Top 25 Homeschool Blogs

1. Barbara Frank Online
This freelance writer/editor and former newspaper reporter has homeschooled four children — three of whom are now adults. She continues to homeschool her youngest, who has Down's Syndrome. She is also the author of The Imperfect Homeschooler’s Guide to Homeschooling, Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers, and the upcoming Thriving in the 21st Century, and she publishes books and curriculum for homeschoolers with her husband. On her blog, you'll find thoughtful discussion about homeschooling, as well as tips and links to resources.

2. Five J's
Written by a mother of three homeschooled children, this blog shares her experiences, tips, resources and more. The author, Joy, has been homeschooling since 2005. Her self-proclaimed goal is to create life-long learners, and her posts will help other homeschooling parents do the same. Some popular posts include Four Easy Steps to Help You Fail at Homeschooling, How to Choose the Right Homeschool Curriculum for Your Family, and

3. The Homeschool Classroom
Fifteen women who homeschool their children oversee this blog, which has numerous tips, ideas, and resources for the homeschooling parent. Content is easily organized by category: Ages and Stages, Enrichment, Faith and Family, Great Links, Methods and Systems, Organization and Planning, and Subject Matter. A great resource for parents!

4. The Informed Parent
This practical-minded blog shares more resources and useful links than personal experiences about homeschooling, as so many other blogs do. Parents will find fun videos, reviews, lesson plans, and more. But the blog also has another goal: to help educate parents about their rights as homeschoolers.

5. Just Enough and Nothing More
Deschooling, zen-schooling, and unschooling are some of the topics you'll find on this commentary blog about homeschooling and other alternative education. The blog considers "what it means to learn, and why it’s important,” "living fully as a lifelong learning family,” and "how to fall in love with learning and teaching.” The blog also talks about real experiences with homeschooling and offers tips, resources, and links to helpful Web sites.

6. Life Learning
Homeschooling mom Lisa describes her approach to unschooling, homeschooling and attachment parenting. The site is rich in resources for homeschooling parents, including recommendations for books, support groups, board games, and videos. In addition to the content shared by Lisa, including lesson and activity ideas, there are numerous links to materials, information, helpful Web sites, and more. This is a great site for any homeschooler — both for those just starting out and for those looking for new inspiration!

7. Handmade Homeschool
The philosophy behind this blog, and the reason why the woman who writes it chooses to homeschool her two children, is "that humans should not be mass-manufactured.” Between posts about art, health and the family's daily life, you'll find thoughtful posts about homeschooling and parenting.

8. The Good Life — A Tale of Two Sons
The mother of two young sons writes this blog about homeschooling and family life. She shares her experiences, ideas, and tips, as well as a bit of her home life.

9. Home School Home
This blogs' tag line says it best: "The random thoughts and homeschooling ideas of a work-at-home, school-at-home mom of three. Archives go back to 2005, so there is plenty of material for ideas and inspiration — or commiseration. There are also helpful links.

10. Heart of the Matter
Faith and family are the focus of this homeschooling blog, which is rich in resources. There are sections on enrichment, reference, and family and faith. The site is even linked to an online magazine.

11. Cityschooling
This blog follows the adventure of one family as they navigate homeschooling in New York City — taking advantage of all the opportunities the city offers. Archives go back to 2004, so there is plenty of material sharing experiences and ideas.

12. Homeschooling with Joy
Many parents choose to homeschool their children to ensure a religious upbringing that is compatible with their education. This blog follows one Catholic family's experiences and thoughts with homeschooling and their faith.

13. Homeschool Blog
This blog aims to bring homeschoolers all the latest news and ideas in homeschooling, from the latest legislation to discussion of current trends. There are also plenty of resources and links. Part news site, part resource, this site is sure to have something for every homeschooler.

14. My Bountiful Life
This homeschooling mom recently moved to India and writes about her experiences with homeschooling. There are some homeschooling resources and materials, but the focus is on the writer and her family's experiences.

15. The Progressive Homeschooler
Homeschooling and other topics of interest to "open minded individuals” are explored on this blog. Recent blog posts cover current events, and there are numerous links to sites on politics, current events, and activism. There are also numerous links about homeschooling and using these topics in lessons.

16. Radio Free School
This blog was started by unschoolers at Radio Free School, a weekly radio show for home-based learners. The blog serves as an outlet for these homeschoolers to share experiences and, particularly, frustrations with homeschooling and the obstacles they encounter. Podcasts of Radio Free School are available for download, and there are useful links.

17. Throwing Marshmallows
Reflections on family life and trying to find balance are mixed in with posts about homeschooling. This mom of two shares her thoughts and experiences with homeschooling, children's literature and photography.

18. Why Homeschool
This blog explores why homeschooling is a better option for children and families than a traditional education. Extensive archives, homeschool- and education-related blogs and Web sites, and various resources help round out the informative and thought-provoking posts.

19. Homeschool Math Blog
Focus in on one subject area and get all the information you need in this blog! Here you'll find teaching ideas, links, worksheets, reviews, articles, news, and more. The site covers everything from abacus to calculus.

20. The Homeschooling Blog
A work-from-home mom and former homeschooler runs this blog in hopes of building an online homeschooling community. There are links to games, activity calendars, free lesson plans, teaching ideas, graduation supplies, and much much more.

21. Spunky Homeschool
A homeschooling mother of six runs this blog, which features thorough and thoughtful posts about homeschooling and related news. You'll find discussion on legislation, homeschooling in the news, politics and more.

22. Alasandra's Homeschool Blog
This hands-on blog features ideas for field trips and lesson plans, resources for homeschoolers, and posts about homeschooling issues. There are book reviews, discussion about legislation and current events, and candid discussions about homeschooling experiences. Numerous resources are provided.

23. The Homeschool Cafe
Three Mississippi homeschooling mothers write this blog, which is a mix of political commentary, talk on educational issues, and general discussion about homeschooling. Alasandra, of Alasandra's Homeschool Blog, is one of the contributors.

24. The Thinking Mother
A homeschooling mom in Connecticut writes this blog to share her experiences with homeschooling, as well as reviews, some resources, and some ideas for activities.

25. Guilt-Free Homeschooling
An 11-year homeschooling veteran runs this site with a focus on offering help, advice, and comfort to new or struggling homeschooling parents. There are numerous links and guides to every aspect of homeschooling, sorted by category or topic.