Top 100 indie music blogs for students

U.S. — Mid-Atlantic

A Heart is a Spade — From Brooklyn, NY, this blog covers both independent musicians (like Toro Y Moi and Yellow Ostrich), as well as well known artists (like Adele, Interpol and LCD Soundsystem). Recommended posts: "The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Stream Tune From New Album” and "No Age Shares Behind The Scenes Footage From New Video.”


All Things Go — Stephen Vallimarescu of this Washington DC-based site explains that the most dominant genres covered on his blog include indie rock, indie pop, electro-pop, hip-hop, experimental rock, and dance. "College students should listen to independent music because it makes them better, faster, and stronger,” he writes. Recommended posts: "Toro Y Moi” and "DeVotchKa — One Hundred Other Lovers.”

Brooklyn Vegan — If you dig the heavy/metal music scene, then this blog is for you. The articles are well researched and also  include some great concert photography, MP3's, videos, and album reviews. Recommended posts: "KEN Mode releasing 'Venerable', touring (new MP3 & dates)” and "Tapes 'n Tapes, Oberhofer & Xylos played MHOW (pics, setlist).”

The Culture of Me — This music/art website helps provide musical resources for the "culturally needy” and also "documents the lives and lifestyles of the young and vital.” Recommended posts: "Web: Pay what you want for Marie Stella's new single 'En Fluxx'” and "Stream: Fischerspooner — 'Infidels Of The World Unite (Villains remix).'”

Fluxblog — Blogger Matthew Perpetua  has been writing about indie music on the site everyday since 2002. Recommended posts: "It’s Yours If You Want It Too” and "Darling Don’t Look So Sad.”


If You Make It — This blog has a free album section and even a "comics” section, and covers a variety of different independent bands who are in desperate need of more exposure and support. Recommended posts: "Now, Now — Lucie Too” and "The Front Bottoms.”

i rock i roll — "Independent music is constantly changing the landscape of music as a whole, bridging across genres and always striving to innovate,” writes Nora Walker from Brooklyn, NY, whose site covers the indie rock, dance, pop, and shoegaze genres. "While mainstream music becomes more and more overproduced and commercialized, it’s increasingly important to support independent artists who strive to do something different.” Recommended posts: "I ROCK I ROLL's FAVORITE ALBUMS of 2010 — (#1-10)” and "Music Monday: CAVEMAN.”

It's a Rap — "If you are looking for a change in the same music that plays everyday, 400 times on the radio, independent music is where you go,” writes Chris Rogo, whose site is based out of New York. "The artists are plentiful and you are bound to find your new favorite artist by just searching around the Internet for music.” Recommended posts: "[Video] Kid Cudi- Ghost! (Unofficial)” and "Young Scolla- Built For It (Prod. By SMKA).”


Knox Road — This site is based out of New York City and Washington, DC, and posts include downloadable MP3's and profiles on  new and upcoming indie artists. Recommended posts: "Fujiya & Miyagi – “Yoyo” [MP3]” and "The Barettas.”

Large Hearted Boy — With over 4,000 RSS subscribers, this site helps keep all the music/film/literature nerds in the loop with upcoming album and DVD releases. Recommended posts: "Shorties (Patti Smith's Detective Novel, Fight Club: The Musical, and more)” and "LHB Weekly Wrap-Up: February 6th.”


Metal Lungies — "College is the best time to discover new things about yourself. Part of that includes listening to great music that isn’t on the radio or MTV. My freshman year was marked by a love affair with Motown,” writes the site's editor Evan, who lives in New York. "Indie music has a lot of strange, beautiful sounds to offer. It's extremely rewarding if you know where to look.” Evan also explained that his site covers the hip-hop, R&B, pop, and electronic genres. Recommended posts: "Homeboy Sandman — Fully Equipped” and "Metallungies Hollers @ Mark Ronson, Interview.”

Music Vagabond — Some of the many genres discussed on this blog include garage, hip-hop, soul, electro-pop, and much more. Recommended posts: "Bands to Watch in 2011” and "Crystal Fighters — Star of Love.”


Obscure Sound — Based out of New York City/New Jersey, the posts on this blog have full-length features and reviews, as well as the latest in music releases and news. Recommended posts: "Beware the Woodsman” and "Week in Review (2/5).”


One Thirty BPM — "Independent musicians are artists in the truest sense; they place the quality of their art above all else,” writes Evan Kaloudis, whose site is based out of New York, NY, and covers the indie rock, hip-hop, and electronic genres. "Plus they're the ones that need your support the most. If you like it, buy it.” Recommended posts: "LCD Soundsystem Announces Farewell Show” and "Video: Jenny & Johnny – 'Big Wave.'”


