Top 100 Travel Blogs

Chris Around the World

Chris Gray Faust is a former travel editor at USA Today and the winner of a 2010 Lowell Thomas writing award for travel blogging. She shares her tips for travel and offers commentary on travel news and trends. Some regular features of her blog include "Trip Reports,” "Memorable Meals,” "Travel Tips,” and "5 Reasons.” Some interesting recent posts include Dieting While Traveling Using Weight Watchers, Coriolis Effect: Do Toilets Flush Differently in the Southern Hemisphere? and On the Road with the Gutsy Traveler, Marybeth Bond.

Nomadic Matt's Travel Site

Nomadic Matt has been living as a traveler since 2005, and his blog shares his experiences on his travels, as well as travel tips, profiles of different destinations, and commentary on travel news. There are also recommendations for travel books and guides. Some notable posts include The Great American Road Trip, A Girl's Guide to Italy, and Buying a RTW Ticket.

Solo Traveler

Janice has been traveling since she was a teen — for years with her husband and children and now as a solo traveler. She shares her trips and offers advice along the way. She even accepts requests for travel. There are profiles of destinations, lots of pictures, product reviews, and tips for travel. Some notable recent posts include Solo Travel Planning: The Important Though Tedious Details, Confessions of a Solo Bobo, and Travel Solo: If Not Now, When?


This comprehensive blog offers travel news and information on specific destinations. There are categories for budget travel, technology and travel, travel tips, and much more. Find all the answers to your travel questions here! Some notable recent posts include You Might Not Like Disney Dream, 10 Destinations to Skip in 2011, and National Geographic Jumps into the Adventure Travel Arena.

Rick Seaney

Rick Seaney is the CEO of Fare, and his blog offers expert tips and commentary on travel, with a focus on flying and the airline industry. Seaney is a frequent guest on news and entertainment shows, and is often quoted by the news media, including publications such as USA Today and the New York Times. Some notable recent posts include More Airline Fees in 2011? My Predictions, Airline Passenger Bill of Rights and Bumping — What You Should Know and Six Reasons to Hop on a Plane this Summer.


Tnooz "focuses on technology, digital distribution, media and marketing, web strategy, start-ups and financing in the travel sector.” Some interesting recent posts include Top 3 Tips for Remarketing Techniques in Travel, How Facebook Can Work for Travel Competitions, and Analyst Report: Expedia, Orbitz Feeling Impact of American Airlines Exodus.

Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt has been traveling the world since 2007, and his blog shares his adventures on the road. Places that he's visited in the last year include Fiji, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, Canadian Atlantic Provinces, South Africa, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Las Vegas, Nevada and Honolulu, Hawaii. Posts regularly share stunning photos of travel locales, often available for purchase. Some interesting recent posts include 8 Things You Might Not Have Known About Hawaii, Traveling to Dangerous Places, and Being Productive and Working While Traveling.

The Practical Nomad Blog

Author Edward Hasbrouck has written a series of The Practical Nomad travel books and has served as a consultant and policy analyst on travel issues for several groups. He is a consumer advocate and travel expert, and his blog discusses issues related to federal regulation of travel, privacy issues, and more. There are many useful guides also included on this blog, such as How Does Hotel Discounting Work? What's in a Passenger Name Record (PNR)? and How to Request Your Travel Records.

Online Travel Review

Jared Blank, a former travel analyst, writes this blog, which discusses travel news and offers tips and commentary about travel and the travel industry. You can also search for travel deals. Some interesting recent posts include How to Get Miles for Free Flights Using Credit Cards: An Introduction, The Airline Fees You Should be Complaining About, and What Are You Buying When You Buy an Airline Ticket?

Christopher Elliott

Consumer advocate Christopher Elliott offers commentary and advice on travel, trends and news. There are question-and-answer sections, and practical advice for consumers. Some interesting recent posts include That's ridiculous! Hotels are Charging Even More for What Should be Free, Most Travelers are Skeptical of User-Generated Hotel Reviews, and But I Never Asked for Car Insurance!

