Top 40 podcasts for teachers

1. The Teacher's Podcast

Mark Gura and Dr. Kathy King bring you this series of podcasts, which cover "news, views, research and resources you can use.” Gura and king are educators themselves, and have experience as authors, professors and "ed tech experts.” The duo claim that their podcast won't offer you the usual fare, but instead includes a fun and crisp perspective, as well as valuable resources.

2. Teach42

This blog from Steve Dembo features regular podcasts on education and technology. Teachers anywhere can hear about ways to use technology in their teaching, and can get reviews and news about new technological trends.

3. Podcast for Teachers

This resource-rich site includes podcasts that cover technology and education, with some recent posts covering topics such as "Technology, Mobility, and Careers,” "Science and Social Media,” and "Digital Texts Rock!” Each podcast is accompanied by numerous resources, links to relevant current events, occasional interviews, and other relevant links. This is a great resource for all teachers!

4. Learning Matters

John Merrow hosts this podcast, which discuss current events in education. Podcasts are short — generally 5 to 10 minutes each — and topics include Race to the Top, education in New Orleans, Louisiana ways to evaluate teachers, ESL and more.

5. New Teacher Hotline

Dr. Glen Moulton, a supervisor of instruction and teacher trainer, and Michael Kelley, the author of Rookie Teaching for Dummies, host this monthly podcast for new teachers. Podcasts cover the answers to questions submitted by new teachers and a variety of other topics of interest to those in their beginning years of teaching. Episodes typically last 20 to 30 minutes.

6. Speaking of History

Eric Langhorst is an eighth-grade history teacher in Missouri, and he hosts podcasts that discuss education, history and technology. In his podcasts (and blog posts), he talks about trials in the classroom, reviews books, offers advice on how to incorporate technology into the classroom, and share professional opportunities for teachers.

7. Teacher Created Materials

You can stream or download podcasts on a range of subjects, from applying differentiation strategies to building vocabulary to fluency comprehension. Podcasts can be browsed according to teaching subject or by topic of interest, such as technology, test prep, and professional development.

8. Teaching with Technology

These podcasts cover "user-friendly techniques, suggestions, tips, and advice.” You can search podcasts according to topic of interest, which cover education and technology. Some recent podcasts discuss ways to use Google, blogs and other popular technology in the classroom.

9. The Tech Teachers

The mission of this podcast is simple: "Teachers talking about tech and education….” Ray is a physics teacher and Hollye is a Spanish teacher, and they focus their discussion on technology and how it can be used in the classroom. They evaluate popular gadgets and tools such as the iPad and google docs, and they include relevant links and resources with each podcast.

10. The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education

Mark Smilowitz offers insights and ideas about teaching in these podcasts. He shares reflections, tips, and strategies for teachers, especially Jewish educators.

11. Keeping Them Engaged

"The idea podcast for keeping students engaged” is hosted by Bobby Brooks, a self-proclaimed student engagement expert. His podcast explores unconventional ways to keep students engaged, including games and 3-D technology.

12. The Tech Pod Zone

This podcast features Mike, Rob, and Reboot talking in roundtable fashion about using technology in the classroom. The Wii, Moodle, and WikiSpaces are just a few of the tech tools that have been featured in recent podcasts.

13. Podcasts for Educators, Schools, and Colleges

These podcasts from the UK discuss a wide variety of topics relevant to teaching and learning activities. In addition to the podcasts hosted on the site, which offer a variety of resources and tips, the site also maintains a directory of other podcasts relevant to education and teaching.

14. Instructional Technology Podcasts

Instructional technology and curriculum design are the primary focuses of these podcasts, which focus a lot of attention on education in Texas. Distance education, gaming, higher education, and technical literacy are a few of the recent topics covered.

15. SMARTBoard Lessons Podcast

Categories covered under this podcast include art, health, math, media, reading, science, social studies, and writing. Regular podcasts include practical tips, collaborative discussions, and lesson planning advice. Each episode features a lesson, and all podcasts focus on the use of the SMARTBoard.

16. Teaching for the Future

Teaching for the Future is part blog, part podcast channel. Dave LaMorte is the host, and the focus is on education, technology, and literacy — particularly the strong influence that technology and the Internet have on all parts of society. Posts include relevant links, resources, and commentary.

17. Instant Anatomy

The podcasts on this site are just some of the myriad resources offered for the teaching of anatomy. Robert Whitaker was a paediatric urological surgeon before creating the site, and he is a current professor of clinically applied topographical anatomy. The site is full of resources for teaching and learning anatomy, and the podcasts offer in-depth and informative lectures.

18. JapanesePod 101

Use these podcasts to learn Japanese or to help you teach it in the classroom. Podcasts are organized according to level (beginner, intermediate, expert, etc.) and by topic. Each lesson is short and targeted around a goal.