Pigeons and Planes"Indie music allows for a lot of creativity and artistic freedom,” explains Confusion of Pigeons and Planes from New York. "There's nothing wrong with mainstream music, but there's also nothing quite like discovering a wildly unique indie band.” When asked to explain the most dominant genres featured on the blog, Confusion writes that they are "open to anything…but hip-hop artists release so much music so that gets a lot of attention. I also post a lot of indie rock, indie pop, and some electronic stuff. My favorite is music that blends genres.” Recommended posts:  "Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues” and "PIGSET – Gutter (Mixtape).”


Potholes In My Blog — "College students should listen to independent music because it can further help in the process of opening their minds, which, to many, is what college is all about,” writes Editor-In-Chief Andrew Martin, whose site covers the hip-hop, indie, and electronic genres. "Indie music can provide outlooks, sounds, styles, perspectives, and concepts that likely won't be heard or presented in mainstream, major-label music.” Recommended posts: "Talib Kweli – Gutter Rainbows” and "Silent Knight – 'Stayin’ Busy.'”


Radio Exile — "Encouraging the growth of small, emerging artists helps develop a strong sense of musical community in any area, regardless of the city,” writes Shawn M. Smith, whose site is based out of New York, NY, and features the indie, alt-country, americana, electro-pop, twee-pop and rap genres. "Support indie musicians in concert, buy merch and spread their praises.” Recommended posts: "Noah and The Whale Release Video and MP3 for ‘L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.’” and "Physical Forms on Dirty Laundry TV.”


rockthedub — "College is a time of exploring one's self, and finding out about many different walks of life,” writes Khal, whose site is based out of New Jersey and covers hip-hop as well as the drum & base and dubstep genres. "The music industry would have you believe that musicians only sing about one type of subject, or make one particular sound. Indies give artists a chance to explore more, and bring maybe more personal views or different sounds, and you'll be surprised — those artists might express some emotions or tap into music you might not be aware of, but end up loving!” Recommended posts: "Money Making Jam Boys The Prestige” and " Zero Star 'Power 107.5 Radio Freestyle.”

Stereogum — This is another must-read music blog every music lover should be aware of. Recommended posts: "The 9 Best Videos Of The Week” and "Cold Cave – 'The Great Pan Is Dead.'”


We All Want Someone — "College is the time where you discover who you are,” writes Will Oliver from Rockland County, NY. "I think music plays a huge role in our lives, especially while in college. We develop a strong relationship with our music at this time. I think independent music is creating some of the most honest, and heartfelt music out there. I think it has a perfect place in college student's hearts. I'm in college, and I think this is very true.” Will also explains that the most dominant genres on his blog are alternative rock, dance, electronic, and from time to time folk, americana, and rap. "I like to keep an open mind and give everything a chance,” he writes. Recommended posts: "Download A Free Album From Pepepiano” and "Alex Turner’s Submarine Soundtrack Gets Release Date.”

yvynl — All of the posts on this site include descriptive write-ups of each musician/band as well as full-length interviews and profiles. Recommended posts: "Fiordmoss — Tigermy” and "Alex Winston — Locomotive.”

U.S. — Midwest

Count Me Out — From Chicago, Illinois, this site helps readers keep track of their favorite indie artists as they tour around North America. Recommended posts: "Video: Born Ruffians "The Ballad Of Moose Bruce” and "Stars Take Away Show.”


Daytrotter"What Daytrotter is attempting to do is to not kid around with you and tell you that we found something that you never knew existed…We’re giving you exclusive, re-worked, alternate versions of old songs and unreleased tracks by some of your favorite bands and by a lot of your next favorite bands.”  Recommended posts: "Guster” and "Blue Hawaii (Pop Montreal Session).”

Each Note Secure — This Ohio spot, "Cincinatti music blog” discusses the latest in album releases, upcoming concerts and festivals, as well as interviews with musicians and much more. Recommended posts: "The New Pornographers and The Walkmen coming to Cincinnati” and "Pop Empire unveils The Devil’s Party.”

I Rock Cleveland — This blog is described as an "indie rock, college rock, alternative rock, modern rock, and just plain rock blog,” and also has a "Folksy Friday” series. Recommended posts: “San Pedro” by Mogwai” and "Moving Pictures: “Holing Out” by Yuck.”


LaundroMatinee — From Indianapolis, Indiana, this blog covers local independent musicians as well as a wide range of genres like americana, dance, alt-country, folk, psych, hip-hop/rap, and much more. "We love it all, honestly,” explains Craig Dodge Lile.” As for Craig's opinion on why college students should listen to independent music? "They should listen to whatever moves them,” he writes. "Some days, I love Top 40 as much as indie. Just be happy with music…it is good.” Recommended posts: "Video Session : Tokyo Police Club” and "Video Session: The Young Republic.”

