Top 20 history podcasts

1. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Dan Carlin takes a sharp look at historical events and asks probing questions such as "Was Alexander the Great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler? What would Apaches with modern weapons be like? Will our modern civilization ever fall like civilizations from past eras?”

2. History According to Bob

Professor Bob Packett tries to bring history to life by telling stories about the people who were a part of some of the most significant events in world history. The Civil War, Napolean, and the Great Gaulic Revolt are just some of the topics covered in these podcasts.

3. Matt's Today in History

Take a look at a historic event that happened on this day. Each podcast is 5 to 10 minutes and provides a short story of a historic event. Everything from "before the Roman Empire to the fall of Communism” is covered here.

4. Teaching American History

This subscription-only podcast provides a weekly seminar on teaching American History. Teachers are encouraged to use primary source material in the classroom, and the podcast discusses ways that teachers can engage students with the material.

5. Historyzine

Jim Mowatt discusses a variety of historical topics, with a recent focus on the early 18th century and the War of the Spanish Succession. There are also segments that include Linguistic History Trivia, reviews of other history podcasts, book and film reviews and interviews with history writers.

6. Binge Thinking History

According to this podcast, "History is a myth agreed upon.” Posts explore historical events from all different time periods and regions, and there are brief summations of each episode listed beneath it.

7. My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

This podcast discusses the ways in which history and politics converge. Some episodes discuss the British political structure, what U.S. politicians "should have been” elected president but weren't, the religious beliefs of the founding fathers, and more. Archives are available for a fee.

8. Everything Lincoln

Renee Gentry is an author and independent scholar who studies Abraham Lincoln. Her podcasts discuss the 16th president, including his family, his physical features and more. Podcasts are free.

9. WWI: Experiences of an English Soldier

This podcast tells the tale of William Henry Bonser Lamin, an English soldier born in August 1887. Bring the history of this war to life through a first-person telling of the events.

10. Military History Broadcast

These podcasts focus on military aspects of both U.S. and world history. There are discussions on recent operations, such as the war in Iraq, as well as events farther back in history such as The Civil War, the Anglo-Dutch Wars, WWII and more.

11. Tudor History

Learn about one of the most fascinating reigns in world history — depicted over and over again in books, film and television. Podcasts have not been updated in some time, but with history being what it is (history), the information you'll find here will be as up to date as you need it to be.

12. British History 101

Graduate student Michael Anthony hosts this podcast, which discusses all aspects of British history, the land, and the culture. There are also blog posts that share interesting articles and discussions relating to podcast topics.

13. 12 Byzantine Rulers

Lars Brownworth, the author of Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization, hosts this podcasts, which explores Byzantine Empire by looking at 12 of its greatest rulers. Podcasts are free.

14. The History of Rome

This weekly podcast explores the history of the Roman Empire, starting with Aeneas's arrival in Italy and ending with the exile of Romulus Augustulus. Podcasts are consistently updated and are at times accompanied by pictures and supporting information.

15. Monticello Podcasts

These podcasts explore the life and times of President Thomas Jefferson. Learn about his life, his works as president, and even what daily life was like during his time, such as cuisine and culture.

16. Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean

Host Philip A. Harland is an associate professor at York University in Toronto and is the author of the book, Dynamics of Identity in the World of the Early Christians. Recent podcasts seem to focus more specifically on the influence of early Christianity and the history of Jesus in the region, with focus paid to historical evidence.

17. The Modern Scholar

The Modern Scholar aims to be a continuing education site for teachers and students of all types. Some of their history podcasts include "A History of Venice,” "Myths and Mysteries in Archaeology,” "The Life and Times of Mark Twain,” and "The People’s Dynasty.”

18. Book of Cleopatra

Learn about one of history's most intriguing — and most often portrayed — women through this dramatic reading of Cleopatra by Jacob Abbott. The narratives are voiced by the actors of peopletalk, a non-profit based in Britain.

19. Music History Podcast

You won't need any musical talent to learn from and appreciate this series of podcasts. Learn the history of musical greats such as Amadeus, Bach and Beethoven; the history of musical instruments such as the French horn or the violin; and the history of musical movements.

20. Baseball History Podcast

Learn about this week in baseball history, including the story of baseball greats, team histories, league histories and more. And hear about it from your own personal sportscaster!