Upgrade: Travel Better

Mark Ashley's blog focuses on business travel, including the ins and outs of loyalty programs, airfare, and hotel stays. His motto is "Living the first-class life…at coach prices.” "The site provides news, travel tips, and commentary on happenings and trends in the travel industry for the traveler looking to maximize comfort, style, and convenience, while getting a great deal.” Some notable recent posts include The Latest Threat to Your Safety: Inflight Wi-Fi? Upgrades and Downgrades: iPads Inflight, Contraband, Biofuels, and Security Cartoons, and Lufthansa Revives Inflight Internet Over the Oceans.

Almost Fearless

Christine Gilbert left her job managing a successful company to become a freelance traveler and writer. She sold all of her belongings and started traveling — visiting 17 countries and 25 cities. Her blog shares her experiences traveling and offers some tips for others interested in doing the same. Some popular posts include 8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 22, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Redesign Your Life and Travel the World, and 10 Unexpected Costs of Owning Things.

Uncornered Market

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are a married couple who have been full-time travelers since 2006, and they share their photos and stories from life on the road. "We aim to humanize the places we visit, drawing our readers in through photographs and stories, so they connect with people and places they might otherwise never hear about or actively disregard.” Some interesting recent posts include Geotagging Photos: A Software Review and Tutorial, Facing Fears, Wiping Out, and Getting Up Again, and Our Low-Tech Travel Gear of the Year.

Travel Rants

Darren Cronian writes about the problems that travelers often encounter, from handling airfare to hotel bookings to touring. He started the blog after he a bad interaction with a travel agency and needed a place to rant about it. Now his rants help fellow travelers. Some interesting recent posts include Will Luxury Travel Struggle in 2011? Skip Times Square When Visiting New York City, and My (Stupid?) Travel Predictions for 2011.

Canada's Adventure Couple

Dave and Deb have been married for 13 years, and they have been traveling since shortly after they met. Their blog aims to tell the truth about their experiences traveling, the good and the bad. Some top posts include Christmas Abroad, Our Lack of Holiday Tradition, Getting Around Internet Censorship While Traveling, and Comfort While You Travel.

A Luxury Travel Blog

This blog by Paul Johnson focuses on "the finer aspects of travel.” Readers can learn about stays at luxury hotels and resorts, as well as other travel perks. Some recent posts include 5 Top Tips for Luxury Travel on a Budget, Top 15 Experiences You Shouldn't Miss in Australia, and Travel Like a Celeb — Just Leave the Hawaiian Shirt at Home.

Delicious Baby

For families with wanderlust, this blog offers advice for making travel with kids fun. In addition to travel tips and guides, there are numerous photos and links to deals for families. Some notable practical posts include Travel Toys, Preparing Your Kids for the Trip, and Babyproofing Your Hotel Room.

Europe a la Carte

Here you'll find profiles of travel destinations throughout Europe, in addition to tips and guidance for planning your travels. In addition to the blog, there are frequent podcasts, which offer you an insider's view. Some interesting recent posts include 6 Tips on Making Time for Travel, Language (Mis)Adventures While Traveling, and Best Places to Slow Down and Experience Vienna’s Café Culture.

Journey, Etc.

This blog offers travel guides for locations throughout the world, including luxury vacations. There are profiles and guides for specific locations and regions, as well as general travel advice. Some interesting recent posts include

Tim Leffel's Cheapest Destinations Blog

Tim Leffel is a travel writer who has been around the world three times in the past 20 years. He is the author of several travel books, including The World's Cheapest Destinations. His blog offers some insider tips on not just saving money on travel, but also on smart travel. Some recent posts include Get Four Free Plane Trips Per Year, Four Annoying Things to Consider Before You Move Abroad, and Two Weeks, One Carry On.

The Cranky Flier

Bretty Snyder is the "chief airline dork” of Cranky Flier, and he has been a long-time travel aficionado and has worked in different capacities in the travel industry. His blog offers commentary on travel news and trends. Some recent posts include Flying from JetBlue's Efficient JFK Terminal 5, The Case for London/City and the Flight to New York and Club World on British Airways (Trip Report).

Heather on Her Travels

Heather explains: "This is where you’ll find tales from my travels, where I take you with me to meet the people, taste the food and experience the sights and sounds I came across along the way.” Posts include lots of wonderful photographs and videos to help bring these locations to life. Posts also include links to additional resources and information for other ideas and planning your trip. Some interesting recent posts include See Where the Road Will Take You in Spain, Roadmap to the Riviera — a Drive from Nice to Monte Carlo, and My Top 10 Sights in Budapest with the Help of the Eyewitness Guide from Dorling Kindersley.