Indie_MFRMFR — "Independent music tends to more accessible peer-driven,” writes Ian Anderson, whose site is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and covers the indie rock, pop, and hip-hop genres. "Movements generally begin on the independent level and students more-often-than-not drive those very movements.” Recommended posts: "VIDEO: Crystal Castles — “Not In Love” (Feat. Robert Smith)” and "Best New Releases For 2/1/11.”


Music For Ants — "I'd encourage people to explore all types of music, independent and mainstream,” writes Taylor Johnston, whose site is based out of Illinois and covers the indie rock, electronic, folk, and indie pop genres. "I find independent music to typically be more interesting, creative, and original then whatever is playing on the radio, and it's made by artists who are talented and care deeply about their art.” Recommended posts: "The Decemberists: Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!” and "Cover: Portland Cello Project – All of the Lights.”

Muzzle of Bees — Indie music lovers swarm to this site (which is based in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago), just to stay up to date on the latest indie music releases. Recommended posts: "James Vincent McMorrow + The Rural Alberta Advantage” and "Interview: Justin Townes Earle.”

My Old Kentucky Blog The owner of this highly-recommended Kentucky blog is also the co-owner of LaundroMatinee, and despite its title the site is actually based in Indiana. Recommended posts: "New Song + Video : The Two Koreas : Midnight Brown” and "New Band Smell : Stellarondo.”

songs:illinois — This site is littered with artists from the bluegrass, alt-country, americana, gospel, honky-tonk, and rockabilly genres.  Recommended posts: "Nick Everett – 'old adventures/love songs'” and "New record from Hayes Carll – 'KMAG YOYO (& other American stories).”

TSURURADIO — Although the majority of the artists discussed on this blog tend to come from the independent  folk/pop genres, (like Iron & Wine or She & Him), some other bands mentioned on the site include Kyuss and Ron Sexsmith,  Recommended posts: "I said hell yeah to Said The Whale’s Islands Disappear!” and "Saturday Morning Music Videos with The TSURURADIO Community!


YNotMyDream.Net — "Independent music is where creativity lives,” writes hip-hop blogger Anthony Carrillo from Chicago, IL. "It's mostly about the real things people face in life, it's music with a true meaning. College students would only be  more motivated and inspired of the music. As a college student myself I personally look to listen to music with truth behind it, music that talks about the struggle and the good in life.” Recommended posts: "D.Mose: Loose Squares Vol.2 Mixtape Release Party (Event)” and "GLC & Twista: Cold As Ice (O.G. Version).”

U.S. — South


Culture Bully — This Nashville-based blog proves that there is more to the "Nashvegas” music scene besides country music and Kings of Leon. Recommended posts: "Finding Community in Ca$hville: An interview with Mac L” and "The Hood Internet: Arcade Fire vs. Blondie mashup.”


The Music Ninja — Straight out of Orlando, FL, this site covers mostly electronic artists as well as the alternative/rock and folk genres. Recommended posts: "[Electro] The Limousines – Internet Killed The Video Star (Kids At The Bar Remix)” and "[Best Of] The Music Ninja January 2011.”

Sunset in the Rearview -"I think the main reason I turn to indie music is because it provides so much room for creativity,” writes Lydia, whose site covers the hip-hop, indie rock, folk, mashups, and dance/dub/electronic genres. "Indie artists have the freedom to bend boundaries so much more than artists who are played on the radio. With radio music, it's almost as though there's a formula for success. Erase that formula and you're left with great music that often sounds like little else you've heard before.” Recommended posts: "100Bands.100Reviews.365Days.” and "Sorry, Weezy.”

You Ain't No Picasso — Blogger Matt Jordan is from Lexington, KY, and covers a variety of different independent bands every college student should be aware of. Recommended posts: "[MP3] RJD2 shares new album 'We Are the Doorways'” and "Danger Mouse and Jack White team up for 'Two Against One.'”

U.S. — Southwest

Indie_GorillaGorilla vs. Bear — This popular indie music blog is described as having their "finger on the pulse” of the independent music movement. Recommended posts: "gorilla vs. bear presents: Smith Westerns — Live in Dallas” and "winter mix 2011 :: iced in.”

Oklahoma Rock Newsblog Not just limited to rock music, this blog covers the most indiest of the indie bands as well as the latest concerning band breakups, reunions, musical events and tours. Recommended posts: "Vandevander is Everywhere, Man.” and "Life After The Uglysuit.”