19. ICT Guy

Here's another great podcast about effectively using technology in the classroom. Some recent podcasts include "Create Digital Texts From Your Blog Posts With Anthologize, "Xinha for Web Forms,” and "Should we compare the iPad to the netbook?” Here you'll find lots of informative posts with both tips and interesting discussions about using technology in teaching.

20. Educational Insights: Teaching for Today with Steve Decker

This informative blog features interviews, commentary and other content meant to promote discussion of educational methods and practices. Recent podcasts have tackled autism education, differentiation, and intervention models.

21. Middle School Matters

Podcasts are interspersed with blog posts about middle school news and educating middle school students. There is a focus on technology, with many recent posts focused on the impact of the iPad. Blog posts and podcasts include relevant links and resources.

22. District Leader's Podcast

Eight hosts contribute to this podcast and accompanying blog, which is sponsored by McGraw-Hill Education’s Urban Advisory Resource. The resource includes educators and experts with experience in managing large school districts. Topics have included technology, intervention strategies, and Race to the Top funding.

23. Shakespodospheare

This podcast is devoted to the study of major works of British literature, specifically those of William Shakespeare. The majority of posts offer dramatic readings of the works, though some delve into explanation and analysis. These make great for great classroom conversation starters, and the dramatic readings can really bring the works to life!

24. English Conversations

These podcasts offer practical conversations for those who are learning English — or even for those who are looking to improve basic skills. You can browse conversations by topic, verb tense, or category. This is a great resource-rich site that's great for teachers or independent learners!

25. Just Vocabulary

With just two words featured on the GRE per episode, this series of podcasts promises to increase your vocabulary skills. Each show includes definitions of the word, including synonyms, antonyms, and examples of usage. Another site that's great for teachers or independent learners!

26. Blabbinit

"The chattering world of English” includes podcasts, a blog, karaoke, videos, and comics. Podcasts cover grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and more.

27. An Idiom a Day with Dave Jackson

This is a fun series of podcasts that gets at the eccentricities of English usage — bringing to life the everyday phrases and slang that native speakers use so frequently. This is a great site for teachers of English as a Second Language, especially, but it would also be great for teachers to use to challenge students to think about the origin of language and how literal definitions can be stretched and subverted.

28. Charles McNair's Book Reviews

Don't expect to find a review of John Grisham's latest novel here; Charlese McNair, an AM radio show host, reviews some of the most historically significant novels, such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Things Fall Apart, and Moby Dick. These podcasts are a great supplement to classroom discussion about these notable works of literature.

29. This Week in Science

This "kick ass science podcast” looks at what's new and significant in the field of science. Podcasts include in-depth discussion and analysis that helps elucidate scientific concepts and can encourage debate and classroom discussion.

30. Science on the Wild Side

These podcasts include "science and nature features, news, and humorous educational songs to listen and learn by.” The environment, animal species, ocean life, and space are just a few of the recent topics covered. Great for primary and middle-school students!

31. Truth Driven Thinking

These podcasts, hosted by author Stephen Gibson, critically analyze a number of trends and philosophical questions about human existence and religion to arrive at logic-based conclusions. The discussions found here are sure to stimulate heated debate among students, and they will surely be fertile ground for teaching students about thinking critically and building sound arguments in defense of their view points.

32. I Love History

This series of podcasts challenges listeners to "think question understand.” Podcasts cover apartheid, civil war, Elizabeth I, first world war, the Romans, and the modern world. There are also links to relevant sites and resources.

33. Colonial Williamsburg

Listen to podcasts about colonial American history from this well-known recreation settlement. Every podcast includes additional resources, and the archives go back to 2005. This is a rich resource for history teachers!

34. Great Speeches in History

Learn Out Loud offers a new historical speech each week. Expect to find notables such as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Winston Churchill. But don't expect the speeches to be limited to those figures who lived during a time when recording was available. Reenactments are presented of figures such as George Washington. Podcasts can be downloaded or streamed, and each speech includes the author, the date, and some background information.

35. The History Faculty

Video podcasts lead students through in-depth discussions about historical figures and movements, and offer presentation and study guides to introduce new subjects. Subjects cover all historical eras and regions, and podcasts can be searched by topic.

36. EdTech Musician

The focus of these podcasts is on technology and music. Sometimes, posts feature discussions and examples of different music types, and other times, posts focus on the type of technology used in the production of music.

37. Music Teachers 911

This educational podcast is focused on helping music teachers improve their classes and their student performances. Episodes include useful tips, interviews, and a Q&A with listeners.

38. Photoshop for Painters

With the rise of the digital age, even tangible works of art have had to adapt to the need for digital representation. This podcast helps painters navigate photoshop to highlight and promote their work.

39. Photography 411

This series of podcasts focuses on practical tips and resources for better understanding and improving photography skills. It also looks at news and trends in the field, and includes interviews with leading experts.

40. English as a Second Language

This podcast includes useful tips and in-depth discussions for teaching English as a second language. Members of the site can also get full transcripts, additional vocabulary, comprehension questions, and extra explanations and cultural notes.