Malaysia Asia

Read all about travel in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Luang, China, and Hong Kong. Some interesting recent posts include Islands to Visit in Malaysia for 2011, Matta Fair 2011, and Le Tour de Langkawi 2011.

Boarding Area

Get insider travel tips, special deals, travel news and much more on this comprehensive blog. Posts focus on consumer tips for travel, including how to find deals, using rewards programs, and more. Some recent posts include The Value of Incremental Revenue to an Airline, Survey of Hotel Discount Reward Nights, and The Two Most Difficult Frequent Flyer Award Redemptions Out There — And How to Book Them.

Johnny Vagabond

Wes Nations is Johnny Vagabond, and his blog chronicles his experiences taking a year off to travel the world. He says, "Along the way, I’ll share photos, reviews, tips and tricks, and try to answer any questions you have.” Some notable recent posts include Depression, Burn Out and Renewal on the Streets of India, Instant Karma: My Beer Run by the Ganges, and It's Wedding Season in India.

Otts World

Otts World shares the "travel and life experiences of a corporate American runaway.” Sherry — the corporate runaway — has turned full-time traveler, and her blog shares her journeys to locations off the beaten path. Some interesting recent posts include Unplugged Travel, Getting a Ride with Strangers, and Minimalistic Beverages.

Travels With a Nine-Year-Old

Think that you're tied down because you're a parent of have family? This mother and son duo prove that's not the case. The two have been traveling around the world for over a year now (Z is now 10), and they share their experiences and tips along the way. Some interesting recent posts include Nine Lessons from a Year of Travel Blogging, Like Jane Austen but Not: The Single Gal's Guide to Traveling Asia, and Travel Tips: Avoiding Transport "Scams”.

A Dangerous Business

“It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no telling where you might be swept off to.” This quote by J.R.R. Tolkien inspires the travel philosophy behind this blog, which chronicles the travels of Amanda. Posts include travel tales, travel tips, photo essays, videos, and more. Some popular posts include Great American Road Trip 2011: The Plan, Why I'm a Weenie When it Comes to Solo Travel, and 9 Money Saving Tips for Travelers from Travelers.


Rolf Potts has been a travel reporter for publications such as National Geographic Traveler, the New York Times Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, and Outside, in addition to National Public Radio and the Travel Channel. His blog shares travel tips and destination profiles. Some interesting recent posts include Travel Talismans, Jjimjilbangs in Korea, and Staying Safe in "Dangerous” Places.

Go, See, Write

This former attorney decided to take a trip around the world without ever getting on a plane. Two years later, he has traveled through 44 countries, returned home, and returned to traveling — this time in Colombia. Some interesting recent posts include Worst Hotel I Have Ever Stayed In?, Worst Dorm Night Ever…And My Revenge, and Third World Begging.

Phil in the Blank

Phil started his travels in West Africa, but continues to travel wherever the inclination takes him. His blog reflects his interests in slow travel, music, and people drawing camels. His blog is an eclectic mix of travel photography, travel writing, musical collections, and pictures of camels. Some interesting recent posts include 3 Fun Strategies to Deal with Hasslers, Hawkers and Touts, Inside My Head: Five Months Alone in West Africa, and Things to Eat and Drink in Morocco that Taste Good.

Soul Travelers 3

A married couple and their young daughter are the three soul travelers behind this blog, which follows their adventures traveling around the world. They also share their tips, reviews, and more. Some interesting recent posts include Family Travel Hawaii: Learning to Surf in Kauai, How to Make Perfect Paella Valenciana in Spain! and First Christmas in Asia.

Backpacking Matt

Matt set out to work in Ireland and the U.K. for a year after he graduated college, but traveled to 14 countries over 16 months and returned home long enough to save for his next trip. His blog offers profiles and photo essays of travel destinations, as well as practical tips for travelers. Some interesting recent posts include 5 Cities You Should Visit on Your RTW Backpacking Trip, Traveling for the Unexpected, and 5 Ways to Fund Your Travels Around the World Online.