Salad Days Music — "Independent music is kind of the alternative to what alternative music has become,” explains Jake, whose site is based out of Oklahoma City, OK. "The Internet has made it possible for so many great bands to exist that it is almost rude to just accept what corporate radio has decided we should like. We are seriously just a few mouse clicks away from tons of incredible music and a lot of people (bloggers) have put a lot of work into making this potentially overwhelming search a lot easier.” When asked to describe the dominant blogs featured on his blog, Jake writes that they end up covering indie pop the most, "but we will talk about anything we enjoy, regardless of genre.” Recommended posts: "SDM’s Top 40 Albums of 2010 | Collected” and "New Releases | 2/1/2011.”

So Much Silence — This blog is based out of Phoenix, AZ, and some of the many categories include "remixes,” "samples,” "covers,” and "hip-hop.” Recommended posts: "Phantogram: Mouthful of Diamonds (feat. ?uestlove)” and "Favorite song of 2010.”

Welikeit.indieThis Texas-based blog covers every electronic genre under the sun, like dubstep, disco-punk, synthpop, tech house, and everything in between. Recommended posts: "Gift of Fury” and "Every time I look into your eyes.”

Indie_WhiskeyWhiskey TeethWet your musical taste buds with this blog, covering underground hip-hop's best kept secrets. Recommended posts: "MaLLy & The Sundance Kid- Once We're Kings” and "Video: Distrakt- Adjust ft. Count Bass D.”

U.S. — West

Aquarium DrunkardThis highly-recommended indie site covers everything from indie folk to soul singers, and even the classic oldies. Recommended posts: "Charles Bradley :: No Time For Dreaming” and "Destroyer :: The AD Interview.


Everybody Taste — From Portland, OR, this blog covers both the rock and folk genres. "It's important to listen to something different every now and then,” writes blogger Matt Carr, "whether it be jazz, world music, indie rock, or heavy metal. It's fun getting to know what's out there.” Recommended posts: "Natural Child — 'The Jungle'” and "The Dodos — 'Black Night.'”

I Am Fuel, You Are FriendsThis blog covers everything from interviews with independent musicians, concert reviews, photography, and even literature.  Recommended posts: "The Head and The Heart sign with Sub Pop Records” and "Jeff Tweedy at the Boulder Theater last weekend.”


Olive Music -"The most dominant genres covered on Olive Music consist of experimental (ambient, noise, etc.), independent rock/pop, and occasionally metal/hardcore,” writes Carter from Sacramento, CA. "Our Flashback section also caters to the nostalgia in our tastes, which includes mainstream rock/pop, jazz, dub, and the aforementioned genres that we normally cover.” So what are Carter's thoughts on why college students should listen to independent music? "I wouldn't like to impose a particular brand or type of music on someone,” he writes, "I feel that independent music could promote studying in that the process of finding it requires more research than the accessibility of mainstream music.” Recommended posts: "Flashback: Merzbow — Sha Mo 3000 (Essence, 2003)” and "Review: Running — Running (Permanent, 2010).”


Passion of the Weiss — "I can't necessarily vouch for independent music over non-indie stuff,” writes Jeff Weiss, whose site is based out of Los Angeles, CA and covers the hip-hop, bass music, and psychedelic indie rock genres. "It's foolhardy to say that one is objectively superior to the other. However, I can say that indie stuff tends to have the least interference and commercial compromise and so, in effect often makes for a stronger less cynical product.” Recommended posts: "The Trunkfunk of Henning” and "Passion of the Weiss Mix: Candy Candy Children (White Stripes Rarities).”


Pretty Much Amazing — "We really like hip-hop, electronica and pop, but I'd have to say the many faces of indie rock dominate our coverage,” explains Luis, the editor of this California-based blog. "Sometimes (most of the time), the stuff that passes for music on the radio just doesn't cut it. Because indie music isn't as instant as Top 40 on the radio, most high school-age kids don't put the effort into discovering new bands via blogs or topical magazines. College-age is the perfect time to delve into music blogs and indie music.” Recommended posts: "Top Downloaded MP3s of 2010” and "ALBUM REVIEW: Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT.”

Rawkblog — Check out this blog to read up on the most talked about indie artists as well as upcoming concerts, albums and tours. Recommended posts: "Video: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – ‘Back in the Saddle” and "Video: Hosannas – ‘When We Were Young.’”


