Top 40 Special Education blogs

1. Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs
This resource-rich blog aims to help "teachers of learners with severe, profound, intensive, significant, complex or multiple special needs.” You'll find review of the iPhone and similar products, as well as lists of apps to use. You'll also find suggestions for activities, free software, paraprofessional resources, reading Web sites, links to supplies, and more.

2. Special Education Law Blog
Jim Gerl, a state education consultant and frequent speaker on special-ed law topics, writes this blog to offer "a fresh look at special education law — mostly in understandable English.” Gerl is a also a due process hearing officer and a mediator, he has presented at numerous conferences, and he has trained hearing officers, mediators and complaint investigators. The blog offers explanation and overview of law pertaining to special education (Special Education Law 101 — Part IV) and it discusses current events and news relevant to special education (Supreme Court Declines to Review NCLB).

3. The Life That Chose Me
Daniel Dage is a high-school special-education teacher and is the father of two boys with ASD. His blog is personal and heartfelt, and it shares his experiences with special-needs children, both as an educator and as a parent. Some notable posts include The Long, Hard Road, 10 Years by the Numbers, and What is a Good Teacher Worth?

4. Special Classroom
Gillian, a teacher of students with multiple disabilities, provides a lot of useful tricks and teaching strategies on this blog. Readers can find tips on how to adapt tools such as glue sticks and markers for special-needs students, holiday activities, game ideas, adapted recipes, and more. This is a very useful site for teachers who need some good tips for everyday activities!

5. Education on the Plate
Deven Black writes about his experiences as a special-education teacher — a career that he came to later in life. He takes an honest and passionate approach to his writing, which explores his experiences with special education. He also discusses current events and legislation affecting the field. Some notable posts include Student Progress: Sometimes It's Not the Teacher, New Mirrors. Less Smoke? and Better Students? Not My Job!

6. Teachers at Risk
Elona Hartjes is a special-education teacher who writes about her experiences and shares strategies to help teachers help students. Elona has over 20 years of experience and has won the Teacher of Distinction Award. Through her blog, she shares advice and practical classroom strategies, including ways to motivate struggling students by helping them start blogs, how to use (or not use) music in the classroom, and how to use Web 2.0 technology.

7. Special Education Law Blog
Charles P. Fox, an attorney in Illinois and the father of a child with special needs, runs this blog, which professes to be "a special education legal resource discussing case law, news, practical advocacy advice, and developments in state and federal laws, statutes and regulations.”

8. I Will Make a Difference — Will You?

9. Teacher Ponders
This blog was originally created to track one teacher's question to become a special-education administrator. Now this blog is used by Liberty Rose, a special-education teacher and mother to an autistic child, to share her experiences and frustrations.

10. Teach Effectively!
This resource-focused blog shares evidence-based teaching methods for helping students who are at risk or who have learning disabilities or special needs. It also spends time "lampooning some pop-ed fads, whims, and bologna-based innovations.” Posts include webinars, commentary and reviews.

11. SpeEdChange
This blog's focus is "The future of education for all the different students in democratic societies.” Readers of this blog will find lengthy and thoughtful posts about special-education methods, theory and more. There are also numerous links to valuable resources about different educational theories and school examples. Some notable posts include Learning Video Games and the Cost of Failure, In Praise of Distraction, and Retard Theory.

12. Dr. Chris' Autism Journal
This blog provides "thoughts, commentary, and analysis on computer-assisted instruction and Autism Spectrum Disorders” by Dr. Chris, a licensed psychologist and board certified behavior analyst specializing in autism and related disorders. There are also reviews, links to recommended sites and other resources available on the blog.

13. EBD Blog
Emotional and behavioral disorders are the focus of this blog, which offers news, commentary, resources, and more. Some notable posts include Bad Science?, Bipolar or Temper Dysregulation Disorder with Dysphora, and Autism Appears Early.

14. Free Resources from the Net for Every Learner
The blog is exactly what its name says: A compendium of resources for teachers. There are videos, curriculum, books, apps, and more. A useful resource for any teacher!

15. Bilingual Special Education
Claudia Rinaldi writes this blog, which includes article and book reviews, findings from industry conferences, news, suggestions, and more. The author also shares professional research articles that she writes on topics of interest.

16. Sped Pro
A group of academics write this blog, which includes news, commentaries, information about jobs and conferences, and more. The content is aimed toward special-education professionals and ways that they can enhance their research or their teaching.

17. Special Education MangoMon Blog
This blog is an offshoot of MangoMon, which discusses online curriculum for all types of students. The Special Education blog offers numerous resources for special-education teachers and parents, technology reviews, ideas, useful Web sites, and more.

18. Special Education Strategies and More
Michelle, a special-education teacher in Florida, created this blog as a means to help "teachers and parents of children with special needs to find positive strategies that promote academic, social and emotional growth.” Her focus is on early intervention, and her blog features ideas, tips, strategies, personal experiences, and more. Resources include games for literacy, science, math, and more; interactive sites, lesson ideas, blogs, and more.

19. Developments in Special Education Law
Attorney H. Jeffrey Marcus runs this blog, which focuses on federal and New York State law that pertains to special education. He discusses recent legislative and regulatory developments in special-education law. A great resource for active parents!

20. EdTech Solutions: Teaching Every Student
Karen Janowski, an assistive and educational technology consultant, writes this blog. She states that her goal is "to remove the obstacles to learning for all students. It is important to make the curriculum accessible to all learners and provide opportunities for struggling learners to demonstrate what they know using principles of universal design.” Her site is resource-driven and hands-on, and it includes tips and tricks, informational posts, wikis, links to useful sites, and more.