Over Yonderlust

Shaun and Erica are high-school sweethearts who got married and decided to travel the world. Posts not only share their experiences abroad, but also offer thoughtful reflection about life as travelers and what it means to make your own path. Some notable recent posts include Risks in the Game of Life, Confronting Fears Abroad, and Empathic Civilization.

A Little Adrift

Shannon O'Donnell spent a year traveling around the world, then decided to just keep on traveling. "This blog started as a way to chronicle my travels, and it still does function like that, but I also craft stories to inspire the arm-chair travelers out there, advice for others setting off on RTW trips, and occasionally those resources that have helped me become location independent.” Some interesting recent posts include A Little Accountability…I Tell You, You Keep Me Honest, A Little Perspective…Another Year Over, a New One Just Begun, and A Little Synchronicity…Plan? Who Needs a Plan?


Who needs to travel the world when you can spend time in the greatest city in the world? This blog offers a comprehensive guide to New York, with posts on everything from food and drinks to hotels to sightseeing and much more. There are posts to events and festivals, links to deals, and much more.

Got Passport. Will Travel. Will Serve.

This family of three is living in Thailand and traveling throughout Asia. In addition to travel, the blog talks about the importance of education, service, and living simply. Some interesting recent posts include Travelers: Be a Gracious Guest, Not a Pest, How to Be Our Good Neighbor: Offer Food! and Less IS More: George Carlin Had a Point About all That *STUFF*.

Two Backpackers

Jason and Aracely gave up their corporate careers to backpack around the world and "to discover and validate our passions, step outside of our comfort zone, and grow as individuals.” Their blog shares their experiences, their advice, and reflections on alternative living. Some interesting recent posts include Where to Travel Before the World Ends? Paris on the Cheap and Visiting Lost City of Petra on a Budget.

Traveling Mamas

Get tips for family trips, girlfriend trips, finding travel deals, choosing the best gear, and much more. There are also product reviews, links to online deals and travel resources, and more. Some notable recent posts include 2011 Year of the Passport — A Year for International Travel Adventures, 5 Tips for Visiting Great Wolf Lodge Properties, and Tips for Driving on Snow and Ice.

Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

Barbara Weibel says she felt like a "hole in a donut” — "”solid on the outside, but empty on the inside” — after working long hours at jobs she didn't like. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease, she made the decision to pursue the things that made her happy: travel, writing, photography. She went on a trip around the world, and she continues to travel and write about her experiences, the people she meets, and the way that travel has changed her. Some interesting recent posts include Healed by a Tibetan Shaman, Life in Puma, Nepal — An Exercise in Sustainable Living, and Travel Tidbits Worth Passing On.

Vagabond Journey Travel

"Perpetual traveler” Wade Shepard founded this online magazine, which features nine different sections and nearly a dozen contributors. The blog features product reviews, tips for travel, discussions on current events, and more. Some notable recent posts include Long Term Travel Primer on How to Keep Traveling, What Makes a Country Good for Bicycle Travel and How to Find Good Hotels to Rent Rooms by the Month.

The Longest Way Home

This is the blog of "a guy traveling the world in search of a place called home.” The guy — Dave — shares his thoughts on each country he visits and whether or not it will eventually be home. Posts share thoughtful reflections on culture, travel, society, and more. Some interesting recent posts include Food from Sabah, Malaysia: Lost in Culinary Translation! Sitting with Homeless People in Kota Kinabalu and Delusional Happy Smiles Don't Work with Travel.

2 Nomads, 1 Narrative

Rhys and Nicky started their journey traveling around southeast Asia, then settled down to teach in Korea for a year, then traveled through India and Nepal. They are currently back in the U.S. awaiting their next trip to Asia. Many posts recount the highlights of their travels through Asia, such as The Beautifully Dirty Ganges, Only in India…! and Our Top 10 Korean Experiences.

Abandon the Cube

Lauren and Mike share their experiences and tips for traveling the world, including a brief history and summary of each country they visit. Some interesting recent posts include Should You Look for Work in China, Asks CNN. ATC Responds! Apartment Hunting in Beijing, China and Job Hunting in Beijing, China.