Record Dept. — "College students should listen to independent music because college radio played a significant role in the evolution of independent music and continues to do so,” writes Jason Felton, whose site is based in Portland/Seattle. "Independent music evolved from 60's garage, 70's punk, and 80's post punk, but really started to take form in the mid 80's when college radio began playing more do-it-yourself avante garde, experimental and local music that did not have the support of mainstream music labels. College is a time of education and exploration, and independent music is all about discovering new sounds, ideas, and pushing the boundaries; it is the expression of creativity and talent. Also, the money you pay to support indie music goes to the artists.” Jason went on to explain that his blog covers indie rock, pop, and folk, as well as americana/roots, country, alt-country, bluegrass, traditional, blues, "and a little of everything in between.” Recommended posts: "TREETOP FLYERS — TO BURY THE PAST” and "RIKKI ILILONGA & MUSI-O-TUNYA — DARK SUNRISE.”


SF Critic — "'Independent music' as a term doesn't mean much these days,” explains David Johnson-Igra, whose hip-hop/indie pop blog is based out of San Francisco, CA. "'Indie' or 'college radio' are all labels—so my answer isn't why should college students listen to independent music, but rather, why college kids should listen to music that isn't played on Top 40s stations: because there is a ton of other great music out there.” Recommended posts: "Skrillex’s [Interview & Playlist] “End Of The World” Mix” and "Darwin Deez [Interview & Playlist] 'Philosophically Speaking.'”


Tome to the Weather Machine — "College is a time to question everything you've been raised to believe,” writes Ryan Hall, whose site is based in Salt Lake City, UT, and Denver, CO. "If you have been spoonfed corporate indie rock or the top 40 radio, college is a great time to delve into what is happening well below the radars of the traditional tastemakers. Listening to weird/independent music is gratifying because, when you don't have to worry about selling your music on a market you are much more honest and can take greater risks.” When asked to describe the dominant genres written about on his blog, Ryan writes: "We tend to review a lot of ambient-drone artists and weird noise stuff. Nothing is off limits.” Recommended posts: "Albums I Missed Pt. II: Clara Engel, Jason Forrest, I Know You Rider, Sweet Lights” and "Vehicle Blues.”


Yours Truly — The author of this blog cover a variety of different bands in the hip-hop, dubstep, folk, rock, soul and experimental genres. When asked to explain why they think college students should listen to independent music, the blogger replied: "Because they'll be old one day and start turning into their parents.” Recommended posts: "Papercuts x Yours Truly” and "Something Below The Surface.”

U.S. — National

Indie_FLMYThe fmly — "There is no homogenized view in independent music,” writes Cameron Rath, "we have the ability to make what truly comes from our hearts (even if no one likes it or considers it music) and other people, if it's true can relate. Creative means can be a tool for a deeper communication through people that have never physically met.” Cameron went on to explain that the genres on his blog are "irrelevant,” but some common themes include "post future, slow wave, and death/life.” Recommended posts: "tune of the day” and "embers start a flame.”

Hear Ya — This blog has "South to Southwest coverage” but also records live sessions with independent musicians and bands in Chicago, IL. Recommended posts: "Yellow Ostrich – The Mistress [Album Review]” and "Young Buffalo, in the footsteps of Fleet Foxes and Local Natives?


I Guess I'm Floating — Even the indiest of the indie bloggers recommend this site, which was originally started by two college students. Recommended posts: "[MP3] Woodsman: “Insects” and "[Podcast] I Guess I’m Podcasting – Episode 12.”

Melophobe — This site has "song battles” so readers can vote for their favorite tracks and/or indie artists. Recommended posts: "Stream The Streets’ “Cyberspace and Reds” Here!” and "Death From Above 1979 REUNITE!

PitchforkIf you live for discovering new music, then this site should be a given. Recommended posts: "Young the Giant — Young the Giant” and "The Go! Team — Rolling Blackouts.” — With over 4,000 subscribers, this site brings you the latest in the underground punk scene. Recommended posts: "Mixtapes release free EP” and "New World/Inferno Friendship Society album out March 15th.”


REUP Spot — "Independent artists share a similar hustle as college students,” writes Vick Slate, whose "strictly hip-hop” site is based out of Texas and West Virginia. "Independent artists are grinding on their own with their own money trying to pave a path as college students are paying for their education to pave their future path.” Recommended posts: "Trae Tha Truth – 48 Hours” and "S-Preme – Beast Mode [Freestyle].”

Sonic Router — This blog covers a wide range of genres like ambient, dubstep, grime, house, funk, hip-hop, garage, swing, and electronica. Recommended posts: "RECOMMENDED EVENT: Bloc Weekend 2011” and "INTERVIEW: Kevin McPhee [nakedlunch/Idle Hands].”

Tiny Mix Tapes — This is another highly-recommended "must-read” blog for any supporter of independent music. Recommended posts: "Vivian Girls release new organ-inflected, Bacharach-inspired album on Polyvinyl” and "Stop, collaborate, and listen: The Flaming Lips team up with Neon Indian, maybe more?

