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Online degree programs have come a long way since the early days of distance learning. Every year, more colleges and universities are putting courses online as a way to serve a growing population of students who want to get a degree but don't want to sacrifice quality or disrupt their personal lives to do it. For working adults and other students with serious commitments, the opportunity to get an online degree means they can enhance their education and improve their careers in ways that wouldn't have been possible just a few years ago.

That's where we can help. Our goal at is to give you the tools to find the best online degree for your personal and professional goals. From online-only colleges to traditional schools with online degree programs, we offer guides that will help you prepare for the future.

You Need a College Degree

A college degree remains one of the best ways to gain an advantage in the working world and set yourself apart in the eyes of an employer. Getting an online degree demonstrates not just mastery of certain skills but a willingness to commit to major projects and improve yourself and your abilities. What's more, studying through online degree programs means you're getting the same high-quality information as your counterparts at traditional colleges and universities. While a degree is never a guarantee for a job, it's still one of the best investments you can make for your future.

Working Adults Drive Higher Education Reformation

There are plenty of online degree programs to choose from, too. Associate and bachelor's degrees are popular ways to learn about a subject and gain experience that can be crucial when entering the working world. There are also master's degrees and online Ph.D.s available, too, for those students who've already achieved a certain level of education but want to see where postsecondary degrees can take them. The growing number of working adults looking to get an online degree has led to a dramatic rise in the number and quality of programs being offered. There's never been a better time for online education.

Online Degrees Become Legit

Accreditation is the process through which online colleges and universities have their services examined and vetted to prove they're offering high-quality classes to their students. This is the same thing that traditional colleges and universities do to prove their worth. As distance education has become more popular, it's become more important than ever for students to make sure they're attending a quality institution.

Featured Research

We used the official Bureau of Labor Statistics National Compensation Survey to estimate lifetime salaries for each of several hundred jobs and occupations.  Since the primary purpose of the exercise was comparisons between degrees rather than exact predictions for individuals, we used a simplified model of career progression, in which holders of all jobs start near the lower end of the salary distribution for their occupation and receive raises in a steady fashion over the course of their working career.  To reduce this salary curve to a single number, we used a net present value calculation with an assumed discount rate of 5%.

We solicited freelancers for their opinions on what degrees someone in each job likely had, and connected degrees to jobs when there was substantial agreement between our freelancers.  To assign jobs to degree levels (such as associates' degrees, bachelors' degrees, masters degrees', and doctorates) we relied on BLS data, with a handful of corrections for data errors. 

For comparisons between degrees, we used a weighted average of salaries for occupations with the highest degree of agreement among the pairings suggested by our freelancers.  The BLS data includes many categories for managers: average salaries for these were calculated but are not included in the degree comparisons to avoid biasing the results based on whether the BLS had broken out a managerial category for a specific career or not.

Online Nursing Degrees

One of the fastest growing areas of online education is the nursing field. To accommodate demand we have created Online Nursing Degrees, a new site dedicated to the nursing field.

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