1,000 Places to Fight Before You Die

Mike and Lucy travel somewhere (and fight) together every year for their anniversary. Along the way, they learn more about themselves and create cherished memories. They share their secrets for traveling on the cheap and finding great new destinations. Some interesting recent posts include Stay in a Castle! In the States? The Secret Safari and Top 10 Reasons to Travel as a Couple.

Traveling Savage

Keith is traveling through Scotland and documenting his experiences along the way. Get an in-depth look at the people and places of Scotland, and learn some tips for planning your own travel. Some interesting recent posts include 5 Edinburgh Pubs I Can't Wait to Visit, Highlighting Edinburgh's Literary History and Coming of Age: The Flavor of Travels Over Time.

1,000 Lonely Places

This blog strives to inspire people to travel and discover the world by offering tips for travel and information on interesting places to visit. Some recent destination profiles include Top 5 Luxury Islands, Kasbah Tamadot — Sir Richard Branson's Spectacular Moroccan Retreat and The Romanos Luxury Resorts, Costa Navarino.

Happy Time Blog

Aaron and Georgie maintain this blog, which follows their full-time travels. But this is not just another travelogue: Posts are comprehensive and cover all the ins and outs of travel, from finding deals to booking hotels to life on the road. Some recent posts include How to Make Money While You Travel, How we get to Southeast Asia for less than £100, and How to Enjoy Paris for Less.


This comprehensive travel blog "is a resting point to gather information on the best ways and gadgets vagabonds can use to stay in touch, save money, and make the most out of any vacation.” There is information and advice on every aspect of travel, from airfare to lodging to sightseeing, as well as information and tips for those who want to travel full time. Some top posts include The Best Places to Travel on a Weak Dollar, 33 Ways to Green Your Travels, and How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog.

Go Visit Hawaii

Get travel advice, news, reviews, and deals for one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. You'll also find photo essays and profiles of popular destinations throughout Hawaii. Check out recent posts Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Hawaiian Vacation and 7 Hawaii Car Rental Money Saving Ideas.

Alex's Travel Blog

Alex spends his time traveling the world, and he shares his experiences through his blog. He says, "I’ve always been a mad traveller and at every opportunity I strive to get out there and travel the world seeking to experience different cultures. I live life to the full and make the most from any experience I am in, whether it’s having to eat live frogs or taking a 32-hour train journey to visit remote destinations.” Some interesting recent posts include The Great Food Safari, Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand, and Top Things to Do in Amsterdam.

The Adventuress

Karen Marston is "a British girl travelling solo around the world with nothing but the clothes on her back and her passport (and a laptop, toothbrush, some pens, spare undies, a couple of books, a whistle, a torch, and er, some other essentials).” Her blog shares her adventures traveling and her thoughts on alternative living. Some interesting recent posts include Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Steps Towards Minimalism, and The Galapagos Islands.

Adventure Bimbling

Here's another couple's blog detailing their trip around the world and sharing their tips for travel. Some interesting recent posts include Touring Egypt and Crossing the Dark Side, Island of the Gods — The Attractions of Southern Bali, and Fuerteventura — The Perfect European Surf Destination?

Arie's Travels

Arie Uittenbogaard has lived and worked many places abroad. He explains, "I've been everywhere; I've seen everything. I've survived hurricanes, mutinies, pirates, fires, loneliness, insanity, drunkenness.” Read about his travels and discover some inspiration of your own. Some interesting recent posts include Up the Amazon — A Rite of Passage, Wonderful Tourism Facts Accidentally Acquired from U.S. Government Sites, and The Netherlands — Home is Where My Wooden Shoes Are.

Around the World "L”!

Lillie is a "loving, 6-foot tall Boston English teacher, learning through travel.” She spent nine months traveling through Asia and parts of Europe, and now she is back home in Boston. Her travels will continue, however, and her blog continues to recount lessons and experiences from her travels, and tips for other aspiring travelers. Some interesting recent posts include 8 Great Cities of RTW Travel to Actually Move to and Live, The 10 Most Yummy Foods of World Travel 2010, and How to Run a Successful International Penpal Exchange.

My Melange

After watching Under the Tuscan Sun, Robin planned a two-week trip through Italy that sparked a deep love for the country and for traveling through Europe. Now, she is a freelance writer, travel consultant, itinerary planner, blogger, and host of cooking classes and wine tastings. Some interesting recent posts include Travel Tip Tuesday: Italian Hand Gestures, Winter in Paris, and Southern Italian Christmas Traditions.