Weekly Tape Deck — You can't get more indie than this. Check out this blog to watch videos of below-the-radar bands who just entered the underground music scene. Recommended posts: " bass drum of death//young pros @ newtown radio” and " brown recluse//mirror mansion.”


We Listen For YouHelp these bloggers help you, and can get that musical makeover you've always dreamed of. Recommended posts: "California Guitar Trio New Album & Tour” and "Jolie Holland & Kyp Malone (of TV on the Radio) at Zanzabar 2/2.”

International — Canada

Indie_365365 Albums a Year — "I think pretty much every genre has been featured on our site, but the ones that have been the most recurrent would be hip-hop, indie rock, and soul,” writes Charles, whose site is based out of Montreal, Quebec, (but the majority of the current staff is American). "We think independent music should be followed alongside all other forms of music by anyone looking for a well-rounded experience of music in general and a sense of grassroots movement at that point in time.” Recommended posts: "365AAY’s Top 50 Albums of 2010” and "Life Goes on: Why Music Remains as Exciting as Ever.”

Indie_514514blog — Some of the many artists talked about on this blog include Boyz Noize, Chromeo, Cut Copy, Holy Ghost!, Mark Ronson, the Scissor Sisters, Two Door Cinema Club, and much more. Recommended posts: "MGMT x Ed Banger: Siberian Breaks (Ed Banger All-Star Remix)” and  "514blog’s Best Remixes of 2010.”

Indie_AUXAux TV — Ashley Carter writes that her blog is based in Toronto, Ontario, and covers the indie rock, hip-hop, and pop genres. "College students should listen to independent music because, just like in a college classroom, sometimes it's important to think outside the box that's being drawn for you by mainstream sources,” she explains. Recommended posts: "Ex-Paramore member Josh Farro starts new band” and "AUX Sessions: Armistice 'Mission Bells.'”

Indie_BrokenspeakerThe Broken Speaker — This blog is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and covers the folk, indie pop, indie alternative, and Canadian genres. "Independent music gives artists more freedom to create music the way they want to and gives them creative control over their work,” writes blogger Jonathan, "something that college students can relate to and support.” Recommended posts: "Album Review: Young Galaxy – Shapeshifting” and Album Review: Hey Rosetta! – Seeds.”

Ca Va Cool — From Toronto, Ontario, this site covers some of the most talked about indie artists like Fleet Foxes, Deerhoof, James Blake, Destroyer, and much more. Recommended posts: "Broken Social Scene: London Music Hall” and "Braids.”

Indie_ChippedHipChipped Hip — Alex Hudson of the Chipped Hip writes that his Vancouver-based blog has a "special emphasis” on Vancouver- and Canada-based artists, and the most dominant genres are pop "and its many sub-genres (fuzz/power/electro/folk/etc.)” As for his thoughts on why college students should listen to independent music: "You're not in high school anymore and no one cares if you want to listen to weird stuff.” Recommended posts: "It’s only natural to feel this way” and "Why do you stand so close to me?

Chromewaves — Music lovers from all over the world visit this highly-recommended Canadian site to get the downlow on everything that is going on up north. Recommended posts: "Lahaha” and "Something's Turning Over.”

Coke Machine Glow This site is named after an album/book of poetry by Gord Downie, the lead singer of the Tragically Hip, (AKA "The Hip). Recommended posts: "Concert Review/Dismemberment Plan” and "Sic Alps.”

Hero Hill"Yellin' it cuz no one else is tellin' it,” this blog is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and focuses specifically on Canadian musicians who are trying to break into both the national and international music markets. Recommended posts: "Quick Hitters:: No Gold” and "File Under Amazing:: Hidden Words Temple.”

Indie_IndiemusicfilterIndie Music Filter"There's so much choice in music these days and the Internet has facilitated indie artists reaching their audiences,” writes Chris Budd, whose site is based in Toronto, Ontario. "You no longer have to be on the radio to get heard.  Indie bands have just as much talent as the popular bands, support the little guy.” Recommended posts: "Mansions” and "Your Sweet Love by Duchess Leo” and

Indie_JuiceboxJuiceboxdotcom —  "College students should listen to good music regardless of affiliation,” writes Sam Sutherland, whose "PUNX” blog is based out of Toronto, Ontario. "To quote Sloan, "If it feels good, do it,” and also, "and the joke is, when he awoke his body was covered in coke fizz.” Recommended posts: "They gave us a show, again.” and "Covers!

The Panic Manual — "We are a collective of individuals bringing you the latest in concert reviews, indie, britpop, Canadian, twee and all sorts of other music, movies, TV and everything else you like.” Recommended posts: "Cover Fridays/SXSW Preview: Ellie Goulding – Your Song (Elton John cover)” and "Shows This Week: Feb 7th to Feb 13th.”