21. KPS 4 Parents
Anne M. Zachry is the author and moderator of this blog, which aims to "enlighten and empower all responsible adults to ensure that all children, regardless of disability, receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education.” Zachry shares news and commentary about special education, resources for teachers and parents, and interesting links. The site also offers workshops and podcasts.

22. Jerry's Special Education Blog
Jerry Webster writes this blog for The blog features news and reports about special education, mixed in with some guidelines on teaching strategies. There is also information about IEPs, lesson plans and behavior management.

23. Ann's Learning Disabilities Blog
Another blog. This one offers more tips for the special-education teacher and parent. There are ideas for games, worksheets and lessons, activities, strategies for relationships, and more.

24. I Speak of Dreams
Liz Ditz writes this blog about effective parent, learning disabilities and more. She shares news, reviews, and resources about learning disabilities, with a focus on autism. Personal posts about her daily life are sometimes included between the posts about education and current events.

25. Special Education and Learning Differences
PCI Education manages this blog, which aims to help with teaching build basic academic and life skills. The focus is on special education and other struggling students, including ESL students and high-school students. Posts are informative, and they cover ideas for the classroom, news, reviews, and more.

26. Teacher Sol
Maria Angala is a special education teacher in Washington, D.C., and this is her personal blog. She shares her personal experiences and thoughts, as well as news, reviews, links to useful sites, and more. Notable posts include When I Was a School Administrator Back Then and On Becoming a Teacher Leader.

27. Your Mama's Mad Tedious: Diary of a Special Ed Teacher
This personal blog, written by a special-education teacher, features news, commentary, shared resources and links, and more for teachers and parents of special-education children. Notable posts include Becoming an Autism Educator, It Bears Repeating, and Beautiful Absurdities.

28. Disability 411
This blog features regular podcasts with information about disabilities. There are also links to other useful sites and items of interest, including videos, news stories, resources, and more.

29. No Limits to Learning
This assistive technology blog guides teachers and educators through the use of technology such as the iPhone, web applications, and software. Author Lon Thornburg, an assistive technology specialist and trainer, says that his goal is to "combine success principles and motivational methods with goal setting, planning and assistive technology to help people overcome barriers.”

30. The Wrightslaw Way — to Special Education Law and Advocacy
"Eligibility for Special Ed: Grades, IQ Scores, Evaluations,” "Assistive Technology for the Struggling Notetaker,” and "Changing Schools and IEPs — Tips for Civilian & Military Families” are some of the topics you'll see on this blog, which focuses on legal issues and advocacy for special education. There are also posts about recent legislation and other news concerning special education, as well as a special section with information on becoming politically involved in influencing legislation.

31. AT Cubed
Brian Wojcik, an assistive technology specialist, shares reflections and commentary about using assistive technology in the classroom. Many of the posts aim to start discussion about the needs and use of assistive technology, and pose thoughtful questions. There are also occasional posts that share useful classroom resources, interesting videos, and more.

32. 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter
The publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter publish this blog. The newsletter is "a bi-monthly electronic publication for those who raise, educate, and counsel high-ability children with learning issues such as AD/HD, dyslexia, Asperger's, and so forth.” The blog is offered to "share news, events, and resources we find as we do research for the newsletter and for the complimentary monthly e-mail briefing we publish.”

33. Anna's Blog
Anna's Blog aims to be a space where educators can share ideas and advise to help better serve students with disabilities. Recent posts discuss advising college student with disabilities, health-care reform, and challenges to learning.

34. Barto's World
This personal blog, written by a special-education teacher, shares information about teaching children with special needs to help them become more creative thinkers. The author shares commentary, ideas, news, and more. There are "Random Education Questions for the Week,” learning links, reading lists, and more.

35. Apace of Change
Damian Bariexca, a school psychologist and former teacher, shares reflections on education, using technology in the classroom, research, career pathways, and more.

36. Speech-Language Pathology Sharing
Eric Sailers, a speech-language pathologist, uses this blog to share resources to help teachers and parents address speech-language skills. There are videos, useful Web sites, technology reviews, advice for lessons and more.

37. Eide Neurolearning Blog
"Why Math is Hard — Implications of Developmental fMRI Changes in Arithmetic,” "The Different Ways We Think: Conceptual Thinking and the Brain,” and "The Creative Advantage: How Vivid Memories of the Past Help Predictions for the Future” are some of the recent topics discussed on this blog, which shares weekly articles "related to brain-based learning and learning styles, problem-solving and creativity, kids, families, and parenting, gifted and visual learners, dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, autism, and more.”

38. The Language Fix
Speech therapy is the focus of this blog, which can be used to help children with special needs or children in standard courses. Paul Morris, a speech and language pathologist, writes the blog, which also includes activity information, commentary, discussion about multiple aspects of speech therapy and language acquisition, research, and more.

39. SMD Teacher
Alicia has been teaching children with multiple disabilities for 14 years. Her blog shares her experiences, as well as reviews, activity and game ideas, curriculum, project ideas, technology links and ideas, useful blogs, and more.

40. Mentor Matters / Collegial Support in Desperate Times
Blogmaster Mrs. Ris writes about her experiences as a veteran emotional-disabilities teacher. Her posts range from inspirational to informational, as she shares the ups and downs of her job, as well as useful information for other educators.