Life Cruiser

"Lifecruiser Travel Blog is about a Swedish couple with a passionate interest in travel, photography and actually: the whole world! Since Sweden is a country with a rather long winter season and very short summer season (just a couple of months), we try to escape as often as we can…” The blog shares lots of information about places they've visited, local customs, traveling tips and more.

Go Backpacking

This comprehensive blog helps connect you with the information you need to plan your own trip around the world. Some interesting recent posts include 10 Unforgettable Destinations for 2011, How to See Argentine in 30 Days, and Top 5 Things to Do on The Canary Islands.


Chris and Cherie run a technology consulting company as they travel around the world — leading the lives of "technomads.” "We aim to create a long term sustainable lifestyle that combines our hi-tech careers with a rich and fulfilling life full of travel, adventure, wanderlust, and amazing experiences – without giving up our sense of community, time with family, or our desires to minimize our environmental impact.” Some top posts include Considerations for Selecting a Home on Wheels, The Domestic Nomad, and 7 Steps to Get Rid of Stuff.

Around the World on a Toilet

Lianna and Nick both left jobs to backpack through Asia, and then they moved on to Europe. Their blog shares their experiences and offer tips for planning your own journey. Some interesting recent posts include The Best of Bangkok Away from the Madding Crowds, Wanderings in the Holy Land, and Cairo — A City Which Needs No Introduction.

Around this World

Erik and Heather are on an around-the-world trip that has them currently traveling through Chile. They share their travel secrets and tips, including their itinerary and gear. And, of course, they share lots of photos and information about the places they visit. Some interesting recent posts include Touring the Potosi Mines in Cerro Rico, Mountain Biking Bolivia's "Death Road” and Volcanoes, Lagoons and Ghost Towns in the Deserts of Southwestern Bolivia.

As We Travel

This blog is targeted at young travelers who are planning their first trip around the world. Posts offer "simple travel tips, backpacking advice, clutter-free country travel guides, and amazing travel photos from all over the world.” Some fun recent posts include 4 Types of People You Don't Want to Travel Around the World With, How to Plan Your First Adventure Trip, and 5 Songs that Inspire Me to Travel More.

Backpacking Chica

Kim, the backpacking chica, tries to show others that travel is possible if you set your mind to it. Her blog shares her experiences and tips, and tries to raise awareness for social and biological problems in the places she visits. She tries to raise money for local projects through her charity The Ladybug Project. Some interesting recent posts include Top 5 Things to Do in Santiago, Chile, Learn From My Mistakes…Lost in Paris, and What Happens After All of Your Plans Have Run Their Course?

Backpack and Go!

Leah Eades shares her travel writing, which has a focus on student travel, budgeting, and backpacking. Some interesting recent posts include A Tour of Onscreen Bristol, Why I Need to Go Back to Rio de Janeiro, and Xi'an China: A Review.

My Several Worlds

Learn about "destinations, lifestyles, and cultures in Asia” with this comprehensive blog. Whether you want to travel through the region, or you plan to stay and work for awhile, this blog offers great tips and information. Some interesting recent posts include Teaching in China: 12 Tips for Your First Weeks Living Abroad, More Curious Things About Life in Taipei, and Taiwan Folk Religion: Guanjiang Shou — God's Bodyguards.

Nerd's Eye View

Pam is a freelance technical writer who travels as much as possible. She has also written extensively for several travel publications, and appeared as a guest on several travel shows and at several conferences. Her blog shares her love of travel and her advice to fellow travelers. You'll find hotel reviews, gear guides, and links to useful resources. There are also great profiles of destinations, with lots of photos. Some interesting recent posts include Seattle's Neighbor: Vancouver, Canada, Back to Austria in 2011, and Antarctica Wish List.

Nomadic Notes

James Clark is a travel industry web developer, writer and photographer, and he also handles public relations and promotions for travel and tourism Web sites. His blog shares his experiences as a full-time, working nomad. Expect to see great photos, unique sights during travel, and recaps of recent trips. There are also occasional links to travel contests and resources.