Quick Before it MeltsJust because some parts of Canada deal with freezing temperatures for half of the year doesn't mean the Canadian indie music scene isn't hot. Recommended posts: "Bands that start with ‘W’” and "Steel city sweetness.”

Indie_SaidthegramaphoneSaid the Gramaphone — The authors of this blog are based out of Montreal and Toronto, two cities that are known to be the epicenter of the Canadian music scene. Recommended posts: "Gender Fault, Quake” and "Haunt The Old.

Singing Lamb — This blog doesn't just cover independent Canadian musicians that you've probably never heard of — some other artists discussed on the blog include Vampire Weekend, the Smith Westerns, Best Coast, Beach House, and The Walkmen. Recommended posts: "Allie Hughes, in love again” and "Best of 2010: Amanda.”

Slowcoustic — From Calgary, Alberta, this blog is living proof that independent musicians are worth giving a folk about. Some of the many genres covered on this blog range from folk and americana, to alt-country and down-tempo indie music. Recommended posts: "Song of the Day: “M4W” by Uncles” and "O’Death and Sweet Lights provide your soundtrack for Saturday.”


Vinyl and Vodka -"You shouldn't be just listening to independent artists, but supporting them, buying their music, and going to their shows as well,” writes Willis Hip from Edmonton, Alberta. "I'm still in high school, but I know a lot of new bands and artists start out while they are in college, trying to figure out what they want to do. It's a given that if they are making music then that is one of their passions — so supporting them is beneficial to their growth as an artist, especially during the time where students and colleagues might be in need for financial aid or moral support.” Although Willis explains he doesnt' like to label specific genres, he tends to post what he likes to listen to, like indie (rock/pop/folk) electronic, remixes, experimental, hip-hop, and even Top 40 musicians. Recommended posts: "Rising: Alpine — 'Villages'” and "Ellie Goulding – “Lights” (Bassnectar Remix).”

International — UK

Anika in London — Follow 20-year-old Anika as she ventures through London's music scene. Recommended posts: "Lia Ices” and "The Party’s Crashing Us.”

Indie_BluewalrusThe Blue Walrus — "We're a pretty eclectic bunch, but what we post tends to fall somewhere in the realms of folk, indie and electro or somewhere in between,” writes Tim Dickinson, who works as the Editor-in-Chief of this London-based blog, (although the writes are from all over the UK). "Independent music means being part of something new, having the excitement of finding bands as they emerge, and being able to see bands in smaller, intimate venues which all makes for a better experience.” Recommended posts: "Bands to watch: Year of the Tiger” and "Bird.”

Indie_BreakingmorewavesBreaking More Waves — "I believe that people should listen to all kinds of music — whether it's independent or not is irrelevant — as long as it connects with people in some way — my blog reflects that belief,” writes Robin Seamer, whose site is based in Portsmouth. Robin also went on to explain that the most dominant genres on this blog are electronic, pop, folk, acoustic and indie. Recommended posts: "Kites — New Waves” and "Rizzle Kicks — Fly Me To The Moon.”

Indie_DailyGrowlThe Daily GrowlThis London-based blog covers the indie, folk, and pop genres. As for blogger Tim Murray's thoughts as to why college students should listen to independent music, he writes that they'd be "mad” not to: "What with a world of music only a click away. Expand your horizons,” he writes. "And remember 'independent music' doesn't just mean what you might think of as 'indie' music. There's so much great stuff out there.” Recommended posts: "Phosphorescent interview” and "Candy sprays.”

Indie_ListenB4Listen Before You Buy — "I wouldn't go so far as to say they should listen to independent music over any other 'genre' because one man's pleasure is another man's poison,” writes Franky B. Rockafeller who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, (although the site is based out of York, PA). "…But I think 'independent' music has a lot of variety to offer and you can lose yourself in many different sub-genres and micro-genres and continue to find something new and fresh and exhilarating. At the same time the artists (from my point of view) seem to put a lot of time and effort into creating new music, interacting with their fans, promoting other new artists and also doing something creative with how they distribute their music, either for free via their blog, Twitter campaigns, Facebook  exclusives, and some really well-packaged and beautiful physical releases like vinyl…something you really don't find by pop or country or R&B, or the more mainstream genres.” Franky went on to explain that the most dominant genres on his blog are indie rock, electronic, hip-hop, low-fi/garage, alternative, dubstep, grime, and drum & bass. "It's not a genre, but I also post a lot of Mashups too,” he explains. Recommended posts: "[Listen/Download] – New Song By The Submarines – 'Birds'” and "[Introducing] – The Moonband.”


