much more.

I Heart Wellness

Kris blogs about all aspects of health and wellness, not just nutrition and diet. Though she practices a vegan, mostly raw diet, her blog stresses the importance of balance. Other wellness topics addressed on the blog include fitness, emotional awareness, relationships, and much more.

For the Love of Health

What better way to sum up this blog than its own title? Find inspiration in the shared healthy daily eats, the nutritional info, and the goals for running a marathon while continuing college studies.

The Health Sleuth

Low fat, low carb, high protein, organic, non-GMO. Do you get confused about all the conflicting nutritional information you see on television and in magazines? Rick, the "health sleuth,” attempts to dispel some of that misinformation and to shed some light on the benefits of a high-raw, vegan diet.

Everyday Paleo

Sarah Fragaso is the author of Everyday Paleo, and her blog aims to share advice and tips on the paleo diet to show that "Paleo is possible!” You can find recipes for every meal of the day, video tutorials, and a podcast answering all your questions about the Paleo Diet.

Clean-Eating Machines

Kate's blog offers a glimpse into the daily menu of a family following a clean-eating lifestyle. Meals and recipes are often shared, but the blog is by no means a daily food journal. You'll also get a glimpse into Kate's training routine, and maybe pick up some pointers and inspiration along the way.

Trying to Heal

Melissa is a self-described vegetarian, runner, and environmentalist. She suffered from anorexia for many years, and she works to maintain her recovery through running and healthy living. Her blog shares many of her daily eats, as well as thoughtful reflections about health and about environmentalism.

Crunches for Cupcakes

Melissa explains her blog very simply: "My blog is my life story, with some useful information thrown in. I try to do lots of little things each day to lead me to a healthier and happier life.” She shares her healthy goals, some of her exercise routines, and some of her regular diet.

Lele Lurves Plants

Lele doesn't limit what she eats or follow strict guidelines for health: "Most of the time, eat the healthy stuff! When you occasionally want to splurge on yummy creme brulee with real cream, DO IT.” Her blog shares her own healthy eats and offers plenty of inspiration.

The Candid RD

Gina, a self-described "grocery store dietitian,” strives to dispel misinformation about diet and health and to help readers learn how to maintain weight and health without dieting and without deprivation. Some recent posts include a roundup of her favorite products, suggestions for quick dinners for working women, and healthy holiday recipes.

Nutrition Nut on the Run

Hillary is a college foodie "living a healthy life one run at a time.” She regularly shares her healthy meals, some recipes, and some of the routines she follows for exercise. Recently, she issued a "Holiday Hustle Challenge” to herself to break out of her exercise rut, and she is currently looking to break her sugar addiction to improve health.

Danica's Daily

Danica follows the principles of eating clean and Weight Watchers, and her blog documents her daily meals and snacks, her workouts, and her daily life. She also includes a weigh-in and weekly menu. Occasionally, her menus include recipes, tutorials or calorie counts.

Healthy in Candy Land

Candy is new to health blogging, but she is already off to a great start. Through the blog, Candy says she hopes to "further my knowledge of nutrition, share some of that information and recipes and show that living healthy is do-able, even busy families with young kids can do it.” A notable feature of her blog is the "peek of the week,” which discusses nutrition and food choices.

French Fries to Flax Seeds

Marianne is studying to become a registered dietitian, and her diet philosophy is inclusive but focuses on whole, natural foods. She often shares her daily meals, but does not attempt to document everything that she eats. Recipes are often provided for an array of healthy meals and snacks.

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