Two Go Round-the-World

This blog presents information "to inspire you before you go, a collection of resources to consider while you’re waiting for the ink to dry on your plane ticket.” It shares the experiences of Kathryn and Daniel as they prepared, planned, and packed for their own trip around the world. The main categories include reviews, tips on travel gear and gadgets, and reflections on the couple's own travel over the years. Some interesting recent posts include Koh Lanta Yai — Unforgettable, A Look Back and a Look Ahead, and Cruising the Galapagos: Setting Out.

501 Places

Freelance writer and traveler Andy shares his experiences on the road with this travel blog. Some interesting recent posts include Tipping: When and How Much? Travels in Guatemala: A Day on the Chicken Bus, and El Salvador: The Ghosts of War on Guazapa Volcano.

Beers and Beans

This is the blog of a photographer and a journalist traveling the world together "in search of the unusual, the mundane, the beautiful, and the forgotten.” Some interesting recent posts include When Street Hawkers Attack! Rome, Italy, Calmness and Cuisine in Malta, and Traveling Long Term — 8 Things I've Learned on the Road.

The Big Fat World

Megan is the wanderlust lover behind this blog, which shares her experiences traveling the world, one country at a time. Some popular posts include Top 10 Things to Do in Vietnam, Top 10 Things to Do in Ireland, and Top 10 Things (Not) to Do In Vegas.

Bit by the Travel Bug

Fie is "a travel fanatic who loves to randomly go anywhere just to see, touch and smell something different.” Her blog shares her experiences traveling and learning about new cultures. Some interesting recent posts include Searching for a Cheongsam Top, How to Pack in Less than 48 Hours? and I Heart Hong Kong (the first of several Hong Kong posts).

Breathe. Dream. Go.

"Travel that changes you. That's what this site is about. Inspiring experiences. Taking the leap to pursue your dreams.” Some interesting recent posts include How to Dress for Social Success in India, Top 5 Myths of India, and 2011 — A Big Year for India and Delhi.

Offbeat Travel

Here you'll find an extensive collection of articles about unusual places to visit and "a fresh look at old favorites.” Some interesting recent posts include Beirut, Lebanon and More: Nature, History and Glamour, Traveling Switzerland by Rail and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

The Professional Hobo

This blog chronicles the "adventures of a girl with no fixed address.” Nora has been traveling since early 2007 and has been to 20 countries on five continents. She shares her experiences traveling and some tips for how to do it yourself on a budget. Some interesting recent posts include Perth in 24 Hours, What Makes You a Traveler, and Breaking Up While Traveling.

The Aussie Nomad

Chris Richardson left his corporate job and decided to make his way around the world, working for himself. "This blog will serve as a guide to both myself and others to show that it is possible. That you can uproot yourself and find a new way to live and make money, all while having the time of your life.” Some interesting recent posts include How Much Did it Cost — Amsterdam Budget (part of a regular series), Seeing and Listening in Florence, and Oh Beautiful Prague.

My Jet Set Life

This blog proclaims: "Excuses are over. It's time to live!” Posts share reviews of products and restaurants, offer tips for travel, and provide information on some of the best places to travel. Some interesting recent posts include My Top 5 Favorite Bakeries in the World, The Art of Being Selfish, and Top 11 World's Coolest Cocktails.


"When it comes to travel, we believe women are interested in more than just fashion and style columns and reviews of ludicrously expensive resorts. We know that not every female is in search of the world’s perfect facial. And that women without trust funds travel too.” With that in mind, this blog aims to provide women with the information and advice they need to travel. Some interesting recent posts include Behind the Veil, Savory, Spiritual and Sensual San Antonio, and Gentle Spirit, the Island of Curacao.

Brooke vs. the World

Brooke is a self-described "thrifty traveler and experience collector.” She has been traveling around the world since 2007 and writing about her experiences. She has started the new year by vowing to take a picture of herself every day. Some interesting recent posts include Day 25: 25 Travel-Related Things That Make Me Happy, Day 18: 18 Reasons to Love Travel Blogging, and Day 12: I Challenge You — Do Something You've Always Wanted.