PinglewoodThis London-based blog has been around since 1983. Recommended posts: "Jessie J — BBC Sound of 2011 Winner” and "Most Disappointing Albums of 2010.”

The Recommender — "As the very lovely Stephen Fry once said, 'Education is the sum of what students teach each other between lessons, lectures and seminars,'” writes Mike, the editor and promotions manager for this Brighton-based blog which covers a variety of different pop and indie genres. "Music matters. Art matters. It is all that is best about being alive if you really think about it. Read a blog. You never know, you might learn something.” Recommended posts: "SAINT SAVIOUR” and "GROUPLOVE.”

Song, by Toad — Named after a character from the Kenneth Grahame book "The Wind in the Willows,” this blog discusses a variety of artists from the hardcore, electronic, and alt-celtic genres, as well as upcoming concerts in Edinburgh, Scotland. Recommended posts: "Some Celtic Connections Bits and Pieces” and "Let's Get Lyrical.”

This Music Wins — "My blog tries to cover anything that's breaking new ground or doing something particularly well, however the predominant genres on This Music Wins are lo-fi, folk, electronica and pop,” writes Peter Lanceley, whose site is based in Brighton. "Independent music is music made by people off their own backs, often with no financial help. When you hear a great independent musician, you know you have a real talent on your hands.” Recommended posts: "New Album: Earth Girl Helen Brown – Story Of An Earth Girl 10″ EP” and "Live Review: Esben & The Witch + Trophy Wife + Hind Ear @ Brighton Pavilion Theatre 1/2/11.”

Transparent — It doesn't get more indie than this. As written on the site:  "Dispensing weirdo pop music to prescription 24/7,” this highly-recommended blog actually started out as a printed magazine/fanzine in 2005. Recommended posts: "Freaked In” and "In Shadows.”

The Vinyl Villain —  "College students should listen to any music that they choose,” writes Jim Clark from Glasgow, Scotland, "but if they give a listen to indie music without prejudice, they will learn that there's a great deal more out there than fills the airwaves of your regular daily radio stations.  And they will probably find such music far more enjoyable and appealling…..and danceable.” Jim also explained that his blog is "largely” retro: "What you will mostly find on The Vinyl Villian are cuts from the 80s and 90s featuring UK indie acts, some of whom are well known (The Smiths) but many others less so (particularly acts which were around the Scottish music scene when I was a student and then first in employment (which is the early-mid 80s).”


Indie_AlteredZonesAltered Zones — Experimental, electronic, psychedelic, and shoegaze are some of the many genres discussed on this blog.  Recommended posts: "Air Waves: "Humdrum” and "Spectre Folk Readies New EP for Woodsist.”

disco naïveté — "disco naïveté is a Belgium-based music blog that covers all varieties of music,” writes the blog's author. "You will be treated on a new video, song or remix at least once per day, ranging from indie pop to chillwave, electropop to witch house, lo-fi rock to experimental sounds, and so much more. Popular artists or rising bands, because there's probably that one band you've never even heard of yet whose music you fancy an awful lot. No long monologues or descriptions on how a song should make you feel, just the basic information and the song for your streaming or downloading pleasure: your ears are yours, so decide for yourself wether you like it or not.” Recommended posts: "Röyksopp” and "Crystal Fighters.”

Electrorash — From Melbourne, Australia, this blog covers a variety of underground indie, electronic, techno, and disco acts, as well as more well known artists like The Chemical Brothers, Digitalism, Porcelain, Jay-Z, and The Prodigy. Recommended posts: "Feral Media vs LOFLY” and "Catcall.”


Fistful of Sound -"Fistful of Sound has hands working on it from Canada, the States and Australia. It originally started in Vancouver, BC, Canada,” writes Jan Galvez. "I believe that not only college students, but everyone, should at least give independent music a listen. It is a refreshing break from the repetitive bombardment of the "Top Hits” by the radio and television programs. Independent music displays the full potential of originality and creativity an artist can achieve. Because this genre is so vast and diverse, there is something for everyone.” Recommended posts: "Danny Winter – Fresh Cold Beats 2” and "Dan Mangan – Sold (Music Video).”


Polaroids of Androids — This Australian blog is based out of Sydney and covers the most talked about indie artists as well as the latest in Australian tours and concerts. Recommended posts: "Splendour In The Grass 2011 line-up leaks?” and "No Art — Kids In Place.”

Swedesplease — Never underestimate the talent of the underground Scandinavian music scene. Check out this blog to introduce yourself to the Swedish indie revolution, as well as new and upcoming acts from Stolkholm. Recommended posts:  "More Swedish folk – John Hawks and the 7 Song Seesion Tape” and "Grrrl rawk via Gothenburg – Five Finger Foreheads.”