Brave New Traveler

"BNT publishes thoughtful, entertaining, and introspective stories about travel and how it has the potential to change us in meaningful ways. We do not publish 'destination-specific' pieces, but instead focus on topics like spirituality, philosophy, health, politics, religion, and culture.” Some interesting recent posts include Conversations with a Child Monk in Bodh Gaya, Experiencing the Peyote Way Church in the Arizona Desert, and War and Peace on a Costa Rican Beach.

The Road Forks

This comprehensive blog includes tips for travel, recipes for cultural cuisine, and guides by country. You can also browse travel photography and videos. Some featured and recent posts include 99 Lessons Learned Traveling, Japanese Desserts, and Why I Decided to Travel the World.

The Global Grasshopper

"At GlobalGrasshopper we like independent travel, discovering places away from the usual tourist haunts, quirky hotels and beautiful photos and this website is the product of all our favourite things.” Some interesting recent posts include In Pictres: The World's Most Unusual Hotel Beds, Travel Health Advice: How to Avoid Food Poisoning, and Top 10 Historic Attractions of Rome.

What a Trip

Nancy D. Brown is a freelance writer and travel enthusiast. Through her blog, she shares her travel knowledge, including tips for travels and advice on the best places to visit. Some interesting recent posts include San Francisco Neighborhoods — Pacific Heights, Things to See and Do in Zurich, Switzerland, and Things to See and Do in Bayeux, Normandy, France.

My Itchy Travel Feet

This travel blog aims to help baby boomers who are itching to travel by offering them advice on planning their next big trip. Some interesting recent posts include Surviving a Road Trip, RV Camping in Beautiful Borrego Springs, and Discovering Ronda.

Travels of Adam

Adam was a graphic designer living in Boston, Massachusetts, who designed to spend time traveling the world. His blog shares his past and present travels, and plans for future trips. Some interesting recent posts include Dangers and Difficulties…Exaggerated by the Locals, Seven Months Abroad; What's Still in My Bag, and Six Months Abroad; Revising My Itinerary.

Diary of the Purple Passport

This is the diary of "Two best friends. Two passports with matching purple covers. One unending quest to find the most fun, unique, and elegant spots throughout the globe.” Posts are categorized with helpful icons to brows by food, lodging, sights, shopping, etc. Some interesting recent posts include Hot Springs-ing it in Taipei, The Alchemy of Trendy and Moneyed on Robertson Boulevard, and Tempting Tuesday: Hot Dining in Cool (Cold!) NYC.


Jason and Liza have been traveling since 1992. They use their blog to share their experiences and to inspire others wishing to travel. Some interesting recent posts include Dromomania — Do I Suffer? Do You? Lessons in Budget Travel — A Tale of Hitchhiking on America’s West Coast and Mauled in Marrakesh – A Boxing Kangaroo in Djemaa el Fna Square.

Dotting the Map

Hilarye and Reid are a married couple traveling with their young child, and they travel as often as they can. They share their experiences, their tips for travel, and lessons learned along the way. Some interesting recent posts include Eating Around Dublin, Passports with a Purpose, and Top 5 Best Spa Packages for Valentine's Day in Las Vegas.

Double the Adventure

Sharlene is a mother of twins, and her blog aims to inspire parents to get out and explore the world with their children. Posts includes lots of kid-friendly activities and destinations. Some interesting recent posts include Bolsa Chica State Beach and Ecological Preserve, The Best Tide Pools in Orange County — Your OC Tide Pool Guide and US Open Sandcastle Competition.

Dream a Little Dream

Scott and Dee spent 10 months traveling the world, and now they are living back home in Vancouver — and planning more travel. "By continuing to share our experiences and travel tips we hope to inspire others out there to start dreaming and see the world. It’s an amazing place!” Some interesting recent posts include Egypt is Burning, Booking Halong Bay: The Right Way, and 10 Random Observations of Hanoi.

Eclectic Trips

Gina lives and works in Miami, Florida but she is a frequent traveler and has been to 26 countries. "This blog is about my travel experiences past and current, about discovering new places in my own city, and breathing fresh life into the familiar. In my travels I like to experience everything, and my stories are often funny, sometimes outrageous and sometimes just revolve around restaurant recommendations.” Some interesting recent posts include Japan — It's All in the Details! Tokyo — The Visual Diary and Tokyo — Lost in Translation.